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Eva Mendes ready to quit Ryan Gosling?

According to rumors, the actress wants to ban the boyfriend from seeing their daughter Esmeralda. The star plans to obtain full custody of the girl.

Ева Мендес готова бросить Райана Гослинга?

Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling. Photo: Rex Features/Fotodom.EN.

According to rumors, in the family of Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling again, not everything went smoothly. They say the actress is about to leave her lover and father of her daughter Esmeralda. Moreover, Eva wants to cut Ryan not only from his life but from the life of the baby.

In the words of a certain movie star closer to the source, Gosling and Mendes are still living together. But relatives and friends of the actress in shock from how she behaves with Ryan. They warn eve that his scandals and hysterics it destroy their relationship. However, the movie star, perhaps it should be: she is already planning her life as a single mother. And secretly communicates with a lawyer on how to sue for her right to full custody of Esmeralda.

According to the tabloids, Mendes and Gosling are very different characters and attitude towards life. And sometimes diametrically opposite views on things lead to frequent quarrels. However, Ryan hopes that once their daughter out of the infant period, and eve will be able to relax more, things will get better. He even suspects that his girlfriend planned to leave him.

However, since Eva and Ryan have an affair, they chase rumors of a breakup. The star couple from commenting on the topic of his personal life refrains. And, probably, their secrecy gives rise yellow press constantly "ruin" their relationship.

By the way, last week in an interview the actress said that she has a huge number of helpers who give her a break from household chores and child care. "We have no nannies. But a lot of relatives, both on my side, and Raina, who help us very much. And we are very grateful for what they are doing for us," said Mendez.

Recall that Eva and Ryan met in 2011 while filming "the Place under pines". Soon the actors began Dating. On 12 September last year, was born their daughter Esmeralda. And in the last three months, the actress wears on his hand a ring with emerald that gave rise to rumors of a secret engagement of the star couple.

Julia Malinina


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