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Unusual recipes for quick pickles

Summer is the time to prepare the pickled vegetables. And this does not have to do with conservationBroken cucumberIngredients: 6 cucumbers, 2-3 cloves of garlic, 1/4 chili pepper, 2 tbsp oil, 2 tbsp soy sauce, 1 tbsp Apple cider vinegar (you can take rice or the usual 9%), ½ tsp salt, 1 tsp sugar, a small bunch of parsley.Method of preparation: washed cucumbers to put in the package. Mallet a few times to hit everyone to the fruits split. Cucumbers cut into medium pieces

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Summer menu: fresh corn for 5 minutes

Quick and tasty — young corn is cooked right in the earYou will need:– young corn on the cob — 3 pieces;– salt to taste;– butter, — 10 gr.Cobs of young corn wash and trim the tip to about 3 cm. Place in the microwave so that the ears are not in contact among themselves. Turn the microwave on maximum mode, three of the cob to cook for 5 minutes. Let the cobs cool slightly, butter and salt.Other recipes of our chef look on the Facebook page

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Hash with recipes of the different countries of the world

In the heat of summer the most popular dish is considered cold soups. In our country like a hash. learned that in other parts of the world it also servesChalop — Uzbek hashThis soup is prepared on the basis of a fermented milk product katica. The hash can be used not only as soup but also as a sauce or a snack

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Classic burgers from the chef

The recipe for those who miss home cookingYou will need:– 600 gr of minced meat (beef with pork; if you want less fat, use one beef);– 1 onion;– 1 egg;dry white bread — 3 slices (or chopped breadcrumbs from white bread ½ Cup);– salt, pepper to taste

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Recipes with berries

July is the most delicious month as ripen almost all berries that grow in our territory. will tell what they can cookBlackBerry yogurtBlackBerry starts to catch up with the end of June and fruiting in September. Berry, like raspberry, is garden and forest. BlackBerry is considered the most low-calorie berry, it contains a lot of fiber, proteins, saccharides, and vitamins and minerals.Ingredients: 1 Cup blackberries, 0

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Halibut with cherry tomatoes and new potatoes from Tatiana Tarasova

Палтус с черри и молодым картофелем от Татьяны Тарасовой

Honored figure skating coach shares her recipe for healthy and hearty summer dinnerYou will need:– halibut fillet — 2 pieces;– cherry tomatoes;– potatoes;– orange — 1 piece;– orange juice;– Basil green;– olive oil;Sol.Halibut with cherry tomatoes and new potatoes from Tatiana, Tarasovitch: Anna Rusakova Ekaterina SensesHow to cook: filet put on parchment paper in a baking dish, top place the tomatoes, Basil leaf and pour mixture of olive oil and orange juice

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5 mistakes in cooking meat

5 ошибок в приготовлении мяса

Can poison even the most recent productMistake # 1Never defrost meat in the open air or without packaging. Flies will gladly leave on your piece of juicy beef their eggs.Do not leave the stuffing открытымpixabay.comMistake # 2Use separate knives, boards and utensils for meats and vegetables. Make no mistake that you are all well washed. A kitchen sponge can be 200 thousand times dirtier than the toilet seat.Board products must be разнымиpixabay

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Prepare a banana chocolate cupcakes

Chef advises to decorate summer cakes with fresh berriesYou'll need (12 PCs):– sceniczny flour — 130 g;– baking powder (baking powder) — 1 tsp;salt – a pinch;– egg — 1 PC;– soda — ½ tsp;– sugar — 150 g;– bananas — 100 g (very ripe);– milk — 100 ml;– butter — 50 g;– chocolate — 100 gr. (1 tile, I take Babaevskiy 75%);– berries — on 1-5 on a cupcake

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5 ways to change the taste of food

5 способов изменить вкус еды

Why we prefer the same food, but in different circumstances1. PriceThe more expensive the food, the tastier it seems to us. We just used to think that expensive drinks or products are of the highest quality. But shrimp fishing in the dining room, most likely fresher than in a nearby restaurant, although the price will vary significantly.Important ценаpixabay.com2. PackagingWe all pay attention to the beautiful packaging

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