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Victoria talyshinskaya: "Home is my place of power"

Виктория Талышинская: «Дом — мое место силы»

The soloist of the duet "Nepara" showed his country house at Nikolina Gora: pictures of father-in-law of Tahir Salahov, antique XIX century rug with a portrait of LeninVictoria talyshinskaya, the soloist of the popular duet "Nepara", accustomed to an active lifestyle, rich tours and always considered himself a city resident. Everything has changed motherhood. Her daughter Barbara was born in October last year at a clinic in Miami

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7 ways to update kitchen utensils

7 способов обновить кухонную утварь

Don't throw away the old dishesPlastic cutting BoardA breakdown of plastics often remain micro-particles of food, and therefore, it is a source of bacteria. To defeat them just. Mix lemon juice and salt in equal proportions and then apply the mixture on the Board. Flush with water and clean surface again.Do not rush to throw plastic доскуpixabay.comWooden cutting BoardThe same problem with a wooden Board

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The top 3 main points to choose a quality umbrella

The umbrella can rightly be considered one of the most basic but most useful inventions of man.It would seem that this is merely a curved metal or wooden pole with spokes, which stretched waterproof fabric. But to the selection of the umbrella should be approached thoughtfully and seriously.Cane or foldingFolding umbrella is very convenient due to its design. It enables compactly to fold the device, placing it in a handbag. A cane such a focus will not work

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4 original ways to use things not designed for it

Look at your kitchen in new waysExample 1Sometimes you may not have enough utensils on hand. For example, if there are special attachments for chopping nuts, use a hammer for pounding meat. Didn't have a juicer? Squeeze the lemon kitchen tongs.Example No. 2Do not rush to throw the bottle opener for disposable cans. After all, this is a piece of iron with two holes

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Easiest way to become more feminine

Лёгкий способ стать женственнее

Before somewhere to go, you put things beauty: hair, apply makeup, pick the outfit.Familiar? Returning home, dream to dress in comfortable home clothes, wash away the makeup and allow yourself to relax.We recommend you to relax beautifully! Take care of yourself after a hard day to stay attractive. The final touch will be a beautiful home clothes online store I am Pijama!Start to transform yourself!Cozy women's pajamas, chemises, gowns and kits: all that necessarily should be every

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Need a thermos? To buy items of high quality now just

At any time of the day invigorating coffee is able to restore health and to chase a dreamDon't want to part with their favorite drink in the home, workplace or during a walk? It's enough to buy a thermos.Useful in any situationCoffee or tea is not the only possible contents of a thermos. On the "contents" there are two types of flasks:1. For drinking. The main distinguishing feature — a rather narrow neck, through which it is easy to drink, but it is very difficult to pour

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Doctors know how to escape from the heat in a city apartment

Important tips that will help you survive natural disastersIn the summer season, it is important to know the main points that will help to escape from the scorching sun and heat.Many people suffer from the fact that in hot weather the house unbearable to stay in, the air is heating up to the limit. However, medical experts have shared the secrets of how to make a house more comfortable.The first thing you should pay attention to is water from the tap

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CCS on Lubyanka is a capsule collection of children's clothing

ЦДМ на Лубянке представляет капсульную коллекцию детской одежды

"Central Children's Store on Lubyanka" to the beginning of the new academic year has released a collection of clothing designed in collaboration with the Russian children's brand Little Pushkin.Exclusive collection available from 21 August in the school fair "Big change", which opened in the main atrium shopping and entertainment center.The new collection includes t-shirts, sweatshirts, raincoats and backpacks

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Prolong the life of clothes and shoes

To thing longer retain a presentable appearance, they must be properly storedDresses, blouses, skirts and outerwear in order to avoid creases should be stored on hangers. But the same hangers for all the clothes — not the best option. For coats and jackets need to have quite a wide hangers made of thick plastic. Ideally, if they are equipped with "wings," additional extending plates. Do not neglect covers. Buy only those that are made of breathable material, or have holes for ventilation

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Play beauty and the beast? Flowers that live for 5 years

Sometimes the feelings are so immense that we can't Express them in words and even actions.In such cases, comes to the aid of symbols. Is it possible to materialize feelings?You will come to the aid of eternal flower — the rose in the flask. Accessory made by technology, which allows you to keep the plant intact to 5 years. And for flowers is almost an eternity.The flowers undergo a process of stabilization innovative technology

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