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5 ways to reduce the harm from fasted

5 способов уменьшить вред от фастуда

What can I eat in fast food restaurantsSometimes running around the whole day in the city, time for a full lunch is longer, and the body needs at least some snack. Here come to the rescue of fast food restaurants. However, everyone knows that the food in them is not helpful. know what fast food will do less harm to the body.1. Burger Patty cooked on the grill, much better than the fried in a skillet. But if you choose its members, it is better to prefer fish than chicken or beef

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The perfect meal: delicious and only 200 calories offers a winter option useful and easy mealIn winter it is more difficult to find the right diet that will not add extra pounds and this will give you the opportunity to obtain all the necessary vitamins. We have selected for you a unique recipe of this dish.For its preparation you will need the following:- piece of lean beef;- lettuce leaves;- apples;- canned peas;- unsweetened yogurt.The recipe is as follows.Pre-boil 200 gr. beef. Cold meat cut into small strips.Take 100 gr

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A tale in the plate: children's recipes from the hit home Larsen

Сказка в тарелке: детские рецепты от Тутты Ларсен

Host of "Breakfast with a BANG!" knows how to feed the kids because she has three of them. recorded recipes that will please even the most finicky childrenI have three children of different ages: Luka age 12, Martha 7, and vane 2 years. I'm a working mom, so cooking does not always have time, and this question helps me husband. I prefer simple recipes without fancy ingredients, it will be delicious, useful and beautiful. This approach is particularly popular with the children

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Oatmeal and grapefruit: only 190 calories for Breakfast

Share the recipe proper BreakfastThe right Breakfast can set a good mood for the whole day. Besides, we all care not to gain extra pounds. Here is the recipe useful and delicious Breakfast.To start the day is great oatmeal. It coats the stomach and gently runs the digestion. But since many prefer oatmeal quick cooking, porridge should fill a useful fruit.For the "right" of oatmeal you will need the following.Take 120 g of oat cereal "Hercules", pour hot water and cook for 2 minutes on low heat

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Salad with smoked trout and avocado

For those who are on a diet, this salad completely replace dinner, because it includes protein, olive oil, and a set of vitamins and mineralsYou will need:– Onion — ½ PC;– Bell pepper — ½ PC;– Sweetacacia trout (you can substitute any cooked fish);– Avocado — 1 PC;– Olives — 10 PCs;– Green salad of different varieties — 100 gr.For the filling:– Mustard — 1 coffee spoon;– Sugar — 1 teaspoon;– Wine vinegar — 2 tbsp. spoon;– Balsamic vinegar — 1 tbsp

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3 misconceptions about wine

3 заблуждения о вине believes that it is time to get rid of stereotypesMisconception # 1Most people think that good wine must be made of wood tube. However, it is not — many manufacturers have already started to release their product in bottles with a screw cap. Even old-fashioned the French broke and sometimes their bottles are screwed. The fact is that with the usual traffic jam can happen in a lot of trouble being stuck, to crumble, to fail. It can severely affect the smell and taste of the wine

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Vitamin salad with persimmons, asparagus and chicken fillet

This dish is perfect for a light dinner no laterFor healthy sleep the evening should give preference to the easy meal that is quickly metabolized by the body. shares his recipe for a delicious vitamin salad, which is perfect for a family dinner.It is prepared as follows. To start boil 200 grams chicken fillet, cut into cubes. Take 2 small persimmons and slice too.Prepare the spinach, arugula and lettuce

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The best Breakfast oatmeal

Лучшие завтраки с овсянкой

Nutritionists believe Breakfast is the main meal of the day. So, you need not be ashamed in the morning there tightly and cook something interesting. How to save on time but not on taste and use?GranolaThis Breakfast was invented by American clergyman Sylvester Graham, who advocated special diet and invented a special useful flour, bread and crackers. At first, this snack was called "granula". They fed the patients in the medical dispensary of Dansville

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How to fast

Как правильно поститься

Advent begins on 28 November and will last until 7 January. learned how to spend time usefullyChristmas post is also called Filippov, because the day before the 40-day abstinence from food of animal origin celebrate the day of the Apostle Philip. But you don't need the post to be perceived as an diet to lose weight for the New year

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How to cook eggs in collere

These devices for boiling eggs without the shell invented by the British in the 19th century, and now even collect them. Try it — it's convenient, fast and deliciousYou will need:– the egg;– butter for greasing;– salt, pepper to taste.Kotler grease the inside, put the egg, salt, pepper, tightly screw the lid and dip in a pot of water.There are several recommended ways: you can heat the saucepan together with kolerom can be dipped in boiling water. Water needs to reach the cap

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