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Nonna Grishaeva has noted the birthday in the mountains

Нонна Гришаева отметила день рождения в горах

Exclusive what gave the actress a beloved husbandNonna Grishaeva, the actress celebrated her 47th birthday. Although the date of birth indicated in the passport, few others believe it, congratulations to the artist could not avoid. Many friends and colleagues added another to the numerous fans of the actress birthday fell exactly on the opening ceremony of the festival in Essentuki."Calls don't stop for a minute, finger tired to answer

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Singer Buckwheat is not silent in response to criticism Zemfira

The young singer turned to his fansAs you know, the other day, Carey was severely criticized by two young singers — Minutochku and Buckwheat. "Buckwheat is very bad. Horrible voice and looks. is difficult to perceive — not able to sing, the lyrics are not convinced, well, very ugly. Monetochka — great lyrics! Looks fine unlike Buckwheat. But the voice is disgusting. vocal timbre is the same tool

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In Kazakhstan said goodbye to the glorified figure skater

Denis Ten was stabbed to death by two robbersHundreds and thousands of people came today to say goodbye to the skater who tragically died. A farewell ceremony was held in the Palace of sports named after Baluan Sholak in Almaty. At the same time a memorial service was held in Astana, current capital of Kazakhstan.Denis Ten was killed on July 19. His death was a very absurd and premature. Famous athlete noticed that two young men, shoots the mirror with his car

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Top 5 most eligible bachelors

Топ 5 самых завидных холостяков

Emin Agalarov is married, but do not despair: gathered the most successful and bright groomsMarat SafinSergei IvanovHe had an affair with Daria Zhukova, the actress Elena Korikova, singers Anna Selezneva and Anastasia Osipova. However, none of them led to the Registrar

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Maksakova was out on the tennis court in a daring mini

Максакова вышла на теннисный корт в дерзком мини

The singer played a game with the ex-Minister of culture of UkraineA few days ago the star of Russian and Ukrainian Opera scene Maria Maksakova was heavily criticized on social networks. Under her photo in the company of pop artist Alex moon users drew attention to the fact that artsite recovered and ceased to follow him.Maksakova came on a tennis court in saucy мини

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Semenovich published his photos 20 years ago

The singer turned to a longtime friend in the social networkA few hours ago the famous Russian pop-singer and athlete Anna Semenovich has pleased followers of his "Instagrama" archived images. "New year's eve 1999 Inspired,we're 18 years old and the whole World is waiting and loves us! I was still trying to skate and couldn't imagine much interesting me for Life!!! Thank you for being always there" (here and further the spelling and punctuation of the author saved — approx. WomanHit

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Olga Buzova was injured feet

The rest of the presenter in Turkey, marred by an unpleasant incidentOlga Buzova arrived in Turkey to give several concerts and to enjoy the sun and sea. However, the mini-vacation was spoiled — Buzova was injured.Singing TV host went for a swim in the sea, but went too deep and hurt the foot. The girl couldn't even hold back tears from the pain.The details of this incident Buzova shared Stories with your followers. The video shows how from the wounds Olga's bleeding."Look, I leg was hurt

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The star of the series "Matchmakers" talked about killing his mother

The actress was ready to give psychiatristsStar of the TV series "Matchmakers", "Ambulance" and "Captain's wife" Margarita Shubina lost my mom at 21 years of age. On the days she first shared her tragedy in the Studio of "the Destiny of man". All details of the incident are still not known even to the artist. Then she remembers only that he found the mother in a bathtub and was taken to the hospital — a woman with a rare name Will tried to kill his own apartment."No blood, nothing and no one

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Leonid Agutin showed adult daughters

In honor of the anniversary, the singer staged a family photo shootLeonid Agutin recently celebrated its 50th anniversary. In honor of the round date, the contractor took part in a photo shoot with her daughters: 22-year-old Pauline and 19-year-old Elizabeth. Fans were delighted from the appearance of the girls. The sisters are very similar in appearance, although they are native only to the father. The fact that Pauline was born in a civil marriage Agutin and ballerina Maria Vorobyeva

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Daughter Lolita will study in Warsaw

The daughter of singer decided to leave UkraineIt became known yesterday that the sole heir of Lolita Milavskaya, 18-year-old eve, soon will have to move. The girl was admitted to a Polish UNIVERSITY at the faculty of Philology, reports "MK". It is known that one of the branches of the University is located in Kiev — there, she will learn before the end of the first year, and then continue training in Warsaw.Recall that this summer, eve had prom, which are unable to be a stellar mom

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