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Who of the Russian stars settled abroad?

Кто из российских звезд обосновался за границей?

Zhanna Friske, acting in Miami; Ilya Lagutenko in the interiors of Jurmala cafe; Alena Apina, peacefully buy the products in Marbella. They and many other celebrities have already not tourists, but almost locals. We conducted our audit of the star homes abroad

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Sisters Zaytsev: "Housewarming not without excesses

Сестры Зайцевы: "Новоселье не обошлось без эксцессов"

Master спальня. photo: Sergey KozlovskyMusical Duo «sisters Zaytsev» (not the ones from Comedy Club, and the real) was very popular in the 90s. The song «Sister» is about two twins, found themselves separated by distance, felt the tears sensitive natures. Then Tatiana married producer and businessman nick Високовского, and the singer signed a long-term contract in America

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Tips mistress: select TV

Советы хозяйкам: выбираем телевизор

Anyway, as a part of our life we spend at the television screen. Favorite films and programs create a certain mood. And be transported into a different reality helps high-quality image. If you are thinking about buying a new TV, pay attention to several of the latest models

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Alexander Peskov, «my apartment is style Versace

Александр Песков: «У меня в квартире царит стиль Versace»

Alexander Peskov. Photo: Miguel. Makeup and hairstyle: Elena Nefedova.Chic, brilliance, beauty is perhaps the best way in three words describe the housing Alexander. Gold, dominant in the finish, velvet Drapes, antique chandeliers, paintings in heavy frames... The apartment Peskov literally every corner shouting that it is home to some Regal lady. «And how else, after all, I recognized king parody»modestly smiles owner

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Star response to the housing problem

Звездный ответ на квартирный вопрос

Castle in the suburbs, a penthouse in the most fashionable new building, hundreds of square meters in the quiet centre of... Celebrity, the majority of which arrived in the capital from other regions, with particular trepidation to Metropolitan and suburban real estate

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