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Fashionable Christmas tree: how to choose and properly decorate

Модная елка: как выбрать и правильно  украсить

It turns out that our Christmas tree - no fewer ladies than we do. And decorate their needs in line with global trends. What is fashionable this year? Decorations for the tree should also be selected in accordance with the fashion trends. Photo: One of the most popular destinations - tree with national motifs. For example, the classic Scandinavian Christmas tree in red and green tones, with a carved wooden deer, oak wreaths and red candles

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From Europe to Russia: 5 rules for buying furniture in Italy

Из Европы в Россию: 5 правил приобретения мебели в Италии

To order furniture by individual orders or come into the store and choose from? Trust domestic manufacturer or be carried from Italy, Germany and other foreign countries? The answers to these questions are purely individual. And in those, and in other ways has its advantages. But if you still decided to take a chance and order the furniture from Europe, I have something to tell you. On that note, ordering furniture abroad? Photo of the author

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Tina Kandelaki told about the construction of the mansion

Тина Канделаки рассказала о строительстве особняка

TV presenter detail painted the planning of their future country house, which star is built in "smart" cottage village. Tina Kandelaki described the layout of your future house. Photo: Recently the press reported that the TV presenter Tina Kandelaki decided to learn a new kind of business. She invested several million dollars in the development of elite country village and became its art Director

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Anna Churina: "We with the husband very much wanted to have a family"

Анна Чурина: «Нам с супругом очень хотелось иметь родовое гнездо»

Rural apartments actress Anna Kurinoe and producer Alexey Petrukhin neighbours called the "house of animals. Because at the entrance you are met with stone Panther and wolf. But experts believe that this Bohemian dwelling resembles the Ryabushinsky mansion of the merchant on Malaya Nikitskaya street in Moscow. In addition to the architectural details of the similarities adds lemon color painted buildings, mosaic friezes and murals on the walls. Anna Churina

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As the Muscovite to live in the same apartment with Eastern man?

Как москвичке ужиться в одной квартире с восточным мужчиной?

How to solve the problem of combining traditions in the apartment of 55 square meters and not to compromise? Because, as you know, compromise is when you lose both sides. And we would win! This will be discussed in the article. Oriental kitchen in Moscow apartment. Did a recent renovation in the apartment my brother. He is a man of Oriental blood and loves the culture of Eastern countries. Wanted kitchen in an appropriate style

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Brothers zapashnye: "In our house there is a hall of knights"

Братья Запашные: «В нашем доме есть рыцарский зал»

Artists in particular needs no introduction. Their circus show is so bright and spectacular as in home trainers expect to see something exotic. And not in vain! Here in the presence and animal skins, and knight swords, and even a tiger is present. Carved chess inherited from his father - trainer Walter ZAPADNOGO. He was an excellent chess player. photo: Sergei Kozlovsky Country house zapashnyh is one kilometre from the ring - like always, and the feeling is quite different

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The dirtiest places in the house

Самые грязные места в доме

We try to make your home cozy, comfortable, clean and safe. But sometimes not always know what unexpected places can hide bacteria, fungi and other vermin. Photo: Photo: Fotolia/ A freezer. Most people know that in the refrigerator for a lot of germs. So often clean the fridge, but rarely the freezer. Particularly in the new refrigerators that do not need to defrost. But there is accumulated a huge number of harmful microbes

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Tips Housewives: select TV

Советы хозяйкам: выбираем телевизор

Like it or not, and a certain part of our life we spend at the television screen. Favorite movies and programs create a certain mood. And be transported into another reality helps the image quality. If you are thinking about buying a new TV, pay attention to some of the latest models. LG LM960V Mind games: TV LG LM960VThin metal frame (4 mm)framing the side faces of TV, does not limit the image, so you can feel the same emotions as while watching movies in the cinema

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Alexander Peskov: "I Have in the apartment is the style of Versace"

Александр Песков: «У меня в квартире царит стиль Versace»

Alexander Sands. Photo: Miguel. Makeup and hair: Elena Nefedova. Chic, Shine, beauty is probably so in three words to describe the home of Alexander. Gold, dominant in the finish, velvet curtains, antique chandeliers, paintings in heavy frames... the apartment Peskov literally every corner screaming about the fact that it is home to some Regal lady. "How else, because I recognized the king of parody", " modestly smiling owner

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