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How to make a Christmas tree from the improvised?

Как сделать елку из подручных средств?

If the New year a few hours, and trees there is no reason to despair. Because it can be done, for example, from step-ladders, of paper or pillows. Photo: Fotolia/ Tree with his hands - this is the original decoration of the interior. Moreover, to do it very quickly and with limited funds. For example, from step-ladders, of paper or pillows. So, let's begin. Take the ladder, wrap it in a spiral wire, on which to attach the garland. Next decorate this creature toys to your taste

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Lada Dance lives in the house with a Ghost"

Лада Дэнс живет в «доме с привидением»

To get to visit Lada DENS is not so easy. Usually it does not allow strangers in my personal space. Open and energetic on stage, in the life of the singer is very careful and keep outsiders at large distances. But for us, she made an exception. Her mansion behind high fence looks like a fortress. But inside it is full of light and romance. Trying to find out how much a house similar to his mistress, we made some interesting discoveries. Lada Dance

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Pour the rose vodka!

Налейте розе водки!

Apartment without flowers - residential premises. Nice apartment - Museum. Bad apartment - crypt. Only flowers give our interior sense that these square metres of living people. And if this still true celebration in the courtyard, as in our case, March 8, God himself commanded to show individuality and to put on the table even if small, but original and cute bunch. Which, by the way, you can make yourself one of those colors that you once again put on his "beloved"

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How to congratulate dolls holiday?

Как поздравить кукол с праздником?

Today is international day of dolls. These cute toys are not only an integral part of our happy childhood, but also a delicate accessory in the design of the home. Doll pleasing to the eye, reflects our inner world and, of course, makes our spare time pleasant and useful, if you decided to make the doll yourself. Lilac Tilde. Photo:

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Must-have holiday season

Must-have отпускного сезона

Summer, holiday, sun, sea... These words in the next three months can be repeated, as the magic mantra. What you need to meet the hot season in full armor? Just a few technical innovations... Multiscaler Philips Salon Multi-8-in-1 Styler Summer experiments: multiscaler Philips Salon Multi-8-in-1 StylerPerfectly smooth and shiny hair, ruffled her curls, tight curls or loose lush curls..

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Yelena Khanga: "My favorite place in the house - bathroom"

Елена Ханга: «Мое любимое место в доме — ванная комната»

Say, the interior of the apartment can tell a lot about the character of its owner. But in the case of TV presenter this rule totally fails. Stiff and concise library in the English style adjoins it with gilded living room in Baroque style, and the kitchen a La Moscow and a dacha with exotic African bathroom. Who are you, Elena Khanga? Yelena Khanga with her daughter. Makeup and hair: Marina Annenkova

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Elena Sparrow: "Designers I drove"

Елена Воробей: «Дизайнеров я выгнала»

Lyon Izmailov lives near Izmailovsky Park. One of the actors duet "New Russian grandmother" - metro "Babushkinskaya". Philip Kirkorov - in filipovska lane. Examining the address book colleagues, Elena Sparrow went and bought an apartment on the Sparrow hills. Elena Sparrow. Photo: Miguel. Makeup and hair: Inna Alikina. Place for your new home Elena Sparrow chose very successful. On the one hand, all the delights of civilization is near

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Sunset Shopping tours in Finland

Закат Шоппинг-туров в Финляндию

But as they say, who had, he went. On the days the network was merged strange information that allegedly after the tragic events at one of the shopping centers of the city of Helsinki, which affected about twenty people, including six of our visitors

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How to save money on the fridge?

Как экономить на холодильнике?

It turns out that the benefits of the chosen unit and skillfully preset temperatures not illusory, and quite a tangible and measured in hundreds of rubles. Correctly selected the fridge will help to save money. Photo:

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