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Charlotte from Arina Sharapova

The TV presenter shared an unexpected ingredient that adds in the preparation of the popular pieYou will need:– 3 eggs;– 8 apples;– lemon — ½ PC;– flour — 1 glass;– butter;ice – cream — 70 gHow to prepare: beat eggs with sugar, add the flour and again beat well. Then in the dough add ice cream, cinnamon, vanilla and mix thoroughly. Apples cut into thin slices. The form for baking grease with butter and sprinkle with breadcrumbs

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Recipes with frozen foods

In early spring, when stocks fall vegetables coming to an end, and the greenhouse has not increased, many people use so called vegetable mix. recorded a few delicious optionsExperts believe that frozen vegetables are much healthier than fresh, if you buy them in the winter. Vegetables are frozen almost immediately after harvest. And fresh vegetables in the cold driven far away, rip immature or treated with a special chemical composition

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5 mistakes that ruin the taste of coffee

5 ошибок, которые портят вкус кофе

Why is a fragrant drink we get stuffMistake # 1We make purchase eye. You like beautiful packaging? Maybe you acted on the advice of the seller? You can't do that. Arriving at the store, smell of grain. If you smelled something burning, the smell of mold, chemicals or aroma is too weak, do not purchase. Coffee should smell nice.Feel ароматpixabay.comMistake # 2Coffee is not the product on which you can save money. The price of a drink depends on its taste.Not экономьpixabay

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5 cases when the water is harmful

5 случаев, когда вода приносит вред

Drinking is not always helpfulCase No. 1You can drink water just before bedtime since the middle of the night you have to Wake up to run to the toilet. Can you then easily get to sleep or promuchalas up in the morning insomnia is not known. In addition, when we rest, the kidneys work more slowly than during the day. In the morning you can see in the mirror swollen face.Sleep without нагрузкиpixabay.comCase No

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Prepare scrambled eggs with salmon

Very easy to prepare. Important here is the freshness and quality of ingredients, and the more butterfat, the more magnificent omeletteYou will need:– 3 eggs– 100 ml of milk (4% fat)– dill 2-3 sprigs– light-salted salmon or smoked 50 g.– salt to taste.Whisk eggs with milk and salt. Pour the mixture on a moderately hot, greased pan, sprinkle chopped dill on the fire below average bring to readiness under the cover (about 10 minutes). On top lay the slices of salmon

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Recipes for St. Patrick's Day

Рецепты ко Дню святого Патрика

This holiday is celebrated on March 17 and is considered religious, but many associated with beer and whiskey. found interesting options for dishes based on these drinksPork steaks with Irish sauceIngredients: 4 pork steaks 1 onion, 2 tbsp flour, a Cup of beef broth, 1 tsp sugar, ½ Cup cream (20%), butter, ½ tsp dried sage 4 tbsp whiskey.Method:cook the steaks to coat with butter. Fry on the grill or a simple frying pan on each side for four minutes

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5 foods that are good for memory

5 продуктов полезных для памяти

Don't forget to use them regularlyGarlicThis product improves blood circulation. Oxygen from the blood faster it gets to the brain, which starts better and faster to work with. Eat 2-3 cloves of garlic every day, your memory will be stronger.The smell will help hide петрушкаpixabay.comNutsWalnuts contain B vitamins necessary for brain function, and E, it does not allow the memory to deteriorate with age. Fatty acids contained in this product is also very useful

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Ideas for birthday Breakfast March 8

Идеи для поздравительного завтрака 8 Марта

Breakfast on international women's day incorrectly to name just a meal. Rather, it is about love that can be put in a bowlThe heart of the plateIngredients: 2 long sausages (20 cm), 2 eggs, butter, salt, pepper, greens, toast.Method of preparation: each sausage cut lengthwise, not reaching the end of 1-1,5 see Cut sausage to turn inside out. The edges of the sausage to seal with a toothpick. You should get the heart. On heated pan put vegetable oil and then add a piece of butter

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Salad from a green radish with cucumber and orange zest

A storehouse of vitamins and minerals, and svejenatertogo zest adds a nice fresh citrus scentYou will need:– radish green — 1 PC;– cucumber — 1 piece;orange zest — 1 tspFor the filling:– orange juice — 1 tbsp;– olive oil — 1 tbsp;– salt, pepper to taste;– parsley — 1-2 sprigs.Radish peel and grate on a coarse grater, cucumber cut into thin slices, and orange zest to put on top, season with salt and pepper and pour over the dressing

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