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Olga Arntgolts left her husband

In the Internet appeared information that the actress has split from her husband, actor Vakhtang Beridze.

Ольга Арнтгольц ушла от мужа

Tatiana and Olga Arntgolts. photo: Gennady Avramenko

Fans of the actress Olga Arntgolts discuss the reason why there was a gap. Rumor has it that she filed for divorce because of infidelity of her husband. The former spouses a little daughter, Anna, who is left to live with his mother.

Interestingly, the twin sister of Olga Arntgolts Tatyana in the end of last year also became a free girl. Her marriage to actor Ivan Zhidkova was dissolved, and since then, Tatiana lives in the enviable status of the bride.

After the divorce, the actress began to play in the play "Two for the seesaw" along with actor Gregory Antipenko. Gossips immediately attributed pair the novel, but young people themselves refused to comment on their relationship. However, one day the paparazzi managed to watch Gregory, who brought the garbage from the apartment where Tatiana lives, which seems to be confirmed guesses. But when the cast came last year at the festival "Amur autumn", no romantic sentiment they have already noted.

This year on "the Amur autumn" Tatiana was one, but were in close contact with our colleagues, the St. Petersburg actor Sergei Peregudova. On one of the acting parties a couple so passionately communicated that he had not noticed how over the music during the slow dance. The dance floor was empty, and Tatiana and Sergey remained to dance. Without music.

At the moment Tatyana educates herself the daughter Masha, which two weeks ago was six years old. Girl is very creative and like two drops of water similar to her father Ivan Zhidkova.

Ulyana Kalashnikova


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