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Squash caviar from the chef

The time of fresh zucchini, and the harvest this year, they are excellent. Try to cook eggplant caviar — diet and tasty dishYou will need:– 2 young zucchini (if zucchini is highly Mature, you need to remove seeds);– 1 large tomato;– 1 onion;– 1 carrot;– vegetable oil for frying;– herbs, salt and pepper to taste.Zucchini clean from the skin

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Good mood is born in the gut...

To be on the rise, to avoid foods that block the production of serotoninSerotonin is a hormone that is often called the "happiness hormone". When it produces enough — the mood is good. If serotonin is not enough — life seems gray and dull.It turns out that the amount of serotonin produced greatly depends on what we eat. Thus, the number of products actually blocks the production of this hormone. And, surprisingly, these products include the foods we often buy ourselves to improve mood

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Chicken soup with dried porcini mushrooms

Dried or fresh mushrooms will give a great taste of chicken broth. Takes time, but is a snap to prepareYou will need:– 500 gr chicken (any part but better on the bone);– 1 onion;– 1 carrot;– 50 grams dried or 200 grams fresh;– fine vermicelli — ½ Cup;– salt, pepper to taste;– parsley, dill — 1 sprig per serving;water — 2.5 liters;– Bay leaf — 2 PCs;– black pepper peas — 8 PCs;– vegetable oil for frying

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Sergey Malozemov: "I love and try — the main thing is not to overeat"

Сергей Малоземов: «Я все люблю и с интересом пробую — главное, не переедать»

The presenter shares the secrets of nutrition that improve health, and "corona baby recipe"In their "Food living and the dead" and "Miracle equipment" that come on NTV, a leading tells how easy it is to cook and eat right. discussed with Sergey, as such work was reflected in his lifestyle.— Sergey, you have several years of talk about good and bad food

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Braised chicken with smoked paprika and vegetables

Easy and is dietary dish. It is better to take the goose, fattened on the natural grain, but the regular chicken is also niceYou will need:– chicken meat — 500 g;– 1 onion;– 1 carrot;– 1 small zucchini;– salt, pepper to taste;– smoked paprika — 1 tsp;– greens-season — 1 bunch;– vegetable oil for frying;– 1 tomato (you can substitute 1 tbsp. of tomato paste).Finely chopped onion fry in a deep frying pan

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Prepare the lazy cabbage rolls

It's faster and easier than the classic recipe. For lazy stuffed cabbage is better to take the young white cabbageYou will need:minced meat (beef or beef with pork) — 500 g;cabbage — 400 g;1 small carrot;onion — 1 piece;parsley 1 bunch;garlic — 1-2 cloves;vegetable oil — 50-70 ml;salt — 1 tsp (no slides).For the sauce:tomato paste or ketchup — 2 tbsp;sour cream — 100 g;water — 100 ml;salt, pepper — to taste

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5 ways to distinguish GM foods from natural

5 способов отличить продукты с ГМО от натуральных

What to look for when buyingImpact of genetically modified foods on human health, scientists still have not figured out. For example, in the United States, China and Canada to grow modified corn, soy and potatoes, eat them the majority of the population of these countries and not see anything wrong. But there are States in which a GMO will not meet. These are Austria, Greece and Hungary.To buy or not to buy such food — it's yours. tell me how to distinguish it from the natural

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Salted cucumbers with horseradish

Simple and proven recipe for crunchy pickle. Hell serves as a kind of preservative and does not appear mold, gives crispness and a slightly spicy tasteYou will need:– cucumbers — 1 kg;– water — 1 l;– rock — salt- 1 tbsp. l;– sugar — 1 tsp;– garlic — 4 cloves;– Mature dill umbrellas — 2 of the stem;– the leaves of oak, cherry and black currant;– horseradish grated — 1 tbsp;– 8 peas of black pepper;to taste you can add a pungent and spicy pepper

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Timeless classics: beetroot old and modern

Summer is the best time for cold soups. Okroshka, botvinya, and of course, beetroot. learned a few recipes for this soupAbout beetroot known for a long time, but not as cold soup, and how about the name of beet tops. Red root, our ancestors began to eat more in X–XI centuries. At about this time began to brew and beet kvass. In cookbooks as a cold beetroot soup appeared only in the XIX century

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Cutlets of cod with mustard

This recipe can use any white fish, the secret ingredient — mustard. It will give a nice original tasteYou will need:– cod fillet — 500 g; – corn flour — 1.5 tbsp. spoon; – salt — 1 tsp; – the egg — 4 pieces; – ground black pepper to taste; – 1 onion; – sugar — 1.5 tsp;mustard — 1 tsp;– chives, dill to taste. Mix in a blender fillet, onion, egg yolks, salt, pepper, mustard, and chopped greens. Beat the whites with the sugar, gently stir

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