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A timeless classic: unusual recipes dumplings

Minced meat wrapped in thin dough, in many Nations and is a national favorite dish. In Russia, dumplings are eaten for centuries, and each family has its own secretsIt is believed that ravioli was invented in China. To us they were brought from beyond the Urals in the end of XIV century. Finno-Finns, moving West, stopped at some time in the Urals, where they shared with locals the dish in which pieces of meat were wrapped in thin dough

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7 foods that in combination with alcohol, destroy the body

Remember and write down, what not to eat glass of vodka or a glass of wineThe list of these products are already traditional snacks. But the doctors warn us not suggest to combine them with alcoholic beverages. I'll tell you why.Cakes with cream. Our digestion is equally difficult to cope with sweet and alcohol. But the first thing are the cakes, of which the body tries to get the glucose

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Cake "Pavlova"

The recipe for this dessert was invented by an Australian pastry chefs in honor of the famous ballerina. Of course, from the point of view of a diet, whipped cream is not the is dietary ingredient, but it is very tastyYou will need:– 4 egg whites;– 200 gr. powdered sugar;2 tbsp corn starch;– 1 tsp vinegar or lemon juice.For the cream:– 200 ml cream 33%;– 20 g of powdered sugar;– berries fresh raspberries (strawberries, blackberries, blueberries)

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How to distinguish natural honey

A few simple ways to make sure that you bought a fakeHoney is a rich source of vitamins and minerals. But instead, on the shelves you can find substitutes that are not only not helpful but can do serious harm.When buying honey it is important to consider the following points.Taste. When you taste honey, you must feel not only cloying sweetness. Natural product in its aftertaste has a light bitterness, which, as it burns the throat when swallowing

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Royal berry — persimmon

Царская ягода — хурма

3 magic secret of this fruitPersimmon already a month has taken a strong place among fruits on the shelves of Russia. However, to buy it dare not everyone — knits. Not only is it not tasty, and even disgusting. found out the tricks of the fetus.Secret # 1 Choose plump, shiny fruit with a smooth skin. Main thing is that the fruit no stains and Bochkov, and even more cracks. Green leaves speak about its ripeness. If it flows, it is necessary to eat immediately and enjoy

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The most delicious dishes of sauerkraut

Самые вкусные блюда из квашеной капусты

In the winter in our latitudes there comes a time sauerkraut. It is considered the national dish of Russia and Germany. learned a few interesting recipesIt is believed that the recipe for sauerkraut brought from China. There is evidence that even in the third century BC, when the workers built the Great wall of China, dined cabbage soaked in rice wine. Only, it wasn't cabbage, Chinese (pakchoi), or Peking, which is more like a salad

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3 sandwich to support brain

3 бутерброда для поддержки мозга

Snacks that will allow you to stay awake for new year's eveCheese sandwichIt would seem, what in it unusual? Many people eat it for Breakfast every day, and by the way, they are right! Cheese contains tryptophan, necessary for the proper functioning of the brain, the milk supports the necessary level of glutathione, and egg — lecithin, which improves the process of assimilation of information

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Forshmak from the chef

This recipe will require some effort, but the result is worth itFirst, it should be a good barrel herring, you have to cut yourself, no fillet. And about the blender, too forget — chop with a very sharp knife.You will need:– 1 herring;– 3 slices of white bread without crust;– ½ Cup of milk;– ½ Lemon (squeeze the juice);– 1 onion;– butter-50 g (softened).A herring to clean, gut and skin, remove the bones and cut into fillets. White bread cut into small cubes and soak in milk

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The new year is 2018: dessert recipes for the holiday table

Новый год-2018: рецепты десертов для праздничного стола

Astrologers claim that the future owner of a new, 2018 Yellow earth loves sweetsYellow earth Dog will be happy to see on the table, candies in shiny wrappers rustling and pastries prepared by their own hands. But no need to do anything too complicated: have a sweet tooth prefer the simplicity and lack of exotic ingredients. Optional cookie cakes can be decorated with faces of dogs. And the cake is cut the figure of a sugar dice

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