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Ex-girlfriend Bilan Lena Kuletskaya bought an apartment

Бывшая девушка Билана Лена Кулецкая купила квартиру

TV presenter and model has shown to subscribers in Instagram first photo, taken in their apartment, and asked me to help find her a designer. Elena Kuletskaya with her husband Stanislav Romanovsky. Photo: Another young representative of show business bought the property. Ex-girlfriend of Dima Bilan, TV presenter and model Elena Kuletskaya bought apartments, which now makes repairs. About Lena has told fans in Instagram

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Anna Leps: "Phuket is a piece of Europe, but with exotic flavour"

Анна Лепс: «Пхукет — это кусочек Европы, но с экзотическим ароматом»

This Villa is a celebrity, and its host, singer Grigory Leps. Nine years ago he purchased on the Thai island of Phuket cozy home, where comes to rest at the first opportunity. Look at housing Leps at least from a distance, come many Russian tourists. The magazine "Atmosphere" was able to see and evaluate design refinements for which "responsible" Anna, wife of Gregory. She became a guide to its possessions. Grigory Leps with wife Anna. Photo: materials of press-services

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Sasha is a gift for a good mood

Саше — подарок для хорошего настроения

With the advent in the Arsenal of my design work decorating directions, I turned to the history of such decorative items as Sasha. What is Sasha, what is its practical side, as decorate with it interior? The answers to these and many other questions in this article. Sasha used not only for flavoring, but also to change the emotional background and disease prevention. Photo of the author. What is Sasha?Look at the history

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Merry Christmas: how Hugh Jackman, Paris Hilton and Victoria Beckham decorated Christmas tree

Merry Christmas: как Хью Джекман, Пэрис Хилтон и Виктория Бекхэм украсили елки

WomanHit continues to study the microblogging stars, in which they share photos of their holiday beauties. Herringbone Paris Hilton. Photo: Paris Hilton Christmas eve spent in aspen, where he went skiing. And, of course, avail themselves of the spirit of the holiday, even away from home, decorating fluffy Christmas tree red and white balloons and lanterns. Magic and fun added and the dog socialite, whom she dressed elf.Robert Downey Jr

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The Russian star has boasted their Christmas trees

Российские звезды похвастались своими елочками

In anticipation of the New year domestic celebrities shared their holiday photos. Mike-with the family. Photo: MikeIn the family of rapper of Digana for the New year began to prepare in November. And all this time close musician going near trees, to socialize and play. Iamgeegun: "Cool games".Alena Vodonaeva. Photo:

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Star Christmas tree: as Beyonce, Madonna and Lady Gaga was decorated with fluffy beauties

Звездные елки: как Бейонсе, Мадонна и Леди Гага украсили пушистых красавиц

One of the main attributes of the Christmas and New year is the Christmas tree. Festive mood settles in the soul at the time when the pine beauty is decorated with toys and garlands. Stars, of course, also not alien to this magical process. WomanHit found out how celebrities put up their Christmas trees. Christmas tree Beyonce. Photo: Beyonce has decorated a Christmas tree with such big balls, snowflakes and toys, that they are almost not visible coniferous paws tree

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The path to success is through the repair

Prosperity in life is directly related to what the house/apartment we live, what we can see, falling asleep and waking up, as we feel ourselves surrounded by certain things. Creating coziness at home, remember that it is the interaction between external beauty and inner peace. Prosperity in life is directly related to what the space around you. Photo of the author. Recently I came across the book of sacred Scripture in the form 1380 useful tips. In no case do not infringe on religion

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Fashionable Christmas tree: how to choose and properly decorate

Модная елка: как выбрать и правильно  украсить

It turns out that our Christmas tree - no fewer ladies than we do. And decorate their needs in line with global trends. What is fashionable this year? Decorations for the tree should also be selected in accordance with the fashion trends. Photo: One of the most popular destinations - tree with national motifs. For example, the classic Scandinavian Christmas tree in red and green tones, with a carved wooden deer, oak wreaths and red candles

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From Europe to Russia: 5 rules for buying furniture in Italy

Из Европы в Россию: 5 правил приобретения мебели в Италии

To order furniture by individual orders or come into the store and choose from? Trust domestic manufacturer or be carried from Italy, Germany and other foreign countries? The answers to these questions are purely individual. And in those, and in other ways has its advantages. But if you still decided to take a chance and order the furniture from Europe, I have something to tell you. On that note, ordering furniture abroad? Photo of the author

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