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David and Victoria Beckham getting divorced?

Ex-footballer commented on the rumours of relationship problems with his wife.

Дэвид и Виктория Бекхэм разводятся?

David and Victoria Beckham with children. Photo:

According to rumors, the family of Victoria and David Beckham on the verge of collapse. A number of the British tabloids wrote that the spouses have not lived together, and from legal separation to save their only children that they are afraid to hurt their divorce.

"They are constantly fighting with each other. Victoria doesn't like some of David's friends. She now works very hard, very tired, often under stress. The city of David, which is still not figured out what to do after your football career, makes her angry, said an anonymous source. — If earlier they were strong, happy family, now they began to see less and less, as it is often located not just in different places, but even in different countries. They almost stopped to kiss, to show tenderness in relation to each other. The only thing that still binds, it's their children. They are both great parents and want their sons and daughters all was well".

However, tonight David has published in his Instagram picture of his wife and made the signature showed that all this talk about problems in their family — another unfounded rumor. "Very proud of my wife, who today gave a speech in the headquarters of the United Nations.

Дэвид и Виктория Бекхэм разводятся?

Victoria Beckham spoke at the headquarters of the UN in a speech on the fight against HIV and AIDS. Photo: Powerful, convincing performance in front of other incredible and influential women in this area. Straight to the point about our fight against HIV and AIDS," wrote Beckham.

Julia Malinina


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