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Cleanliness and comfort is just

To the household has not declined, it is not necessary to fall from exhaustion. It is sufficient to introduce a simple system of daily activitiesFor many women home is not just. Sometimes we even think that the more happily unloaded the cars, than I cleaned and scrubbed numerous angles of their apartments and houses.Fortunately, women's can be a little easier. For example, ceasing to accumulate dishes in the sink

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Alena Chekhov, "the house must always burn the fire"

Алена Чехова: «В доме всегда должен гореть огонь»

The young actress showed your country mansionThe young actress Alyona Chekhova to sit on the ground do not like. And gladly expands the horizons: both spatial and professional. At the time, she famously traded a law career for acting. And now lives in the two countries, starred in Hollywood and in Russia. It is known for such films as "In sport only girls", "He's a dragon," the TV series "Deffchonki". With quite a busy schedule the girl appreciates quiet moments of relaxation

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How to clean silver: most effective techniques and important tricks

Как почистить серебро: самые эффективные приемы и важные хитрости tells how to properly care for Cutlery of precious metalSilver Cutlery always liked people. They testified to the wealth and good taste of their owners. Silverware and now does not lose its position, remaining that we can proudly use it during holiday dinners and leave a legacy for our children. But below the age of forks and spoons was long, for them to properly care, including competent to carry out the cleaning

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Perfume requires proper storage

Good conditions able for several years to extend the life of the spirits of loved onesFirst, let's understand what a perfume can be considered good. First and foremost, the color of the liquid in the vial should be transparent, without suspended matter and sediment. Secondly, about the safety of the product evidenced by the unchanged flavor. There should be no rancid, or, conversely, a poor smell, has lost half notes

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Renata Piotrowski: "I love the big space and high ceilings"

Рената Пиотровски: «Я люблю большие пространства и высокие потолки»

The actress showed my apartment in the center of MoscowKamergersky lane is the heart of Moscow where you can still feel the spirit of the old town. His name appeared in XVIII century and due to the fact that among the local homeowners had some of chamberlains of the Imperial court. Later, there lived many famous people: writers, poets, artists, musicians

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Some life hacks to back bathtub white

Несколько лайфхаков, чтобы вернуть ванной белизну

About the cleanliness of the hostess, says the state of her bathroomWhat can I say, our country is not warm, so when he got home so sometimes I want to fall in snow-white foam, to get warm and wash off the day. Alas, dreams are usually breaking on the state of our plumbing: rusted pipes, bad water, plumbing a plaque that axe can hack.But when really want, you can.Method # 1It is possible to completely replace the bath

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How to use soda to get rid of cellulite and get the stick

Wonderful properties of sodium bicarbonate is much more diverse than we used to thinkBaking soda have in the kitchen cupboard of every housewife. It is needed for culinary delights and is very useful in cleaning the house. But really, wonderful properties of sodium bicarbonate is much more diverse. find out where and how you can help baking soda

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Now you can keep cut flowers longerThe heat, the sun warms, want to see nature blossomed quickly: the leaves of the buttercups. So it is necessary to accelerate the arrival of spring. And in the flower shops around abundance: irises, tulips, daffodils, hyacinths. It seems that along with them comes to the house a new time.Faster would

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Easy ways to clean your favorite teacher — the microwave

Легкие способы почистить любимую помощницу — микроволновку

Fast, easy, affordable: button — and dinner on the tableBang-Bang and just clean the inside of the microwave turned into surrealistically picture: on the left side stuck a tomato on the right is a chicken leg on top slowly and sadly dripping oil. I want to flop beside him on a stool and cry. But not the time. It is necessary to save the situation and to clean the appliance quickly, easily, completely.LemonAll that is citric: acid, fruit, leather, — run for 5 minutes in a bowl of water

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How to bring the house clean without expensive cleaners

Shaving foam and cinnamon powder will help to refresh the apartment: 12 lifehacks for HousewivesWith the arrival of spring I want to clean up not only his body but also his home. However, to run to the store for powders and gels for cleaning is not necessary. Refresh the apartment in the condition and the means at hand. WomanHit collected 12 life hacks that will come in handy every hostess.1. Sprinkle 2-3 teaspoons of cinnamon powder on the floor or carpet and vacuum after

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