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Singer Athena and Leonid Yakubovich: whose gifts tastier

The actress said that it fit to open your Museum such as "Field of miracles"The fact that the audience coming to the concert, the artists give flowers, it's business as usual. But sometimes the hand fans instead of bouquets gifts made with your own hands. Singer Athena recently leading his list of the most unusual, but pleasant gifts that can compete with Leonid Yakubovich and his gifts to the Museum "Field of miracles"

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Sobchak and mantids first appeared in the light together

Personal life leading to discuss in the NetworkYesterday in Moscow held an event on the occasion of the presentation of the musical award in the field of classical music, which brought together many Russian and international celebrities. Interestingly, despite the presence of John Travolta and Helen Mirren, the attention of the public and journalists was riveted on the former candidate in presidents of the Russian Federation Ksenia Sobchak and her companion, the Director Konstantin Bogomolov

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S. suddenly became a redhead

New image of the singer discuss in the NetworkThe ex-soloist of group "Brilliant" Anna Semenovich for many years cheated light hair color. But yesterday the actress showed subscribers the result of its transformation from a platinum blonde star turned to the brown-haired woman with podlivaya air bangs.Publication of S. Anna (@ann_semenovich)19 Mar 2019 6:11 PDT"How about this?" — signed 39-year-old singer fresh selfie on the personal page "Instagram"

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Alena Rapunzel was first shown to subscribers of the person of the son

Has declassified the name of the babyA few hours ago on your personal page "Instagram" stars project "House−2" Alena Rapunzel came the long-awaited photos of her firstborn. The boy was born at the beginning of last February. "Well, dear, introduce yourself. I think you already understand me, that my Prince's name is Bogdan. It's weird that I do not you first reported" (here and further the spelling and punctuation of the author saved — approx. WomanHit

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Song memory: the main stages in the life of Julia Nachalova

Песня памяти: главные этапы в жизни Юлии Началовой

She always sang, and the scene made for a business. Her career is hard to call even, but even in the moments when it was hard, Julia continued to work hard. It is difficult to accept the fact that more music news on it will not beJulia Nachalova was born in a family of professional musicians and in two years began to study singing with his father, composer and arranger Victor by Nachalova

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Olexandr Balyk about Yulia Nachalova: "She was a real fighter"

The soloist of the vocal project ViVA told me that the singer is mourning all of his staffThe unexpected death of Julia Nachalova shocked virtually everyone: those who have a direct relationship to the stage, and fans of the singer, and people who are not interested in music. The artist was 38 years old and in the hospital she got a small injury — rubbed leg of rehearsals

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Alsu celebrates 13th wedding anniversary

The singer posted a rare joint photo with her husbandA few hours ago on your personal page "Instagram" Alsu appeared archival photo where the singer is depicted in the company of her husband, the President of the company "New weapons technology" and Chairman of the Bank "Local credit" Yana Abramova. This year a couple celebrates a wedding lace.Publication of'ALSOU (@alsou_a)18 Mar 2019 1:13 PDTBusinessman and singer have legalized their relationship on March 18, 2006

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Sobchak called for a rehearsal of the play Vitorgan

Собчак посетила репетицию спектакля Виторгана

The couple maintains a good relationship and after a breakupNot for the first month on the Network talking about divorce Maxim Vitorgan and Ksenia Sobchak. The couple confirmed the news on their pages in social networks. However, the former couple managed to maintain friendly relations for the sake of raising a child — two year old son named Plato. It is known that, unlike many eminent colleagues, actor and presenter didn't even try to divide the jointly acquired property

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Psychic: how will the relations Buzova and Gritsenko

Экстрасенс: как будут развиваться отношения Бузовой и Гриценко

Marianne Abravitova commented on the return of the young man to "Dom−2"The relationship of Olga Buzova and Roman Gritsenko watched all the spectators "Houses−2". The young man has long tried to take care of the anchor of reality, but then switched to the other participants in the project. TV presenter and singing playfully refused Gritsenko in all but friendship, but for his attention to the other girls reacted very violently, even to tears

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Died people's artist of the USSR Marlen Khutsiev

Already known place of farewell with the DirectorMarch 19 at 7 in the morning on 94-th year of life died people's artist of Russia Marlene Hutsiev. About it journalists were reported by the Union of cinematographers, reports "MK". It is known that before the New year, the actor was hospitalized along with his wife Irina Solovyova — he refused to go to the hospital without his wife worrying about her well-being.At the beginning of last January, his fiancee died in the intensive care unit

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