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6 foods that you should consume in moderation

6 продуктов, которые надо потреблять в меру

Overdose can be hazardous to your healthProduct No. 1Lovers of soy sauce say can get him to eat anything. It improves the taste of the spoiled chef meals. However, remember that to use this seasoning is mild. With soy in the body receives sodium, its overdose may cause cerebral hemorrhage.Convulsions and loss of consciousness - symptoms of overdose soy соусомpixabay.comProduct No. 2Black tea invigorates and tones. On a cold day it will warm, the hot will refresh

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Winter is the best time for meals in portion pots

Зима — лучшее время для блюд в порционных горшочках

They look solemn, and cook them easily. wrote down a few recipesIf the clay pots before cooking they must be soaked in cold water for about twenty minutes. It is believed that during this time the water fills the pores of the pot, and then the dish will be more juicy. Pottery can not be put in the preheated oven, during cooking you can not pour cold water, only hot — otherwise the pot may crack

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Herring under a fur coat from chef

Every cooker has its own "correct" recipe for this traditional dish. I just want to give universal advice: don't be lazy and buy a good cask herringYou will need:– 1 herring;– 1 onion;– 2 pieces of boiled beets;– 3 hard boiled eggs;– 2 PCs. boiled potatoes;– mayonnaise.Vegetables boil, hard boil eggs, herring peel and cut into small cubes.Beets grate on a coarse grater

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5 ways to choose a ripe pomegranate

5 способов выбрать спелый гранат

This fruit delicious and healthyMethod # 1The ripeness of fruit can be identified by its color. It can be Burgundy, red, pink or even white, but in any case not green. This means that he is not yet ripe.The skin of the fruit should be ровнойpixabay.comMethod # 2Overnite skins and look at the form of grains. They should be juicy, smooth, shiny, with thin veins. If not, then grenades perespal not ripe, and brown spots suggests that it had deteriorated.Look at зернаpixabay

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Pasta with Turkey from Kirill Safonov and Sasha Savelieva

Паста с индейкой от Кирилла Сафонова и Саши Савельевой

Stellar wife likes Italian and share one of their family recipesYou will need:– Turkey fillet — 600 g;– paste;– tomatoes in a sob. juice — 1 pkg;– tomatoes — 4 PCs.;– shallot — 1 PC;– olive oil;– thyme — 1 sprig;– garlic — 2 cloves;– ground pepper;Sol.Pasta with Turkey from Kirill Safonov and Sasha, Savelievitch: Anna RusakovaHow to cook: the Turkey cut into small pieces and fry in olive oil with finely chopped shallot (half an onion)

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Warm mulled wine, grog and sbiten

It is time for a hot, fragrant winter beverages that have been invented by the peoples of cold countries. offers recipesMulled wineIs prepared from red wine, heated to a certain temperature and with spices. Something similar was prepared in Ancient Rome, but I prefer the drink is not heated. There are a large number of recipes of non-alcoholic mulled wine. Most often they are prepared on the basis of juices: cherry, grape, pomegranate

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5 ways to save products

5 способов спасти продукты

Not in a hurry withered fruits and vegetables to throw in the trashMethod # 1It happens that we do not count your hand and cook the morning oatmeal more than you can eat. But then, even when warming up, this dish loses its palatability. The solution is simple: add egg, milk, salt and sugar to taste, you can add blueberries or raisins. Bake the lot in the oven, you'll have a wonderful oatmeal cookies.Berries can пригодитьсяpixabay

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Dessert "Purple haze" by Efim Shifrin

The artist shared a light dessert and easy to prepare treatsYou will need:– Low-fat cottage cheese — 1 pack;– Frozen berries — 6 tablespoons;– Mandarin — 1 piece;– Lemon — 1 clove;– Banana — 1 piece;– Pear — 1 piece;– Pine nuts — 100 g;– Coconut shavings.How to prepare: in a blender whisk until smooth berries, banana, pear, Mandarin, lemon and curd. Dessert put into a small form, sprinkle with pine nuts and coconut flakes

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Pumpkin soup from Elena Isinbayeva

Тыквенный суп от Елены Исинбаевой

Eminent sporstmena have shared a very simple recipe of the first dish will decorate any tableYou will need:– Parmesan — 150 g;– Olive oil;Pumpkin — 1 piece;– Black pepper, salt.Yelena Isinbayeva shared the recipe for pumpkin supatto: Anna RusakovaHow to cook:pumpkin peel and seeds, cut into large cubes and boil, then mash with tolkushkoy. The soup and season with salt and pepper, mix well and pour into bowls, sprinkle with grated Parmesan and drizzle with olive oil

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