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Design direct (linear) kitchen

When the whole kitchen set along one wall, usually the longest, is called the direct or linear designWhen to use single-row layout?As is the case in all layouts, linear has a number of pros and cons. So, advantages:A very simple project.Relatively budget price.Compact size.Versatility.Easy to handle.But from the point of view of ergonomics it is not the most convenient option

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5 ways monthly savings of a few thousand

5 способов ежемесячно экономить несколько тысяч рублей

It is time to review your daily expensesMethod # 1For a start let's pay attention to very money. Card has accustomed us to the fact that you always have the freedom to manage their funds. Even if debit card was empty, the banks are happy to issue credit cards, and even with interest-free period. It finally relaxes our brain, and we buy everything your heart desires. Carry cash and leave the cards at home

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4 reasons to change your mind about charging technology

4 причины изменить свое мнение о зарядке техники

Begin to exploit the gadgets in new waysReason # 1It is time to stop being afraid of leaving the phone plugged into a wall outlet. Modern lithium-ion batteries have controllers that are switched off when reaching batareiki 100 % charge.Take care техникеpixabay.comReason # 2We all "broke up" your technique, lifting it to zero. New technology again we solve this problem

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Contest! At start! Refresh your summer!

Have you decided how will your summer?Our contest has come to an end and it's time to announce the lucky winners who will receive a free Lipton tea sets!Among those who give correct answers, the editors will select the winners, who will receive a prize from Lipton — a year's supply of tea.The task of the competition had to correctly answer 4 questions and leave your contact information

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Clear skies

Чистое небо

How you can reduce the risks of getting allergies?At the end of the XX century scientists have named the main threat to human health in the next century. Disease some 30 years ago, it was rare, it didn't even maintain statistics. It appeared suddenly and came out of nowhere. And in a short time spread with catastrophic speed. This Allergy. In Western Europe, 35 per cent of the adult population suffers different forms of Allergy

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5 life hacks for easy cleaning

5 лайфхаков, облегчающих уборку

As always just to live in purityLife hack No. 1Replace bath soap, bulk liquid, this will allow less wash sink. Solid soap leaves streaks on the plumbing, which would then have to painstakingly scour, and fluid, in contrast, saves a lot of time. In addition, it is more hygienic because it prevents the development of bacteria.Replace мылоpixabay.comLife hack number 2Daily clean the dirtiest places in the apartment

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5 unconventional ways to use salt

5 нетрадиционных способов использования соли

This useful product is valued in ancient timesMethod # 1This product is ideal for washing dishes. Take 1 Cup of product and pour on the oily surface of the pan. Salt will instantly absorb the burnt oil and dirt. Erase all this stuff with a paper towel, now your pots and bowls will be clean even when using cold water.Salt will replace the detergent средствоpixabay.comMethod # 2To return to the life of the wooden cutting Board, sprinkle it with salt, and then RUB with half a lemon

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5 little things that will make your house cozier

5 мелочей, которые сделают ваш дом уютнее

How to give the room personality with a minimal amount of costFigurinesPorcelain knickknacks loved our great-grandmother. But don't get hung up on the material. Wood, metal, glass will allow you to do in a faceless room accent is not worse than the expensive works of Meissen. And choose according to your preference and the overall style of the room. With Oriental design, choose the symbols of Feng Shui, the classical statues of people

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Market room for any tasks

Create harmonious space bedroom is quite a challengeHere it is necessary to take into account many things that can affect the overall picture, the comfort and ergonomics of the premises. So, if there is a desire to radically change the interior without carrying with him a large number of works you can just replace this furniture to another and to achieve this goal. It is possible to play with shapes, materials, styles, colors

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5 things not to send in the washing machine

5 вещей, которые не стоит отправлять в стиральную машину

Defeat your laziness not to run to the store for new itemsSports shoesSomething to hide, often the shoes after training and competition have a bad appearance and foul smell. I guess every girl has heard from friends: "wash sneakers in the washing machine, and so what?". However, they can be damaged by pressure, extraction and hot water, manufacturers do not recommend experimenting.Sports shoes need to be washed with a brush in тазуpixabay

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