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Timothy's mother against his marriage

Anastasia Reshetova prepared for the role only mistressTimothy and Anastasia Reshetova together for three years. Fans of the pair they have several times managed to marry, especially rumors, when on the ring finger of the model appeared chic ring with the letter "M" — husband. However, the mother of the head of the label BlackStar guards and tough beats all the provocations. In the media, she said that both her son is not married

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Kirkorov's daughter tried on a wedding dress

The singer shared her recent photos on the social networkOn the last weekend in the capital was showing a new collection of clothes for children designer Galina Yudashkina, where he took part heiress of some Russian stars: Alexander Revva, Tatiana Navka, Stas Mikhailov and others. Solemnly to complete it as the bride had the honor of six-year-old daughter of people's artist of Russia Philip Kirkorov Alla-Victoria, for which EO is not the first experience in modeling

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Vlad Sokolovsky made serious conclusions after a divorce

The contractor undertook to philosophize about cheatingDivorce Vlad Sokolovsky and Rita Dakota was a shock for fans of artists. Each of the spouses has drawn its own conclusions from the breakup. And if Rita complained, cried, was up to the courts, while Vlad was silent.The contractor has not commented on the divorce. However, according to rumors he was not before — Sokolowski had forgotten Dakota and he has a new girlfriend

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Alla Pugacheva cheated fans

Diva was acquitted due to absence at the anniversary concert of Leonid AgutinYour anniversary Leonid Agutin decided to celebrate a large-scale concert. Congratulate a colleague on 55-lethem gathered many stars of domestic stage. Among the biggest names on the Billboard was declared Alla Pugacheva. Performer because of age, now rarely performs, so fans have bought tickets in the hopes of meeting a prima Donna, but their dreams have been deceived

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Maxim Fadeev almost died from pills

The producer put health on the fight against obesityMaxim Fadeev told about how the scammers did it on his behalf. According to him, he just once ordered the pills, which now happens to be, and after they receive got problems with the stomach. He managed to lose 65 pounds, but not thanks to a miracle drug, a special diet. Now he actively encourages his fans not to pay attention to deception, which they got due to the star is

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Irina Muravyova all life lived with an eye on the parents

The actress admitted that she was afraid to lose face69-year-old Irina Muraveva has become the heroine of the talk show brothers Vadim and Igor Vernikov "2 wernick 2". The star of the Russian theatre and cinema was a very complex woman, the reason is the parents."Our parents were strict. I knew what was possible and especially what is not, and nothing," admitted Muraviev. — "You can do only what you need: to go to school to study music, bring good grades, make friends with good girls

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Hackers attack on the wife of Pavel Mamaev

According to the hackers of correspondence, the players are not just friendsAlan Mamayev was attacked by unknown Blackmailers. They demand money, or threaten to reveal personal correspondence of Pavel Mamayev and Alexander Kokorin. Supposedly, the players were not just bullies, but also lovers, as evidenced by their messages to each other.Spouse midfielder "Krasnodar" Alan Mamayev said that he would support her husband against all odds and public opinion

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45-th year of life died a Ukrainian actress Julia Volchkova

Russian audience has a good understanding of the movies "birthday of Bourgeois" and "Roksolana, a captive of the Sultan"Visit theatre of drama and Comedy on the left Bank of the Dnieper river in "Facebook" there are reports that he died Honored artist of Ukraine, actress Julia Volchkova."I deeply mourn the premature death of a beautiful woman with amazing energy and artistic talent. We Express our sincere condolences to the family and friends", — stated in the message

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Fire in California — Hollywood stars in danger

Kim Kardashian, Lady Gaga, cher and other artists at risk of losing homesRepresentatives of show business were among thousands of people evacuated because of the outbreak in mid-week fire in California's Ventura County, reports TASS. From the Paradise of Malibu turned into hell with fire and ash. Hollywood stars quickly leave a dangerous area.So Kim Kardashian wrote on Twitter that the flames had already reached her house

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Maxim Vitorgan spoke about the second pregnancy of Ksenia Sobchak

The actor jokes on this subjectFor several months in the media to discuss the second pregnancy Ksenia Sobchak. Would have should have, but it does. Similarity an interesting situation the couple revealed Maxim Vitorgan in the program "And talk?"."Maybe not from me? Maybe I'm just not warned?" — jokingly doubted Vitorgan.He admitted that Xenia is just "Suma marching mother". She all the time pays to their son Platon and second child in the family he just will not stand

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