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And cheered and kilos gained

И взбодрились, и килограммы набрали

Drinks you shouldn't drink in the morningCaffeine has become for us the usual way of obtaining vivacity and good mood in the morning. And not all love strong espresso, but prefer a more sweet coffee recipes. Is Americano with milk, cappuccino and, of course, a latte. But do not forget about the consequences of such enjoyment.It is worth noting that drinking a latte before noon, improves blood sugar levels. Its taste provides rich milk. One tablespoon of sugar contains 30 calories and 30 g of 3

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Recipes for Halloween from Regina Burd

Рецепты к Хэллоуину от Регины Бурд

The wife of Sergey Zhukov and the owner of a family-run pastry shop knows how to surprise family and guests at all saints ' DayPumpkin cupcakesIngredients:Pumpkin puree — 1 tbsp.Egg — 2 PCs.Vegetable oil — 100 ml.Sugar — 1 tbsp.Flour — 250 gr.Brown sugar — 2 tbspSalt — 1 tspBaking powder — 1,5 tspCinnamon — 0.5 tsp.Cloves, allspice, nutmeg — ¼ tspPreparation:1. In a bowl beat with a mixer eggs, pumpkin puree, vegetable oil and sugar.2

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Pomegranate: combine the pleasant with the useful

Some amazing properties of this fruit that you may not knowGarnet became one of the most enjoyable treats of the autumn-winter period. And, as it turned out, no wonder he is so like us. This is not just a delicious fruit, and a rich source of vitamins and minerals, without which our body can not do.Cardio-vascular system. For hypertensive patients, grenades will be a real boon. It acts as a diuretic and reduces blood pressure

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Do salted salmon

Very nice to eat a piece of that fish for Breakfast. And the chef will tell you how to avoid mistakes in proportionsYou will need:– salmon fillet on the skin — 1 kg;– rock — salt- 2 tbsp. spoon;– sugar — 1 tbsp.My fish cold water, need cold — not even lukewarm, and in any case not hot — and dry with paper towels or napkins. Mix salt, sugar and pour on the bottom of a glass or ceramic container

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3 ways of cooking mackerel

3 варианта запекания скумбрии

Fish: tasty, fast, usefulOption # 1. Baked mackerelIngredients:Mackerel frozen — 3 medium fishMustard — 3 teaspoonsYogurt 0% — 3 teaspoonsDefrost fish in the fridge, wash it, disembowel, cut off the head and tail. Pat the carcass with a paper towel or napkins. Combine the yogurt and mustard, adding salt, and coat the sauce on the fish. After 20 minutes cut the salmon into serving pieces, place on a baking sheet and pop them into the oven. Mackerel baked 30 minutes at 180 degrees

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3 reasons to buy dried grapes

3 причины купить сушеный виноград

Say "cheese", and you will look gorgeousAbout the healing properties of dried grapes was known in Ancient China. He was one of the most expensive gifts on a par with silk and crockery. And the thing is nutrients and minerals that help to maintain and improve health.Reason # 1In raisins contain beta-carotene and other carotenoids, vitamins, calcium and minerals. They will help you to restore vision.Eat a muffin ягодамиpixabay

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Original potato dishes

Оригинальные блюда из картофеля

According to statistics, adult Russian for a year eats 80 to 100 kg of potatoes. No wonder we have a potato called the second bread. Only learn how to cook itAs you know, potatoes in Russia in the late XVII century brought Peter I. It was a bag of fruit from the Netherlands. They were to be sent to the provinces for cultivation. But the Russian people was suspicious of the "earth Apple", and was served potatoes as fashionable exotic dish only in wealthy homes

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"Not to get sick in the winter": recipes with cranberries

«Чтобы не болеть зимой»: рецепты с клюквой

About the benefits of this berry even children know. Most often, freeze it, grind with sugar or jam. But found more interesting ways of preparing cranberriesIn Russia, this berry has been in use since the XVI century. In the villages, usually cranberries were stored in a dark, ventilated place or in barrels of water. Now I prefer to freeze, as she almost loses vitamins and does not change the taste

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Pumpkin fritters with garlic sauce

Zucchini is a very healthy vegetable, and pancakes from it do not require much time for cookingYou will need:– 400 gr. zucchini (1 small zucchini);– cilantro;– green onions or chives;– 2 eggs;– 2 cloves of garlic;150 gr. flour;– vegetable oil for frying;– salt, pepper to taste.For the sauce:– 2 tablespoons of sour cream;– little green coriander;– 1 clove of garlic

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Puff pastry roulade with roasted apples

Apples in the stuffing is more delicious when they are fried in butter and add cinnamonYou will need:– 2 apples;– 30 gr. butter;– 1 tsp ground cinnamon;– 1 package puff pastry;– 4 tablespoons of orange marmalade;– 2 tsp sugar (preferably brown).Apples cut into small cubes (about 1 cm) and fry for 10 minutes in butter on medium heat, stirring constantly. It is better to take apples sweet varieties — they retain their shape and not become mush like, for example, Antonovka

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