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What eats sandwiches Pelagia

Какие бутерброды ест Пелагея

Many stars refuse to hvea, but the artist knows the recipe is not only delicious, but healthy snackYou will need:– salted salmon;– avocado — 3 PCs;– soft cheese ("Philadelphia");– black bread grain;– onion-chives — 4-5 feathers;– lemon — 1/4 PCs;– freshly ground black pepper, salt.Useful sandwiches from Palagetto: Anna RusakovaHow to prepare: slice the bread and dry on a dry pan. Avocado mash, puree, add lemon juice, salt, pepper, chopped onion chives and stir

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How to make Easter bread

The eighth of April, the Orthodox Christians celebrate Easter — one of the favorite holidays in our country. But on the Desk this day can be not only Easter cakes and painted eggsIn addition to basic culinary symbols of Easter cakes, curd Easter and dyed eggs for the holiday, decided to cook other dishes. They say that before the revolution, in the homes of the wealthy at Easter prepared forty dishes, one for each day of lent

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The Shanga from Denis Matsuev

The famous pianist has shared in the traditional open pie recipeYou will need:– puff unleavened dough;loganberries, frozen — 400 g;– powdered sugar — 3-4 tbsp;– egg — 1 PC;– sour cream 20% — 1 pack;– starch — 2 tbspHow to prepare: roll out the dough and put in a baking pan so that its edges were closed. The dough cranberries, pre-mixed with starch. Wrap the edges up, leaving the cranberries open

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Pancakes from chef

Very tasty and easy dish. Can be served simply with sour cream and caviar or garlic sauceYou will need:– potatoes — 200 g; – onion — half of an onion; – egg — 1 PC; – flour — 30 g; – salt, pepper to taste; – oil for frying.Potatoes RUB on a coarse grater, onion chop with a knife. Mix onion and potatoes, add salt and squeeze the liquid through a sieve or cheesecloth

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Prepare the cake in the bread maker

If you want a traditional cake, but no time and skills to cook manually, you can make cake in the bread makerYou will need:– 3 tsp of dry yeast; – 400 g flour; – ½ Tsp salt; – 7 tbsp of sugar; – 1 sachet of vanilla sugar; – 2 tbsp. butter; – 3 eggs; – 170 ml warm milk; – 100 g of raisins, nuts, dried fruits; – ½ Tsp turmeric or saffron;– ½ Tsp lemon or orange zest.The raisins soak in brandy or warm water and dry. In heated milk melt the butter but do not boil

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Soup of baked tomatoes from Pelageya

Суп из запеченных томатов от Пелагеи

Ideal easy first course, and if you do not add the mozzarella, it's in the postYou will need:– tomatoes — 1 kg;– garlic — 3-4 cloves;– rosemary — 1 sprig;– tomato juice — 350 ml;– mozzarella.And for the pesto: pine nuts — a handful, green Basil, garlic — 1 clove cheese — 100 g, salt, black pepper freshly ground, olive oil

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Recipes of tasty and healthy sweets

We are told from childhood that there are lots of sweet harmful. Especially now, when even sweets stuffed with chemical additives and preservatives. But quit when the desire is always thereHomemade oatmeal cookiesIngredients: 180 g slivoch-foot oil, 1 Cup of rolled oats (not quick cooking), 2 eggs, 1.5 cups flour, ⅔ Cup sugar, 2 teaspoons of baking powder.Method of preparation: oil is needed, remove from refrigerator in advance to make it mild. RUB the butter with the sugar

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Dumplings with cherries

During lent you can prepare a meatless version of dumplings and abandon the cream. Watering dumplings can cherry juice with sugarYou will need:Dough:- 3 cups flour;- ⅔ Cup of cold water;- 1 egg;Sol.The dough for the vegetable dumplings:- 2 cups of flour;- ½ Cup of water; Sol.Filling:- 2 cups of cherries;- a pinch of salt;- ¼ Cup sugar for filling of cherries;- butter for greasing.If cherries are frozen, it is best to unfreeze

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5 foods that are proved harmful

5 полезных продуктов, которые оказались вредны

Time to rethink your dietShrimpWe have always considered seafood, diet and healthy dish, but it's not. Shrimp and other deep sea dwellers are able to accumulate heavy metals. In addition, they have a lot of cholesterol.Shrimp live in muddy водеpixabay.comFigureRice grows in flooded fields with water and saturated inorganic arsenic that is leached from the soil. Regular consumption of this product can lead to diabetes, diseases of the nervous system and heart

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Turkey meatballs in sesame breadcrumbs

Turkey meat is fairly neutral in taste, but in these burgers it is juicy and rich. The Turkey is the dietetic meat productYou will need:– Turkey fillet — 500 grams;– 1 onion;– 1 egg;– 3 slices dry white bread;– sesame seeds — 1 sachet (50 gr);– salt, pepper to taste.Scroll to the Turkey and onion in a meat grinder (or blender), bread soak in warm water, cut off the peel, press and knead in the mince, stir in the egg, add salt and pepper to taste

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