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Baked trout with grapefruit and smoked oil

Smoked olive oil will give a nice aroma to the fish and will make a grapefruit citrus note. Instead of trout you can take any small size fish. Brand diet dishYou will need:– the trout — 2;– grapefruit — ½ PC;– olive oil with smoked flavor — 2 tbsp. spoon;– salt for roasting 2 tbsp;– pepper to taste.Wash the fish and remove the insides, lubricate the inside with olive oil and pepper. Salt spread on top, put slices of grapefruit

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3 recipe of the dancers

3 рецепта балерин

How to become a dream of the tin soldierStill remember how Anastasia was criticized for the extra weight and height. They say, "Big" kicked her out after she dropped partner — dancers weight should not exceed 50 kg. Their rules may be suitable and thinner girls.For beauty is a large трудpixabay.com1. Reduce portionsJust eat less than usual. This is easily done by reducing portion in the plate twice

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Oatmeal cookies with almonds and cinnamon

Овсяное печенье с миндалем и корицей

Crisp and fragrant, very useful, contains oatmeal and almonds. You can also add sunflower seeds, walnuts and dried fruit like cranberriesYou will need:– oat flakes — 150 g;– flour — 50 g;almonds, ground into large crumbs — 125 g;– baking powder — 1 tspbutter, softened at room temperature — 125 g;– sugar — 100 gr;cinnamon – 1 tsp

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What dishes will save you from depression

Какие блюда спасут от депрессии

Tasty food has an amazing ability to improve mood. However, not all treats are effective in combating the Blues. leads scientific point of view and a few recipesThe hormone serotonin affects the mental activity and brain activity of man. And if serotonin is produced in insufficient quantities, the body is more susceptible to stress. To avoid this, the menu needs to include foods that contain tryptophan: this amino acid is used for the production of serotonin

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A delicious recipe for strengthening immunity

Warming drink, ideal in the off-seasonLate autumn is the period of cold weather and colds. To ensure that you were ready to meet the winter with a strong immune system and good mood, we have prepared for you a unique recipe of warm smoothies. This drink is rich in vitamins and is a favorite dessert of your family

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Preparing unusual salads

Готовим необычные салаты share recipes that you just haven't triedSalad with avocado and chickenIngredients: 2 chicken Breasts, 2 avocados lettuce (or iceberg), a handful of sesame seeds, honey, mustard, ½ lemon, vegetable oil, a few cloves of garlic, vinegar.Method of preparation: mix together the oil, mustard and the juice of half a lemon. RUB this mixture in the chicken and leave to marinate for an hour. From avocado to cut the flesh, tear lettuce with your hands. Put on a plate

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5 reasons to give up meat

5 причин отказаться от мяса

After the transition to vegetarianism with the body begin to happen amazing changesReason # 1You will lose weight. By giving up meat just one month you can lose about five pounds, and most importantly, that it does not have to follow a grueling diet and even going to the gym. But the muscle mass will stop growing.You will quickly lose весpixabay.comReason # 2You will improve digestive system. In the intestine will be more protective bacteria, this is proven by scientists

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And cheered and kilos gained

И взбодрились, и килограммы набрали

Drinks you shouldn't drink in the morningCaffeine has become for us the usual way of obtaining vivacity and good mood in the morning. And not all love strong espresso, but prefer a more sweet coffee recipes. Is Americano with milk, cappuccino and, of course, a latte. But do not forget about the consequences of such enjoyment.It is worth noting that drinking a latte before noon, improves blood sugar levels. Its taste provides rich milk. One tablespoon of sugar contains 30 calories and 30 g of 3

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Recipes for Halloween from Regina Burd

Рецепты к Хэллоуину от Регины Бурд

The wife of Sergey Zhukov and the owner of a family-run pastry shop knows how to surprise family and guests at all saints ' DayPumpkin cupcakesIngredients:Pumpkin puree — 1 tbsp.Egg — 2 PCs.Vegetable oil — 100 ml.Sugar — 1 tbsp.Flour — 250 gr.Brown sugar — 2 tbspSalt — 1 tspBaking powder — 1,5 tspCinnamon — 0.5 tsp.Cloves, allspice, nutmeg — ¼ tspPreparation:1. In a bowl beat with a mixer eggs, pumpkin puree, vegetable oil and sugar.2

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Pomegranate: combine the pleasant with the useful

Some amazing properties of this fruit that you may not knowGarnet became one of the most enjoyable treats of the autumn-winter period. And, as it turned out, no wonder he is so like us. This is not just a delicious fruit, and a rich source of vitamins and minerals, without which our body can not do.Cardio-vascular system. For hypertensive patients, grenades will be a real boon. It acts as a diuretic and reduces blood pressure

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