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The history of Christmas toys

История возникновения елочных игрушек

Every year we decorate the Christmas tree and decorate the apartment before the New year to bring home the feast. But you never think, where did this tradition. remembered the story and figured out how to decorated the house of our ancestorsThe tradition of decorating Christmas trees emerged in the first half of the seventeenth century in Germany and in the Baltic States. Then decorations were quite simple and followed the Christian symbolism

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This will clear your washing machine of germs

Ordinary dishwasher tablets easily clean and washingYou regularly wash in your washing machine dirty. But for the security of the appliances itself needs regular cleaning.She does not have time to dry before its surface is formed of a huge number of harmful microorganisms. The tray for detergent and rubber seal — all of this you must regularly clean of the accumulated dirt.Cleaning the home appliance for washing clothes will not take you any effort

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Aspirin can replace bleach

Several ways to use a tool that is in every medicine Cabinet, for washing white clothesAll of us have faced a situation when a pair of outdated spots forces you to throw out your favorite white t-shirt. Not all bleaches are coping with wine stains, blood or spilled jam. Few people know, but aspirin, which is in each first aid kit, to cope with this task much better. will tell how to use this tool, so you can use it to give dirty items a second life

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What to put under the Christmas tree

Что положить под новогоднюю елку

Still thinking about what to give family and friends? — about the best and unusual giftsNo wonder they say that the best gift is a book. And if even a few books, the value of the gift immediately increases. In the upcoming Christmas book sale to be held on 24 December, from 10:00 to 21:30 at the culinary loft "Astrofarma", all knigomania expect the snowy mountains of books

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4 ways to create a festive mood

4 способа создать себе праздничное настроение

New year to us rushes, it's time to prepareCitrusMany smell of oranges and mandarins is associated with childhood, New year, Christmas tree. However, we are so used to eat them every day, feelings of joy they did not cause. Update experience! Plug some stuff cloves in Mandarin and his story on the tree — you will get a new smell and unusual decoration.The smell of citrus reminds you of праздникеpixabay

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5 unconventional ways to decorate a Christmas tree

5 способов нестандартно украсить елку

December 21 — the winter solstice — it's time to decorate the Christmas treeMethod # 1If you have house animals or little children is not a reason to deny myself the Christmas tree. Just think in advance what to hang on the tree. Glass, tinsel, "rain" is contraindicated for you. But now there are many toys made of plastic and wood, which are safe for all "irresponsible" of the inhabitants of the apartment."Rain", sometimes, leads to трагедиямpixabay

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How to decorate a house for the New year-2018

Как украсить дом к Новому году-2018

To create a festive atmosphere, you need to take care of right decor. talks about the trends of the coming yearIn 2018 to replace the Red Rooster comes a Yellow Dog, so the design of the house it is better to stick to Golden yellow-brown scales.The dog is a faithful animal, your home, appreciates a family cosiness. Therefore, to decorate the house so you need to create that same feeling. No eclectic, neon colours and hi-tech. Select one or two shades and apply all in the same style

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Plants: useful and dangerous for the house

Комнатные растения: полезные и опасные для дома

Flowers can be protected from diseases or ruin the healthUseful. Orchid, thanks to its beautiful blooms, has become a favorite of women. It protects the power of his mistress from the negative influence of others.Ivy will bring home the harmony and peace of mind.Geranium will help calm people who suffer from nervous disorders and insomnia.Chlorophytum fights bacteria and allergens, ensures an optimal microclimate. Put it by the bed, so the house was dominated by love and understanding

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Eliminate unpleasant odor in the kitchen

Put a cotton ball in the trash and see what happensSometimes you do not have time to ensure that debris is not accumulating in the waste bucket. You come late from work or the window is bad weather... in short, there are many reasons not to make a crowded pack. Usually there is plenty of food waste, which very quickly spoil and smell bad. But there is a little trick that will help to overcome this problem

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5 reasons to start a home cactus

Prickly friend will decorate your home and protects from negative energyThe modern market presents hundreds of varieties of potted plants, and each of them has its own function. Ficus and dracaena clean the air and saturate it with oxygen, orchids delight the eye and lift the spirits one of its kind. Cacti are included in the twenty most popular plants for home and well deserved.Simplicity. Cacti grow in arid areas and do not require special care

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