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Useful fresh from Tatiana Kotova

Полезный фреш от Татьяны Котовой

The singer — a big fan of vegetables. In the midst of the season of cabbage discussed with Tatiana the advantages of this product and recorded an interesting recipe— Tatiana, many types of cabbage: kohlrabi, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, broccoli and others... What do you like?— Recently found out that cabbage not only reduces sugar levels and improves the immune system, but also a great strengthens the nervous system, which is known to have creative people is always at risk

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Chef Gary Evans: "do you Want to rekindle the passion — add a little excitement."

Шеф-повар Гэри Эванс: «Хотите разжечь страсть — добавьте перчинки»

How to make a romantic dinner quietly turned into a night of passion?It turns out that it is sufficient even in the most familiar dish to spice things up, and life is literally transformed. About it told the brand chef TABASCO® Gary Evans, who like no one else understands flavor combinations.So, what to prefer for dinner? How to reignite passion in a partner?— Probably, the dish is oysters with Tabasco. I think oysters is a classic

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Interesting recipes from apples

Интересные рецепты из яблок

In autumn, every woman will definitely need to bake your Apple pie. As promptAn average Apple contains about 80 calories. Apples contain a lot of vitamin b and C. But they are a quarter consist of air, so do not sink in water. According to nutritionists, apples tone better than coffee, and they suggest to replace at least one Cup of fragrant drink on the fruit. In the Guinness book of records has a record length of Apple peel

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Sweets sugar substitutes on the doctors said "no"

Scientists from the American University criticized pastries, cakes and chocolates, which is a sweetenerResearchers from the University of the United States made a statement that the sweets are based on sugar and its substitutes are not as safe for our shape. They argue that instead of giving the feeling of satiety, the body, on the contrary, will demand more and more sweet, which in turn will affect the figure

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Carrot-almond cake

Морковно-миндальный торт

Useful cake. I think this does not happen? shares the recipeYou will need:– round shape with a diameter of 26 cm; – 5 eggs; – 250 gr. sugar; – 1 tsp lemon zest; – 3 tbsp lemon juice; – 250 gr. ground almonds; – 250 gr. grated carrots (fine grated); – 80 gr. flour; – 3 tsp baking powder.This cake is not only delicious, but poleznye author Whisk into a thick foam egg yolks with sugar, zest and lemon juice, add almonds, carrot, flour and baking powder

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Puff bun with apples

A new version of a simple dessert from the chef WomanHit.ruYou will need:– 1 package puff pastry;– apples (preferably Antonovka or Simirenko) — ½ Apple on one bun;– 1 egg yolk;– sugar — ½ glass;2 tbsp of water.Roll out the puff pastry (roll need only one way), roll out the layer, divide into 4 parts.Apples cut in half and clean from seeds. Measure out half a Cup of sugar and 2 tablespoons water. Pour the sugar and pour the water into the pan, turn on heat

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3 Kale salad to boost immunity

3 салата из капусты для повышения иммунитета

Apply autumn shot of vitaminsFall weather is gloomy, mood is the same. We are prone to frequent colds and depression, and all because of weakened immunity. will tell you how to improve health and regain composure.Salad multivitaminFor this dish we will need a lot of vegetables and even fruits, but the effect of it is comparable with the intake of vitamin b complex from the pharmacy within a month.Ingredients:Beets — 1 PC.Cabbage — a quarter of headApples — 2 PCs

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5 simple secrets clarified butter

5 секретов простого топленого масла

According to Ayurveda, the Hindus believe that this product is necessary for all people after 40 yearsIn India, not just worship cows, namely the benefits that their products have a person. In Ayurveda ghee butter called ghee. This is the energy that is able to restore the work of all internal organs. Metabolism, liver function, brain and nervous system — all depend on her.Secret # 1Ghee is perfectly suited to any product

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3 recipe when hanging pear, and you cannot eat it

3 рецепта, когда висит груша, а нельзя скушать

What to do with overripe fruits will tell This year in the suburbs unexpected crop of pears. Already and all the friends they are gifted, compotes for the winter harvested, the ate, and the fruit remained. Products throw a pity and a sin, how not to give abyss the remains of the fruit in vain?Sauce Fruits combine perfectly with meat and poultry. Pear sauce would be a spicy addition to the main hot dish

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Lagman homemade noodles

Hearty and delicious. To make real lagman, have trouble with the homemade noodles, but if you want faster, then buy the "homemade noodles" at the store. Also very goodYou will need:– 500 gr of lamb or beef;– 1 bell pepper;– 1 onion;– 1 carrot;– 300 g tomatoes (you can substitute tomato paste);– 300 g of potatoes;– Salt, black pepper, red pepper, ground pepper;– Garlic — 3-4 cloves;– Vegetable oil for frying

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