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Saving loved the "nice guy"

Спасаем любимого от комплекса «славного парня»

The rubric "Books" with you again! Now every two weeks, read on WomanHit reviews of bestsellers and novelties of the book world. In our today's review - the best edition of the month following personal effectiveness. Clean the sink and smile saved boyfriend away "nice guy" (read "sissy"), to avoid unnecessary (in the closet and in the head)

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The brightest cheerleaders world championship

Самые яркие болельщицы чемпионата мира

Reason is that this sporting spectacle - male entertainment, but it is not. WomanHit called the most colorful fans of the football national teams of the championship in Brazil. Cover Brazilian Vogue with Gisele Bundchen and player Neymar on the cover. For BrazilBrazilian Gisele Bundchen, one of the most famous models in the world, loves football and is a fan of the club Gremio. From this team has left many famous Brazilian players, among which the winner of the "Golden ball" Ronaldinho

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Sati Casanova: "To the jewelry I calmly"

Сати Казанова: «К драгоценностям я спокойно отношусь»

"A girl's best friend diamonds," sang the heroine of Marilyn Monroe in the famous film, and then this phrase has become an axiom. It would seem that no woman can't resist the magic power of these stones. But Sati Casanova calmly jewelry and prefers ethnic jewelry. Sati Kazanova The make up and hair: Elena Nefedova

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Liza Arzamasova, «my Hobbies include prehistory»

Лиза Арзамасова: «У моего увлечения есть предыстория»

Is it possible that Baikal was near Tambov, Miami with Arkhangelsk, Luxembourg - with Vladivostok and Broadway with the Moscow street Pokrovka? Experts geography immediately respond negatively. Meanwhile, in the house actress Lisa seafront Arzamasova there are rules, because her world map consists of toys and memories. Liza Arzamasova. photo: Lily Sherlovskaja When I first asked Lisa what she collects, she laughed and said, «Impressions of the city, soft toys»

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As TV journalists supported our Olympic games in Sochi

Как тележурналисты болели за наших на Олимпиаде в Сочи

Two weeks of February, the whole country watched broadcast of the Olympic Sochi. The victories and the defeats of the athletes we learned not without the help of correspondents who were in the thick of events. But even they, professionals, who have often been to the Olympic games, at some point got passion and becoming the real supporters. Their impressions and memorable photos with WomanHit shared famous TV presenters

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Age Olympic records

Возрастные рекорды Олимпиады

One of the main heroes of our national team at past competitions were 15-year-old Julia Липницкая and 42-year-old albert Demchenko. Impressed by their age difference, WomanHit remembered most of age and young athletes to the Olympics in Sochi

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Who is not afraid of «the curse of bearer»?

Кто не боится «проклятия знаменосца»?

One of the intrigues of the upcoming winter Olympics became the candidacy of the bearer of our team. And even in the press to discuss the bad signs associated with the flag-bearers, who are left without medals. WomanHit remembered our flag bearers at the previous winter games

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Crostini with tuna and leek

Кростини с тунцом и луком-пореем

Don't know what to diversify the holiday table? Try this Italian appetizer. Now it will be particularly relevant, because this year the astrologers advised not to get meat delicacies

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Stars invited to ice

Звезды пригласили всех на лед

Ice rink at the arc de Triomphe was recently a meeting place of the stars of the popular series with their fans. Easy communication, sports events and awards

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