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6 useful properties of eggs

6 полезных свойств куриных яиц

Eat this product daily and you'll be surprised changes in your bodyAbout the dangers and benefits of eggs, scientists have argued for decades, but now it is proved that this product is simply irreplaceable for the body. It was found that 2-3 eggs is the optimal daily rate.Eggs necessary for brainCholine is a vitamin necessary for the correct operation and recovery of the brain. Without it, we lose memory. Eat two eggs a day, and deficiency of this substance will not be

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Why is unhealthy food so delicious

Everyone knows how difficult it is sometimes to give pleasure to eat something harmful. The secret of this thrust revealed to the Japanese researchersIn Japan there is even a special term for such products as French fries, sweets — "umami". For some reason, among the most delicious foods there are many who are more or less harmful to health, but people, even knowing this, still use them. One of the secrets of professional skills of experienced chefs

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Make perfect salted cucumbers

Делаем идеальные малосольные огурцы shares in several of the most successful recipes picklingSimple tips that will help novice mistress.— Cucumbers need to choose for pickling about the same size, thin-skinned, dimpled, small and sturdy.— Cucumbers before cooking is best to soak in the water for three hours. So they get crispy.Sol is best to take simple, not iodized or sea. Good for pickling for large rock salt

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Chocolate cake with plums

Next weekend — a great excuse to treat yourself to a dessert from the chef WomanHit.ruThe recipe for true chocolate lovers. If no fresh plums, take the plum compote. To simplify the process, you can use ready mix for chocolate sponge cake.You will need:1 package of the mix, "chocolate cake" or baking of biscuit;– 150 gr of sugar;– 100 g of wheat flour, butter and dark chocolate (high % cocoa);– 20 grams of vanilla sugar;– 11 g of baking powder for the test;– 4 eggs

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5 coffee secrets

5 кофейных секретов

Truth and myths about this drinkIncreased attentionYes, indeed, coffee increases attention, focus and accelerates the reaction. But only in one case — if the drink is added sugar. The combination of caffeine and glucose activates the desired area of the brain. For a short time you will become a genius, but eat before. On an empty stomach this cocktail is not working.The desired effect, only coffee сахаромpixabay.comThe increase in pressureIf the pressure dropped, the coffee really save

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The filling with pepper: stuffed peppers for every taste

Начинка с перчинкой: фаршированные перцы на любой вкус

It was in August on the shelves appears the correct, seasonal pepper, which has a unique aroma and taste. And great for stuffingA favorite of many pepper was brought to Europe by Christopher Columbus from America. The name of the chef began to stuff the pepper, the history is not preserved. But it is thought that stuffed peppers most of all loved to cook in Bulgaria, Romania and Azerbaijan. This dish, like many others, was invented by the poor

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Mincemeat with green onions

Another mincemeat recipe from the chef — light and delicateYou will need:– herring fillet — 2 pieces;– two eggs "in the bag";– a few feathers green onions (3-5 young bulblets);– 100 g cream cheese;– 1 small onion.It is better to cut up a good barrel the herring, but you can use ready filleted.Mix all the ingredients in a grinder or blender. Soak the mincemeat in the refrigerator for at least 2 hours, and only then serve. Can be enjoyed on toast or boiled egg

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The husband fled to a neighbor: add to the exotic menu

Чтобы муж не убежал к соседке: добавьте экзотики в меню

Expert specialist aphrodisiacs and creative cooking Alina Reyzelman, shares recipes that will keep youth and increase libidoFor good health, good health, beautiful and strong bodies need healthy food. And it does not empty the buckwheat had lain a night in cold water, not fitness-cocktails, mixed from a powder and definitely not boring salads with one cucumber and three drops of olive oil. This menu is not suitable for your children

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Watermelon diet: the most unusual recipes

Арбузная диета: самые необычные рецепты

August, many associated with the beginning of the season of watermelons. The most usual way to consume watermelon is to cut and eat. But it is possible to show the culinary imagination and get creative dishesWatermelon diet is very popular in the summer-autumn season. Its principle is to withdraw the excess fluid from the body. In the rigid version of the diet includes only water-melons and clean drinking water is allowed 4-5 times a day. And only once in three days, you can eat bread with bran

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6 of the rules of French

6 правил француженок

Why among the representatives of this nation is not full of womenThe French, even if they are not regular features in the world are considered to be example of beauty. All thanks to the slender and graceful figure. It seems that the years do them better, like wine. Look at the wife of the President of France — she could afford a mini. found out how they do it

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