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Best Christmas gift smart watch from Garmin

Лучший новогодний подарок — умные часы от Garmin

Sociologists claim that the New year is to give up useless gifts.We talked to people leading an active way of life, and found out that the best Christmas gift for a loved one, in their opinion, become a smart watch or fitness bracelet. The website did a review of these devices from the legendary firm Garmin.Recently, sociologists conducted a survey about Christmas gifts. It turned out that most of the respondents think of the most useless gifts of candy, tea, alcohol and books

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As today to find a job of a housemaid in Kiev

Today one of the most popular and sought-after jobs in the labour market is the housekeeperAs quickly as possible to get to such a position in the capital, you need to use a specialized website with relevant offers. This work housekeeper in Kiev available on the resource the most effective website with daily updates of jobs that has helped thousands of users to get a high-paying position

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Mark Tishman: "When I walked in here I knew immediately: my"

Марк Тишман: «Когда вошел сюда, сразу понял: мое»

Artist invited the guests and explained why the piano he is in the bedroom, the posters in the kitchen and what is the inspiration photo Sati SpivakovaPatriarch's ponds is a historical landmark and by the novel Bulgakov's "Master and Margarita" in some degree mystical. No wonder it was chosen by the representatives of the intelligentsia and artistic elite. Singer and composer mark Tishman is no exception. His house is located in one of the quiet side streets opposite the pond

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Savedis with a half-turn

Заведись с пол-оборота

How to avoid problems with starting the carImagine this situation: in the early morning you hurry to work or to an important meeting, sit in your car, turn the ignition key and the car won't start. Panic! What to do? What if spin the starter a little longer? What if it is the battery? What if you ask someone to push the car? Play the game "what if..." can be infinite, but this does not solve the core problem: the car won't start and you are late

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What is the danger of cleaning the apartment?

At home, where we feel most protected. But experts urge us not to relax even in their native square metersRemember by what means you move in the apartment clean and tidy. If after cleaning the rooms remain aggressive smells of bleach and ammonia — ruthlessly change your products for cleaning surfaces. Pleasant aromas of cleaning fluids and sprays also will not bring anything good, choose means no smell — better for the respiratory system

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As a woman not to be mistaken with a choice of floral arrangements?

Since time immemorial women are the persons who sent beautiful floral arrangementsBut often by the ladies has to be in the role of givers of bouquets. Here, the fairer sex often a dead end: even the most experienced of them in terms of getting the floral masterpieces are hard to decide what exactly perfect for a present to a relative, friend, work colleague, business partner. There are a few simple tips on how not to make a wrong choice

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Yelena Isinbayeva and Coca-Cola Russia give to children on New year's playgrounds

Елена Исинбаева и Coca-Cola Россия дарят детям на Новый год спортивные площадки

This year Coca-Cola Russia implements its annual volunteer project "Christmas caravan" together with the Charity Foundation Elena IsinbayevaIn the list of good deeds "Christmas caravan" will have five points in the regions of Russia, where on-site children's homes will include a modern Playground. "The Christmas caravan Coca-Cola Russia this year celebrates its 15th anniversary this ambitious project covers the whole country

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Daughter Yarmolnik re-insured the car

In the EU and USA car insurance on the hull by women widespread"Fleet families Ermolenkov (the company also insures the car of the daughter of the actor) are protected from the risks of theft and damage in the event of an accident, illegal actions of third persons, fire, natural disasters, falling, or foreign objects, including snow and ice

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Why harmful old clothes and stuff in reserve

Continue to sort blockages in the house and "spread" the life according to the placesLet's look together in your closet. How many things you have? When was the last time you wore that blouse or those pants?If during the year the thing was not used — it is better to get rid of. If it was not useful and do not like, it is unlikely that will change after another year. Moreover, the thing has already fulfilled its function — to bring joy with the purchase (especially after a long search)

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What refrigerator is best to buy?

For the answer to this question, we turned to the masters for the repair of refrigerators company "Cold REMIt is best to buy refrigerators with comfort class, because it is the best solution when considering price and quality. Refrigerators this class are made of sufficient quality material and is not as expensive as the units luxury apartments. They rarely break, but if this situation happens, refrigerator repair comfort class make it much easier to do than the premium and economy classes

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