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New year's reception on the occasion of the 90th anniversary of Bang & Olufsen in Moscow

Новогодний прием по случаю 90-летия компании Bang & Olufsen в Москве

8 December 2015, the residence of the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Kingdom of Denmark to Russia Thomas Winkler has reopened its doors for true connoisseurs of high quality sound and unmatched Scandinavian style.Bang & Olufsen gathered friends and partners of the brand on new year's eve reception, dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the company, which on this occasion was visited by General Director and CEO of Bang & Olufsen TEW, Mantoni

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The event, which will make this winter hotter

Событие, которое сделает эту зиму жарче

"Be a man!" a bold challenge that Reebok throws the world, to change people's attitudes towards fitness.December 19 and 20, those who want to challenge themselves will be able to once again prove that nothing is impossible does not exist – in these days at the sports complex "Luzhniki" (near the concert hall "Russia") will be run with the test "Be a man-4"

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Yelena Isinbayeva and Coca-Cola Russia give to children on New year's Playground

Елена Исинбаева и Coca-Cola Россия дарят детям на Новый год спортивные площадки

This year Coca-Cola Russia implements its annual volunteer project "Christmas caravan" together with the Charity Foundation Yelena IsinbaevaIn the list of good deeds "Christmas caravan" will have five points in the regions of Russia, where on-site children's homes will include a modern Playground. Christmas caravan Coca-Cola Russia this year celebrates its 15th anniversary – this large-scale project covers the whole country

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Preparing for the New year: how to decorate a Christmas tree

In short, all that could be placed on the tables and Christmas trees fifty, a hundred years ago, everything that carries the obvious imprint of personality, is perfect for today. One of the most popular destinations – tree with national motifs. For example, the classic Scandinavian Christmas tree in red and green tones with carved deer, oak wreaths and red candles. Or Russian pre-revolutionary Christmas tree in style – with wooden bears, toy soldiers, petroshimi and dancers in lush bundles

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Star grandma "House-2" Irina Agibalova made a costly repair

Звездная бабушка «Дома-2» Ирина Агибалова сделала дорогостоящий ремонт

The former star of the reality show shared on Instagram the results of construction works. Irina Agibalova. Photo: Just over a month ago on the page of the former contestants of reality show "Dom-2" Irina Agibalova appeared joyful message that she begin to repair. "The husband made a drawing of the room, waiting for design decision and begin to repair" (hereinafter the spelling and punctuation of the authors saved - approx. WomanHit

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What starts to change for the better?

С чего начинаются перемены к лучшему?

To start a new life after the summer holidays and Sunny bliss is a dream of many. Sometimes positive change only a single details that will inspire a decisive step. chose innovations that will change life for the better. Photo: materials of press-services. Unique soundingHeadphones Sony h line

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Hot season: helpers, without which it can not do in the summer

Жаркий сезон: помощники, без которых не обойтись летом

Now I want as much time as possible outdoors. WomanHit learned about the novelties of the season, which will save time and make life easier in the home. Photo: materials of press-services. Kebab at homeA perfect thing for going on nature will be marinamnina from Tupperware! In it, you can marinate meats and vegetables. The inner surface has a conical spikes, removing the insert-lattice, in marinana can thoroughly beat the meat and poultry fillets for roasting

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Ex-girlfriend Bilan Lena Kuletskaya bought an apartment

Бывшая девушка Билана Лена Кулецкая купила квартиру

TV presenter and model has shown to subscribers in Instagram first photo, taken in their apartment, and asked me to help find her a designer. Elena Kuletskaya with her husband Stanislav Romanovsky. Photo: Another young representative of show business bought the property. Ex-girlfriend of Dima Bilan, TV presenter and model Elena Kuletskaya bought apartments, which now makes repairs. About Lena has told fans in Instagram

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Anna Leps: "Phuket is a piece of Europe, but with exotic flavour"

Анна Лепс: «Пхукет — это кусочек Европы, но с экзотическим ароматом»

This Villa is a celebrity, and its host, singer Grigory Leps. Nine years ago he purchased on the Thai island of Phuket cozy home, where comes to rest at the first opportunity. Look at housing Leps at least from a distance, come many Russian tourists. The magazine "Atmosphere" was able to see and evaluate design refinements for which "responsible" Anna, wife of Gregory. She became a guide to its possessions. Grigory Leps with wife Anna. Photo: materials of press-services

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Sasha is a gift for a good mood

Саше — подарок для хорошего настроения

With the advent in the Arsenal of my design work decorating directions, I turned to the history of such decorative items as Sasha. What is Sasha, what is its practical side, as decorate with it interior? The answers to these and many other questions in this article. Sasha used not only for flavoring, but also to change the emotional background and disease prevention. Photo of the author. What is Sasha?Look at the history

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