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Prolong the life of clothes and shoes

To thing longer retain a presentable appearance, they must be properly storedDresses, blouses, skirts and outerwear in order to avoid creases should be stored on hangers. But the same hangers for all the clothes — not the best option. For coats and jackets need to have quite a wide hangers made of thick plastic. Ideally, if they are equipped with "wings," additional extending plates. Do not neglect covers. Buy only those that are made of breathable material, or have holes for ventilation

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Play beauty and the beast? Flowers that live for 5 years

Sometimes the feelings are so immense that we can't Express them in words and even actions.In such cases, comes to the aid of symbols. Is it possible to materialize feelings?You will come to the aid of eternal flower — the rose in the flask. Accessory made by technology, which allows you to keep the plant intact to 5 years. And for flowers is almost an eternity.The flowers undergo a process of stabilization innovative technology

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Why not to work in this environment

Почему в нельзя работать в эту среду collected rules of conduct in the day of ElijahOn 2 August, the whole country will celebrate the Christian holiday — the day of Elijah. The prophet Elijah is the patron of agriculture and master the elements of thunder and rain. According to legend, he created miracles to reason with Ahab, king of Israel, who has become an idolater and serve the God Baal. But if we needed rain during a drought, farmers prayed to him

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Suburban houses in market price peak

The market houses the Moscow region continues to show falling pricesAd directory of real estate Nadidam, buy a house in the suburbs at a price of 500 thousand rubles.The real estate market of Moscow region is going through hard times. For the first half of 2017, the volume of transactions in the primary suburban real estate market of Moscow region fell by 50% compared to last year

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In the line BQ, there were the first 8-core smartphone

Russian electronics brand BQ announced the start of sales of the flagship smartphone BQ-5201 Space.The main competitive advantage of the new model is a high-performance 8-core processor MT6753 in tandem with the latest Android OS 7.0 support 4G module with the function of VoLTE. Such a CPU is installed yet not all budget smartphones.To ensure the performance of the smartphone has 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal, which can easily be expanded up to 128 GB via Micro SD card

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5 ways to use alcohol on the farm

5 способов использования алкоголя в хозяйстве

The alcohol will help to cope with daily household difficultiesLeft vodka after guests? Do not rush to throw it out, it will be useful in the household and not for use inside. With ethyl alcohol it is possible to facilitate the daily chores.Method # 1"Oh, summer red! I would love you, if not for the heat, and dust, Yes mosquitoes, Yes flies" — wrote Alexander Pushkin. In his time of repellent did not know, and itching from insect bites shot of vodka

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How to buy iron of your dreams?

Don't like to iron, but it is necessary?There is a solution — buy an iron with modern performance. Advanced device for Ironing can turn an annoying obligation in a pleasant and easy occupation.What are the ironsStandard devices can boast a capacity of 1500 watts and low weight (2 kg).The road model is — multifunctional, lightweight and compact.Ironing systems have a remote generator, produce a lot of vapor, are able to regulate the heat, humidity, pressure

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Mattresses for the female dream — the Princess and the pea or the sleeping beauty?

Psychologists are sure that the sleep of women differs from the state of a sleeping man in a radical wayWomen are not only able to see a variety of more vivid dreams, but they are more responsive, rich experiences the night's rest.Family concerns, problems at work, worries about children — all these factors require the creation of special conditions for a healthy and relaxing sleep, one of which is a good mattress.Not slept a woman is a problem for the whole day, as for family and colleagues

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Gingerbread house: Olga Ushakova showed his country residence

Пряничный домик: Ольга Ушакова показала свою загородную резиденцию

Presenter is sure that beauty is internal and external are interrelated, therefore, the house was designed very carefullyOlga Ushakova from childhood dreamed of working in television. And her dream came true — for that year, the country starts the day with a meeting with this beautiful and cheerful young woman in the program of the First channel "Good morning"

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In Moscow appeared the first multi-center Huawei

В Москве появился первый многофункциональный центр Huawei

Once a month visitors of the showroom will be free to use a whole range of servicesThe opening was held as a bright, colorful celebration with the participation of the magician Roman Kalapana, the finalist of the "minute of fame", TV presenter Timur Solovyov, the top management of Huawei's Consumer Business Group and incendiary DJ "S-BROTHER-S

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