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Pour vodka rose!

Налейте розе водки!

Apartment without flowers - residential premises. Nice apartment - Museum. Bad apartment - crypt. Only flowers give our design sense that these square metres of living people. And if this still a real holiday in the yard, as in our case - 8 March, that the God ordered to show individuality and to put on the table albeit a small one, but the original and a bunch of cute. Which, by the way, you can make themselves of those colors that you once again loaded on a «favorite» work

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How to congratulate dolls with the holiday?

Как поздравить кукол с праздником?

Today is the international day of dolls. These cute toys - not only an integral part of our happy childhood, but gentle accessory dwelling registration. Doll pleasing to the eye, reflects our inner world and, of course, makes our free time pleasant and useful, if you decide to make a doll themselves

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Meet the spring in a clean house!

Встречайте весну в чистом доме!

Feel the fullness of life is impossible, forcing himself into the frame. Push the boundaries of space, erase залежавшуюся dust and breathe a full breast. New modern devices for cleaning change life for the better and paint it only in bright colors

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Take the remote in hand

Берем пульт в руки

With the advent of new standards in image quality and sound life is becoming even richer and more interesting. Sit back: your fascinating journey into the world of new opportunities only the beginning..

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