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Pasta "Carbonara" from Elena Yakovleva

Паста «Карбонара» от Елены Яковлевой

The actress shares her recipe for classic Italian cuisineYou will need:– Farfalle pasta — 1 package;– Parmesan;green peas, pods — 200 g;– smoked bacon — 350 gr;shallots — 1 PC;cream — 0.5 l;– egg — 1 PC;– freshly ground pepper;is nutmeg.Pasta "Carbonara" from Helena, Yakovlevitch: Anna Rusakova Ekaterina SensesHow to prepare: cook the Farfalle Pasta in salted water. Bacon cut into small slices and fry in a dry pan, then add chopped shallots and green peas

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Cauliflower with cheese from the chef

A light vegetarian dinner or a side dish to meat dishes, prepared simply, the most inexperienced cook. You can use frozen cauliflowerCauliflower is a very healthy vegetable, it contains minerals and vitamins useful to all, cabbage promotes proper work of the heart muscle, maintains electrolyte balance, it is considered that the chemical composition of cauliflower is rapidly absorbed by the blood, accelerates microcirculation, thickens cell membranes and promotes natural tissue regeneration

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Ruslan Nigmatullin: "the most important thing risotto is the right rice"

Руслан Нигматулин: «В ризотто самое главное — правильный рис»

Signature recipe from a famous athleteRuslan Nigmatullin has played in the "Locomotive" and CSKA, and also in the Italian clubs — "Hellas Verona" and "Salernitana". Now a celebrated athlete — the popular TV presenter and DJ, and connoisseur of Italian cuisine. recorded the proprietary.— Ruslan, you once played in the Italian clubs. Probably fell in love with the local cuisine?— Fell in love too early! I have always loved Italian clothes, kitchen, furniture, Italian style

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Spring rolls with vegetables

A very light dinner in the Asian style, cooking it at home!You will need:– rice paper for the test (sold in large supermarkets);– carrots — ½ PC;– celery — 100 g;– sprouted bean sprouts — 50 g;– green onions — 40 g;– mushrooms — 3-4 pieces;– oil for frying;– sweet and sour sauce.The rice paper soak in water according to instructions. Prepare the stuffing: fry in oil the finely grated carrot, cut into thin wedges celery, green onions, mushrooms

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Waldorf salad with roast beef, apples and celery

Expert culinary editor and blogger Elena Chazov, shares the recipe, which is suitable for adherents of proper nutritionTip from chef. If you want to get a juicy roast beef, be sure to follow all instructions in the recipe. You can cook the meat to your liking, for example, medium rare. Then bake it for 12-14 mins And order the roast beef did not lose juiciness, do not use the process fork. To pierce the meat — so to release the juice. It is better to use special tongs

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Polpette chicken with green salad and lime sauce

Expert culinary editor and blogger Elena Chazov, shares a recipe for dinner that will surprise loved ones, but will not ruin your figureTip from chef. Good to associate a stuffing it is possible not only with breadcrumbs. If they were not at hand, there are a few other ways. For example, for 30 minutes before cooking you can remove the stuffing in the refrigerator. The cold will collect it as necessary. Or use potato starch

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Spinach and leek: recipes with fresh herbs

Шпинат и черемша: рецепты со свежей зеленью

Finally, wait — markets began to appear fresh greens, real smelling in the spring, tasty and juicy. he recorded several seasonal recipesSpinachThis herb is low in calories — 100 g, only 23 kcal, but very useful. If you eat about 150 grams of spinach, you can fully provide for themselves the daily rate of iron, vitamins A, K, beta-carotene. There are in spinach, RR, E, H, potassium, calcium, ascorbic acid, selenium and other trace elements

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Lamb stew with beans, peppers and corn

The composition of vegetables can vary and add what pleases youYou will need:– lamb 500 g;– 1 onion;– 1 carrot;– 1 bell pepper;– green peas — 100 g;corn, frozen or canned — 100 g;– tomato — 1 piece;– oil for frying– salt, pepper to taste;– 1 hot red pepper;– herbs to taste;paprika ground.It is better to cook this dish in a cauldron or a deep frying pan. Cut the meat into pieces about 3 cm and fry in vegetable oil

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Warm Georgian salad with chicken and a sauce of walnuts and white wine

Elena Chazov, culinary editor and blogger, shares with elegant, but simple recipeTip from chef. To chicken breast in your performance was dry and bland, needed a little. First, the mistake is to not cook meat on warmed frying pan. Good heat the pan before cooking. Second, note the cooking time. Average size fillet is ready in 4-5 min. the longer you fry, the drier it becomes. Thirdly, allow the meat to rest. And cool slightly. From the hot meat salad immediately wither

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5 prerequisite products in the Easter basket

5 обязательных продуктов в пасхальной корзине

What is the meaning of the meal in the Day of Christ's ResurrectionResurrection of Christ — the celebration of Easter is one of the most important holidays for Christians. It has its ritual dishes that are customary to eat on this day, at the end of lent, which lasted 48 days. The day before, on Saturday, the faithful gather for the Easter basket and carry it for the consecration in the Church. So what is it and why?CakeThis is the main symbol of the holiday and Sunday

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