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Anna Buturlin: "Before the concerts, try not to eat"

Анна Бутурлина: «Перед концертами стараюсь не есть»

The actress shared with a family recipe that will not harm the figureSinger Anna Buturlin know all the girls and their mothers. She voiced Princess Elsa from the cartoon "the Cold heart". And performed by Anna song "Let it go" is still a favorite hit in many Russian families. For Anna prepared the family meal.— Anna, probably like every woman, you periodically sit on diets?Didn't sit, but there are limitations. To select products, seriously: look at the composition

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Tomato soup from Madame Maigret

Chef recommends to try to cook the dish according to the recipe of the wife of the famous detective characterRecipes from Madame Maigret, wife of the famous detective character, is described in a separate book. However, it is not written by Georges Simenon and J. Courtine. The book is called "Recipes Madame Maigret".Inspired by the recipes I tried to cook tomato soup

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Pizza with vegetables and Turkey into the dough without flour from Polina Gagarina

Пицца с овощами и индейкой на тесте без муки от Полины Гагариной

The singer loves Italian food, but are watching their figureYou will need:– kefir — 150 ml;– egg — 1 PC;– oat flakes — 80 g;– Turkey fillet — 300 g;– cherry tomatoes — 5 PCs;– tomatoes sluggish. — 4 PCs;– cheese — 100 g;– plain yogurt;– broccoli;Basil;– olive oil;Sol.Pizza from Pauline, Gagarinite: Anna Rusakova Ekaterina SensesHow to prepare: in the yoghurt to marinate for fifteen minutes thinly sliced Turkey breast. Then fry it in olive oil

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Crunch for our recipes of snacks for the fans

Хрустим за наших: рецепты закусок для болельщиков

During the matches of the world Cup in front of the TV will gather with their families. will tell, than to entertain guests and householdGarlic croutonsIngredients: 1 loaf rye bread (you can take "Borodino"), 4-5 cloves of garlic, salt, pepper, ground coriander, 5-6 tbsp oil.Method of preparation: with bread cut the crusts. The flesh is cut into equal wedges. In vegetable oil to squeeze out garlic, add pinch of spices. Stir and let stand. Preheat the oven to 200 degrees

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The poached egg with jamon, cheese "Home" and a green salad on toast

Perfect for Breakfast or a quick snack, and can be replaced and a very light dinnerYou will need:– the egg;– ham (bacon or any meats) — 20 g;– 1 lettuce;– 3-4 olives;– toasted grain bread;cheese type "Home";– salt, pepper, greens to taste.Poached egg can be cooked in several ways:1. In a special an egg-Cup (Kontera).2. In the pot of water: the egg release from the shell in advance and pour it into a small Cup. Boil water, add 1 tablespoon of vinegar, the water should not boil

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Recipes of refreshing cocktails

Рецепты освежающих коктейлей

In summer, everywhere is hot. So, it is time for cooling beverages — non-alcoholic and easy to prepareMojitoIngredients: ½ lime (you can take lemon), a few sprigs of fresh mint, 150 ml of sprite, ice and sugar.Method of preparation: lime slice. At the mint from the stems to tear off the leaves. In a glass put the lime, mint and 1 tsp sugar. With a spoon mash the ingredients. All pour sprite. Add ice. The glass garnish with a lime wedge and mint sprig

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Cooking minestrone — vegetable soup

A light soup, if not add a dressing of sour cream, perfect for any diet. You can add other favorite vegetables such as zucchini, potato, or pumpkinYou will need:– water — 500 ml;– broccoli — 400 g;– tomatoes — 200 g;– fresh beans — 100 g;– Brussels sprouts — 100 g;green peas fresh or frozen — 100 g;– leeks, onions — 50 g;– carrots — 80 g;– celery — 60 g;– olive oil — 30 g;– rosemary, parsley, pepper, salt, thyme — to taste ;– garlic — 1 clove

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Recipes with young cabbage

Рецепты с молодой капустой

Now is the time to include in your diet this vegetable, as cabbage new crop is considered a storehouse of vitamins and mineralsYoung sprouts are rich in vitamin C, so it should be included in your diet as often as possible. It also contains a rare vitamin U, which helps with gastritis and ulcers, and normalize the liver. Cabbage is beneficial for children because it contains vitamin K, helps the formation of baby bones and teeth and wound healing

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Choose youth: best summer recipes

Выбираем молодость: лучшие летние рецепты

Summer at the markets there is a young potato, which could be the basis for win-win dishes recorded a few interesting recipesBaked potatoesIngredients: 1 kg of potatoes, 4 tbsp oil, 1-2 tsp mustard 3-4 cloves of garlic, 1⁄2 lemon, a pinch of Basil, oregano and rosemary (can be fresh) 1⁄2 tsp. paprika, salt, a little red hot pepper.Method of preparation: mix in a large deep bowl, vegetable oil, mustard, pressed garlic, lemon juice, paprika and dried herbs

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5 signs of an eating disorder

5 признаков расстройства пищевого поведения

This is the problem, not healthy habitsSign №1Your head is constantly occupied by thoughts about food and a healthy lifestyle. Meanwhile, in the U.S. only 30 million people earned an eating disorder trying to become beautiful, slim and eat something special. If you are constantly thinking about what would be right to eat and count calories, then you have the problem.Enough to consider калорииpixabay

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