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Christmas cookies with ginger and cinnamon

Fragrant crisp cookie usually prepared in advance may be stored in a box until the New year. Perfect for tea or coffeeYou will need:– 300 grams of flour;– 2 eggs;– 1 tsp of cinnamon;– 1 tsp ginger;– 1 teaspoon baking powder;– 100 gr of butter;– 100 g sugar (brown cane);– 30 g of honey.Mix all the dry ingredients, separately mix eggs and honey, add the diced butter and adding the dry mixture, with your hands knead the dough

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The soup of Maxim Averin

Борщ от Максима Аверина

It turns out that star actors is also no stranger to cooking. The actor shared the recipe, which instead uses duck meatYou will need:duck — 1 PCs;– beet — 2 PCs;– onions — 1 piece– carrots — 1 piece;– potatoes — 2 PCs;– cabbage — cabbage⅓;– jam from tomatoes;– garlic — 4 cloves;mustard — 1 tbsp;– horseradish — 1 tbsp. l;– olives — 1 Bank;– tomatoes in own. juice;– parsley;– dill;– sour cream;– lemon — 1 PC;– vegetable oil;Sol

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What to prepare for the New year-2018

Что приготовить на Новый год-2018

Delicious, desirable and useful, of course, to please the Yellow Dog. At first glance, to cook holiday meals this time will not be easy. But there are some interesting recipesAs you know, the Dog — creature is omnivorous, but it is quite complicated to prepare and exotic dishes. Give her something tastier and easier. Hostess for the holiday table can be prepared steaks, steaks, chops, whole baked chicken or duck. Suitable as Christmas treats burgers, rolls and meat casseroles

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Christmas feast without gastritis and hangover

Hearty and delicious food can cause a variety of troubles. gives advice on how to prevent themNew year's holidays fall at the darkest time of the year when physiological ability to process alcohol and heavy fatty foods is reduced. Therefore, the perfect winter diet should be light. Of course, during the holidays you want something special

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Prepare meals under the chiming clock

Готовим закуски под бой курантов

Coming in 2018 according to the Eastern calendar is the year of Yellow earth Dog. find out which snacks you need to prepare to please the hostess of the coming New yearAstrologers claim that the Dog, as none of the other patrons, loves yum-yum. On the table must be present any meat dishes. Besides yellow or brown fruits and vegetables, but citrus is the symbol of 2018 dislikes

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Beans: 5 reasons to include this product in your diet

Beans contains a lot of useful minerals, and most importantly — affordable roundBeans has a high content of fluoride, iron, phosphorus, calcium and magnesium. It has a rich supply of vitamins C, PP, B1, B2, B3, B6 and E.The concentration of copper and zinc in this product can be safely attributed to the record, because it contains more of them than any vegetables or fruits. And these minerals are the basis of female beauty

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5 ways to reduce the harm from fasted

5 способов уменьшить вред от фастуда

What can I eat in fast food restaurantsSometimes running around the whole day in the city, time for a full lunch is longer, and the body needs at least some snack. Here come to the rescue of fast food restaurants. However, everyone knows that the food in them is not helpful. know what fast food will do less harm to the body.1. Burger Patty cooked on the grill, much better than the fried in a skillet. But if you choose its members, it is better to prefer fish than chicken or beef

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The perfect meal: delicious and only 200 calories offers a winter option useful and easy mealIn winter it is more difficult to find the right diet that will not add extra pounds and this will give you the opportunity to obtain all the necessary vitamins. We have selected for you a unique recipe of this dish.For its preparation you will need the following:- piece of lean beef;- lettuce leaves;- apples;- canned peas;- unsweetened yogurt.The recipe is as follows.Pre-boil 200 gr. beef. Cold meat cut into small strips.Take 100 gr

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A tale in the plate: children's recipes from the hit home Larsen

Сказка в тарелке: детские рецепты от Тутты Ларсен

Host of "Breakfast with a BANG!" knows how to feed the kids because she has three of them. recorded recipes that will please even the most finicky childrenI have three children of different ages: Luka age 12, Martha 7, and vane 2 years. I'm a working mom, so cooking does not always have time, and this question helps me husband. I prefer simple recipes without fancy ingredients, it will be delicious, useful and beautiful. This approach is particularly popular with the children

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