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Black Friday or how to save money on buying branded goods?

Black Friday or "Black Friday" — a term well known to fashionistas and fans of shopping abroad.It was at this time (Black Friday) is the most popular, branded goods are sold with incredible discounts ranging from 50 to 90% off! However, the advantageous purchase of imported goods in American online stores is subject to certain terms and conditions which are not always acceptable for citizens of some CIS countries, including Russia

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Polina Giffin: "three months away from Moscow in time to miss my apartment"

Полина Гиффис: «За три месяца вдали от Москвы успеваю соскучиться по своей квартире»

Former lead singer of the group "A-Studio" showed new repairPolina Griffis's really busy with his solo career: not only is she a performer but also a songwriter. Most of the time the girl spends on the road, so fully appreciated how nice to have a place where you can rejuvenate, replenish energy. This place was for Pauline to her apartment in the North-West of Moscow, which the artist decided to draw in bright colours

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Marina Devyatova: "my house is always clean"

Марина Девятова: «В моем доме всегда чисто»

The artist showed his suburban home, where she moved after the birth of a daughterThe performer of folk songs Marina Devyatova many of their fans associate with such a beautiful Russian maiden, and a galloping horse will stop, and in a burning hut come in, and the hostess, and seamstress. That is true, we learned from the artist that invited on a visit to his country home. Marina and her family moved here six months ago, when my daughter was born

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What to buy in autumn for the lovers of cleanliness, beautiful photos and safe riding

Что покупать осенью: любителям чистоты, красивых фото и безопасной езды picked up a 5 gadgets that will help you at home and on the roadWith the beginning of the heating season, humidity of the air in our homes usually drops to 20-30 percent. Hence — the numerous problems with the skin and hair, and General health (from dry cough to breathing problems). Ideal conditions for life at home will help to create ultrasonic humidifier VT-2336 from VITEK

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5 tips to choose the right blanket

5 советов, как правильно выбрать одеяло

Winter is near — sleep in warmth and comfortProbably not worth the extra time to remind you proper rest for the body. But if you at night will be cold, or Vice versa, you will sweat, normal sleep will not work. will tell you how to choose the right Comforter. The main thing to pay attention to the product.Composition No. 1If you are constantly freezing, you'll like duvets. They perfectly retain heat, while the loose filler breathes, protecting the sleeper from overheating

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In Moscow the first snow fell

В Москве выпал первый снег

5 will, which is to listenSign No. 1After the first snow, you can read about their fate in the future. If you looked out the window and saw a smooth white surface without any traces, then the next three months your life will be calm. But if the neighbors had time to trample here and there, then you will fuss and a lot of problems, for which solutions will need effort.Pay attention to следыpixabay.comSign No. 2Wind snow and the first snowfall was stormy? Don't worry, it won't be long

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5 secrets to the perfect home

5 секретов идеального дома

Guests don't catch you by surpriseCleanliness and order in the house to support is not difficult. You need a few simple tips, the habits, and perform them automatically.Secret # 1.You can daily vacuuming, MOP the floor and clean the dust on top of doors and cupboards where no one sees her. But if you have things will be scattered around the room, all your efforts are reduced to zero. Children's toys on the floor perfect still create a sense of chaos

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5 ways to make an Orchid bloom

5 способов заставить цвести орхидею knows how to turn the apartment into a greenhouseThe window is overcast, the rains began, the wind from the trees the last leaves rips, what to do — autumn. But who prevents us to have a spring with your hands, in your own apartment? The Phalaenopsis Orchid is one of the most beautiful and suitable plants for this, because the period of its flowering for three months.As a rule, sell an Orchid in the flowering period, but the petals fell off, and the plant is not happy

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How to choose the bride's bouquet for a wedding: tips

Как выбрать букет невесты на свадьбу: полезные советы

The modern bride can marry without a veil, in a short or long dress any color, but without the Bridal bouquet is impossibleIt can be classical or original, bright or modest, made of exotic or wild flowers. How to choose the bride's bouquet, to tell the florists the flower shop Мегацвет24.The history of wedding bouquetIn the past, many elements of the wedding decor was not only a decoration but also a talisman

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5 reasons to put on the windowsill geranium

5 причин поставить на подоконник герань

Our grandmothers did not just keep this flower at homeReason # 1The smell of geranium lifts the spirits and strengthens the nervous system. It is believed even that this flower can help to alleviate the symptoms of depression. In addition, this plant is recommended to keep at home for people with diseases of the heart and gastrointestinal tract.Geranium is credited with the paranormal свойстваpixabay.comReason # 2.The leaves of geranium does not like moths, flies and other insects

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