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How to live the most eligible bachelor on the planet?

Как живет самый завидный холостяк планеты?

Leonardo DiCaprio showed how his home looksThis year the whole world is happy for Leonardo DiCaprio, who finally received his well-deserved Oscar. But despite the wildly popular, crowds of fans and endless temptations, Leo is still single! And it is not surprising that a number of male celebrities still remain free. They are very successful in their careers, but when it comes to marriage, they prefer to say a firm "no"

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P&G presents the video "the Power of mom"

Procter&Gamble celebrates moms of athletes-candidates for an Olympic team of Russia100 days before the start of the XXXI Olympiad in Rio de Janeiro, Procter&Gamble gathered the mothers of sportsmen-candidates to the Russian Olympic Team to tell them "thank you" for their support, care and love that allowed us to educate future Champions

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6 things that makes every loving herself woman

6 вещей, которые делает каждая любящая себя женщина

In the life of any self-respecting woman should have at least one great love is the love of ourselvesLove of self is closely linked to self-esteem and self — worth with success at work and in their personal lives. The great psychologists, philosophers, yogis and life coaches are constantly telling us that we must first love yourself and then start loving others. And start loving yourself with a little — enough at least to learn to listen to your desires and needs

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Diana Hodakovskaya: "Now I'm happy to come home, if get in the spring"

Диана Ходаковская: «Теперь я с радостью прихожу домой, будто попадаю в весну»

The TV presenter said that a fundamental change in her life began with the usual painting of wallsThe man who appears in the morning broadcast, a priori, should not look sullen and dissatisfied with life. Diana Hodakovskaya leading culinary column in the program "Good morning" on channel one, pleases the audience not only delicious recipes, but also beauty and charm. No wonder she proudly wears the title of "first Vice-Queen of the world"! Visiting Diana in her new renovated apartment WomanHit

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Turn over with a half-turn

Заведись с пол-оборота

How to avoid problems with starting the carImagine this situation: in the early morning you hurry to work or to an important meeting, sit in your car, turn the ignition key and the car won't start. Panic! What to do? What if spin the starter a little longer? But what if it is the battery? But what if you ask someone to push the car? Play the game "what if..." can be infinite, but this does not solve the main problem: car will not start and you are late

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P&G runs the program again, "Thank you, mom!"

Russian ambassadors of the campaign "Thank you, mom!" will be Natalia Ischenko and her mother Irina Ishchenko.Three-time Olympic champion, 19-time world champion and 9-times champion of Europe, absolute champion of Europe 2010 in synchronised swimming, Natalia is still young mom, so understands the responsibility, love and care, which is inextricably linked with motherhood

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What are the dangers of cleaning the apartment?

At home, where we feel most protected. But experts urge us not to relax even in their native square metresRemember by what means you move in the apartment clean and tidy. If after cleaning the rooms remain aggressive smells of bleach and ammonia – ruthlessly change your products for cleaning surfaces. Pleasant aromas of cleaning fluids and sprays are also not bring anything good, choose funds with no odor – it's better for the respiratory system

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Double the fun

Двойное удовольствие

To give each other the most precious – the love and attention is fine, but sometimes our emotions want to reinforce the elegant and chic giftsAnd to break the rustling of packing in anticipation of the surprise love is not only the fair sex, but also true gentlemen. For the most romantic holiday of February is Valentine's Day – together with the legendary Trading house TSUM have prepared for you the guide to the best gifts for him and her

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Cleaning starts with the head

Sometimes it seems like a tedious household chores take up all my free timeAll of our big plans for the weekend break on the impregnable rock called "maid". Instead of quickly tidy the house and go for a walk, we wipe the sweat from his forehead, when it's already dark, and forces were only to lie down on the couch watching TV.Cleaner headTo escape from this vicious circle, let's try to not start cleaning from washing floors and dusting, and... from the head. Sit back, because we will dream of

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As a woman not to choose the wrong flower arrangement?

Since time immemorial women are precisely those persons who have sent beautiful floral arrangementsBut often by the ladies have to be in the role of givers of bouquets. And here women often get stumped: even the most demanding of them in terms of getting floral masterpieces it's hard to decide what exactly is suitable for a gift to a relative, friend, work colleague, business partner. There are some simple guidelines on how not to make a wrong choice

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