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Hobby Elena Vorobey justifies its alias

Хобби Елены Воробей оправдывает ее псевдоним

Johann Goethe called collectors счастливейшими people. Later sociologists confirmed: those who is subject to collecting, rarely depressed and resistant to stress. Most often enough to see once exhibits to understand the nature of its owner. Numerous figures, who settled in the house of Elena Vorobey, give a hint how to get the location of a famous artist

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The stars started skating

Звезды встали на коньки

1 December on the red square took place the gum-skating Rink! By tradition, first tested a new ice friends of Bosco Family - Tatiana Tarasova, Igor Butman, Ilya Averbukh and Irina Slutskaya, Alena Babenko, Ksenia Alferova, Alisa Grebenshchikova, Liza Arzamasova

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Ekaterina Konovalova «from childhood I lived surrounded by masks»

Екатерина Коновалова «Я с детства жила в окружении масок»

The mask is a symbol of the secret of power. It put on, to be unrecognized, but all to see. And suddenly he who gathers decorative masks, is not quite such a man as it seems at first sight? For example, Ekaterina Konovalova radiates calmness and benevolence. However, judging by the remarkable collection of TV presenter, she is peculiar not only these qualities, but some of adventure

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Stories: «a holiday romance»

Рассказы: «Курортный роман»

The weather every day better, it seems that the summer comes. Lie down with a book on the beach early, but already in full can be read on a Park bench. Our new literary rubric opens the story of the author Woman Hit Natalia Fedina

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