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Top 3 strollers 2017

Almost all young parents think nothing is more difficult than a choice of strollers for a newborn.With the selection of the first vehicle for the youngest member of the family like no sleepless nights after discharge from the hospital or caring for a baby. Those who need to buy a stroller for the baby can be guided only by the recommendations of their predecessors — the same parents as themselves. We offer our readers the top 3 best consumer reports baby strollers

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How to extend the life of your jewelry

Как продлить жизнь своим украшениям

WomanHit revealed the secrets of caring for gold and diamondsAt least one simple gold ring each. Because, as you know, gold and diamonds are a girls best friend. And so they longer retain their attractive appearance, they need care and concern.Came home from work, took off and threw on a dressing table? No, not so. Decoration should be wiped with a soft cloth: flannel, microfiber, thin suede, and it is better to buy in a jewelry store wipes with the special impregnation

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Mitya Fomin: "This apartment is dreamed at night"

Митя Фомин: «Эта квартира приснилась мне ночью»

How the singer managed to turn their small home into a luxurious two-storey penthouse?In the morning, Mitya Fomin walks with his dog, the American bulldog snow. Far from his apartment on Frunze embankment opened a coffee shop, where the singer comes during the walk. There we met, and Mitya told almost detective story about the agreement with Yuri Luzhkov, and how he managed to transform his small apartment in a luxurious duplex penthouse.— Mitya, you bought the apartment sixteen years ago

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Barbara: "My home is a sanctuary"

Варвара: «Мой дом — уголок спокойствия» discussed with the artist her style of country livingSinger Barbara is a true expert on vacation in the suburbs. Her country house is not like those palaces which like to brag about the stars. But the pleasure that you get Barbara and her family from the almost wild nature, hardly familiar to the residents of upscale towns.— I am a sporty person. Without exercise can't, without them I feel bad, told barbarian. — Stretching, treadmill, shaping — these are my burden

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In the "Good Furniture" told how to transform a Soviet apartment

Specialists of the company "Good Furniture" suggested that the owners of the apartments, furnished in accordance with the standards of the 80-ies, several solutions that allow to modernize the housing without major spendingIf the opportunity to radically change the design of the apartment no, it can be profitable to emphasize the advantages available. Sometimes it is enough to paint the walls in a deep shade of dark, freed thus from faded Wallpaper, and replace some of the furniture

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Black tulle in the interior. What combination, in what rooms to hang?

Window decoration is the perfect way to set the right vector for the whole interior. About which rooms you can hang such curtains, we'll cover in the article.If misused, it can make the room dark and to break the geometry of space. But when you consider a few factors: lighting, appointment of rooms, the overall decor, the preferences of the owner, the texture of the fabric, the result will be the right impression — a combination of style, comfort and convenience

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Alexei Vorobyov: "My home is a place of solitude"

Алексей Воробьев: «Мой дом — это место для уединения»

What was once his home in Los Angeles, the main bachelor of the country?Someone outside the window is blowing a Blizzard, and in the City of angels summer all year round. In anticipation of the New year, singer and actor Alexei Vorobyov invited us to visit his house in Sunny Los Angeles. Of course, we were not able to overcome the temptation to see what was once his home, the main bachelor of the country and that brightens up his lonely days

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7 main dishes of the table at Christmas

Meals to year managedOnce the New year was celebrated in a very different time, and the main winter holiday was Christmas. It was preceded by a 40-day fast. Before the first star, and it is usually considered to be polar, there is nothing was impossible. Only then it was possible to break the fast.KutyaAs this dish is called "Sochivo", it is from this word comes the name 6 January — Christmas eve. According to the rules of the kutia is prepared from wheat, but you can take the pic

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Best Christmas gift smart watch from Garmin

Лучший новогодний подарок — умные часы от Garmin

Sociologists claim that the New year is to give up useless gifts.We talked to people leading an active way of life, and found out that the best Christmas gift for a loved one, in their opinion, become a smart watch or fitness bracelet. The website did a review of these devices from the legendary firm Garmin.Recently, sociologists conducted a survey about Christmas gifts. It turned out that most of the respondents think of the most useless gifts of candy, tea, alcohol and books

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As today to find a job of a housemaid in Kiev

Today one of the most popular and sought-after jobs in the labour market is the housekeeperAs quickly as possible to get to such a position in the capital, you need to use a specialized website with relevant offers. This work housekeeper in Kiev available on the resource the most effective website with daily updates of jobs that has helped thousands of users to get a high-paying position

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