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As a woman not to be mistaken with a choice of floral arrangements?

Since time immemorial women are the persons who sent beautiful floral arrangementsBut often by the ladies has to be in the role of givers of bouquets. Here, the fairer sex often a dead end: even the most experienced of them in terms of getting the floral masterpieces are hard to decide what exactly perfect for a present to a relative, friend, work colleague, business partner. There are a few simple tips on how not to make a wrong choice

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Yelena Isinbayeva and Coca-Cola Russia give to children on New year's playgrounds

Елена Исинбаева и Coca-Cola Россия дарят детям на Новый год спортивные площадки

This year Coca-Cola Russia implements its annual volunteer project "Christmas caravan" together with the Charity Foundation Elena IsinbayevaIn the list of good deeds "Christmas caravan" will have five points in the regions of Russia, where on-site children's homes will include a modern Playground. "The Christmas caravan Coca-Cola Russia this year celebrates its 15th anniversary this ambitious project covers the whole country

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Daughter Yarmolnik re-insured the car

In the EU and USA car insurance on the hull by women widespread"Fleet families Ermolenkov (the company also insures the car of the daughter of the actor) are protected from the risks of theft and damage in the event of an accident, illegal actions of third persons, fire, natural disasters, falling, or foreign objects, including snow and ice

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Why harmful old clothes and stuff in reserve

Continue to sort blockages in the house and "spread" the life according to the placesLet's look together in your closet. How many things you have? When was the last time you wore that blouse or those pants?If during the year the thing was not used — it is better to get rid of. If it was not useful and do not like, it is unlikely that will change after another year. Moreover, the thing has already fulfilled its function — to bring joy with the purchase (especially after a long search)

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What refrigerator is best to buy?

For the answer to this question, we turned to the masters for the repair of refrigerators company "Cold REMIt is best to buy refrigerators with comfort class, because it is the best solution when considering price and quality. Refrigerators this class are made of sufficient quality material and is not as expensive as the units luxury apartments. They rarely break, but if this situation happens, refrigerator repair comfort class make it much easier to do than the premium and economy classes

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Bed linen 3d: a modern trend in bedroom design

With time fashion changes absolutely everything, no bypasses this time the party and making the sleeping facilitiesOf course, there is consistently maintained adherence to the provision of human comfort and the creation of comfort, but the tools for solving such problems regularly converted. If we talk about bedding, current trends are expressed here in the wide use of possibilities of modern printing on fabric

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Jared Leto has built himself "a house of a Martian"

Джаред Лето построил себе «дом марсианина»

The winner of the award "Oscar" was first shown your home. Seen all just discouraged!Jared Leto – winner of the award Oscar, which he received in 2014 for her supporting role in "Dallas buyers club". Not only is he a rock star and leader of the band "30 Seconds to Mars", but also one of the most eligible bachelors of Hollywood and the dream of millions of girls. Recently in an interview, Jared said that "officially free

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How to live the most eligible bachelor on the planet?

Как живет самый завидный холостяк планеты?

Leonardo DiCaprio showed how his home looksThis year the whole world is happy for Leonardo DiCaprio, who finally received his well-deserved Oscar. But despite the wildly popular, crowds of fans and endless temptations, Leo is still single! And it is not surprising that a number of male celebrities still remain free. They are very successful in their careers, but when it comes to marriage, they prefer to say a firm "no"

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P&G presents the video "the Power of mom"

Procter&Gamble celebrates moms of athletes-candidates for an Olympic team of Russia100 days before the start of the XXXI Olympiad in Rio de Janeiro, Procter&Gamble gathered the mothers of sportsmen-candidates to the Russian Olympic Team to tell them "thank you" for their support, care and love that allowed us to educate future Champions

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6 things that makes every loving herself woman

6 вещей, которые делает каждая любящая себя женщина

In the life of any self-respecting woman should have at least one great love is the love of ourselvesLove of self is closely linked to self-esteem and self — worth with success at work and in their personal lives. The great psychologists, philosophers, yogis and life coaches are constantly telling us that we must first love yourself and then start loving others. And start loving yourself with a little — enough at least to learn to listen to your desires and needs

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