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5 pairs of products that are incompatible with each other

5 пар продуктов, которые несовместимы друг с другом

Sometimes you need to reconsider your eating habitsThere are a number of products that combine together not come to mind even to a child. For example, Beers with sour cream — the effect of this dish may cause very unexpected. But there are food packages to which we are accustomed from childhood and think this kit is quite edible, though it is not

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How to turn a pumpkin into a delicacy

Как превратить тыкву в деликатес

Not all are called this vegetable is their favorite. But cooks are sure — that is because few know how to cook it. shares his winning recipesPumpkin contains a large amount of vitamins and minerals, so it is considered a staple of children's menus. Pumpkin is very rich in vitamin C, so experts recommend it to children to strengthen the immune system. The vegetable also contains a rare vitamin T, whereby the body is easier to digest heavy food

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Mushroom recipes from Dilbar Paisievo

Грибные рецепты от Дильбар Файзиевой

TV host and cookbook author of the blog told how to choose and prepare the main autumn delicacyHere and it is time to gather mushrooms. There is certain romanticism to get up at five in the morning dew walk in the woods, enjoying the cool and moist air. Presenter, "Good morning" Dilbar Fayzieva so loves to spend his free time.How to choose mushroomsThe principle of the selection of mushrooms is about the same, regardless of the class. Mushrooms should not be wet or dirty

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Cold food can be dangerous — an unexpected discovery

What threatens a cold dinner?Scientists from the USA, informed reporting about the dangers of cold water, made a new discovery. In their research they identified a risk of eating cold food. As it turned out, the habit to eat, heating food can not only be hurt, and seriously disrupt the functioning of the organism.What is the danger?Cold lunch, dinner or just a snack passing through the stomach several times faster, a heavy stone settles in the intestine, thereby causing discomfort

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How to surprise a loved man: the new format of the old Russian traditions

Как удивить любимого мужчину: новый формат старых русских традиций

Expert specialist aphrodisiacs and creative cooking Alina Reyzelman is sure to cook amazing meals without the imported exotics. And at the same time shares an interesting recipeWe have many years planted, what the best cuisine in France or Italy, Japanese dishes are most correct, and American food is trendy. Meanwhile, traditional Russian cuisine is hearty and nutritious, plentiful and varied, delicious and healthy

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Zucchini baked with tomatoes and cheese

A lovely easy dinner and can also be a side dish to meat or fish dishYou will need:– 2 medium zucchini;– 100 g of sour cream;– 150 g of cheese;– 6 tomatoes;– herbs, salt and pepper, to taste.Zucchini clean from the skin, if the squash is not young with ripe grain, clean grain, cut into slices 5-7 mm thick. Tomatoes (preferably plum tomatoes take) is also cut into slices. Put in the form of alternating zucchini and tomatoes, season with salt, sprinkle with chopped herbs

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5 the miraculous properties of thyme

5 чудодейственных свойств тимьяна

This herb helps in many diseasesSore throatThe essential oil of thyme and its ingredient thymol have powerful antiseptic properties. Steep a few sprigs boiling water, allow broth to cool and rinse them sore throats. You will immediately feel relief.Throat cure простоpixabay.comRheumatismThis disease is a result of arthritis, improper or poor blood circulation in the joints. In the bloodstream concentrates the toxins and uric acid. Thyme will help in this case

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Jam from plums to oranges

An unusual combination from the chef citrus plum lend a refreshing tasteYou will need:– Plum with detachable seed — 1 kg;– Oranges — 2 pieces;Cloves — 2 PCs;Cinnamon – 1 tsp;– Seasoning for mulled wine — 1 tsp;– Sugar — 1 kg.Remove pits from plums, cover with sugar and leave for a few hours to drain let the juice. Oranges with a grater, remove the zest of the orange, remove white rind and seeds and cut into pieces

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3 ways to "save" the zucchini

3 способа «спасти» кабачки

Collect, eat, and harvests the cropZucchini is one of the easiest crops to cultivate in the country. Bought seeds, a dozen stuck in the ground, 100% got some fruit. But if, initially, purchased the material to soak at home, to germinate in the spring and to stick to the land ready-made blades, an excellent result is guaranteed. Moreover, it can exceed your expectations.It does not give the abyss harvest, prompt

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Why the fall is to change eating habits

Expert, master of Chinese astrology and Feng Shui Jeanne Wei certain: now is the time to add to the diet products that gives strength and good mood. Is — on scheduleI remember a story that happened in the late nineties, when notaries were giant queues. The old Jew — one of participants of a multi — stage transaction- exactly to the hour of the day stood up and went to dinner. In total, the hall of the notary gathered about twenty people interested in the result

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