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Recipes with apples

Рецепты с яблоками от

Savior of the Apple feast has already passed, and that means you can start to prepare delicious pastries, cakes and strudelsApple pie in a slow cookerIngredients: 4-5 apples, 1 Cup sugar, 1 Cup flour 4-5 eggs 1 tsp baking powder.Directions: from apples to peel away the skin and remove the seeds. 1-2 apples cut into small cubes. The rest into thin slices. Beat eggs in a blender while continuing to mix, gradually add flour (the dough should be the consistency of sour cream) and baking powder

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Puff pastry cinnamon rolls

Слоеные булочки с корицей

Preparing fast and simple, good work from ready-made puff pastryYou will need:– 1 pack frozen puff pastry;– 100 gr. brown sugar;– 2 tsp of cinnamon;– 50 gr. butter.For the glaze:– 100 gr. powdered sugar;– 2 drops of vanilla essence (if powdered sugar with vanilla, the essence is not needed);– 2-3 tbsp of hot milk.Pamper loved ones this dissertatio authorDefrost the puff pastry according to instructions on the package, 2 roll seam thickness of 2-3 mm

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3 easy homemade ice cream recipe

3 простых рецепта домашнего мороженого

This treat is a favorite for both children and adultsAlready long gone are the days when ice cream was made from cream, milk, eggs and real chocolate. The ingredients included in a modern delicacy, more reminiscent of the chemical table than a list of products. Want natural? Prepare yourself — it's easy.Recipe No. 1 Dairy ice creamYou'll need1 Cup milk, 1 egg, 2 tbsp sugar and the sachet of vanilla sugar.In a saucepan mix egg with sugar and vanilla to obtain a homogeneous air mass

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5 secrets how to pick juicy and ripe melon

5 секретов, как выбрать сочную и спелую дыню

The fruit is melon — melon, botanically speaking, this plant is a vegetable, but from the point of view of cooking — fruitSecret # 1Oddly enough, but the secret purchase of a melon in one place. This bocheva culture easily absorbs toxins and heavy metals. So in any case it can not buy in the bazaars along the roads. Let it be stationary market or supermarket. Choose a sweet vegetable takes you away from the dirty and polluted places

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Unexpectedly: 5 facts about the benefits of beer

Неожиданно: 5 фактов о пользе пива

How to get rid of wrinkles and make hair strong with beerFact # 1Say at once that beer should be of good quality, live, without the addition of alcohol. Made from hops, yeast, water and malt. Then it is rich in vitamins B1 and B2, selenium, important for immune and nervous system, and vitamin e, that is nicotinic acid, which helps the heart.Only quality beer is rich in vitamins B1, B2 and селеномpixabay

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Almond cake with roasted peaches and whipped cream

In season peaches are especially tasty and go perfectly with almond baseYou will need:– 3 peach;– 50 g of butter;– 1 tablespoon of sugar.For the basics:– 125 g of powdered sugar;– 50 g almond flour (you can do it yourself in a blender);– 2 egg whites;– 1 tbsp of sugar;– 1 tsp cocoa.For the cream:– 200 ml cream 33%;– 1 tsp of powdered sugar.Peaches cut in half, remove the stone and lightly fry in butter with sugar on low heat

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Grechetto from Valerie and Joseph Prigogine

Гречотто от Валерии и Иосифа Пригожина

Star wife share an original recipe for lovers of proper nutritionYou will need:– buckwheat — 300 g;– beets — 1 PC;– goat cheese — 100 g;– shallot — 1 PC;– garlic — 1 clove;– balsamic vinegar — 30 g;– beetroot juice — 1 Cup;– olive oil;– honey — 2 tbsp;Sol.Grechetto from Valerie and Joseph Prigogine: Anna Rusakova Ekaterina SensesHow to prepare: mix honey with balsamic vinegar

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9 useful properties of melon

9 полезных свойств дыни find out why you need to eat these fruitsProperty No. 1Melon is a storehouse of vitamins. It nourishes our body with ascorbic acid, which in it more than in lemons or oranges. The fruits contain vitamin a, group b and nicotinic acid PP.Melon is very полезнаpixabay.comProperty No. 2Gives us a melon and lots of minerals. It iron, sodium, potassium, calcium. They ensure normal metabolic functioning of the body and removing from it the toxic substances

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Color moods — blue: preparing the eggplant

Season these vegetables is in full swing, so recorded a few interesting recipesThe eggplants have started in the first Millennium BC. Vegetable growing in India, Southeast Asia and the middle East. There still can be found growing wild eggplant. India, Burma, China, Japan, and then Algeria and Egypt — it is in these countries began to cultivate eggplants and actively prepare them for food. In Europe, the eggplant was in the XIV century

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5 tips on how to choose a ripe and juicy watermelon

5 советов, как выбрать спелый и сочный арбуз

In August and September, this berry can replace dessertTip # 1When selecting fruit, pay attention to the size. Little watermelon can be immature, but big doesn't always mean he's pumped full of nitrates. There are varieties, the weight of the berries which is on average 20 kg. In this case it is better to stick to the Golden middle.Choose ripe арбузыpixabay.comTip # 2Pay attention to the so-called "cheek" — a bright spot on the side of the watermelon. This place he lay on the ground

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