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Yuliya Snigir pregnant by Evgeny Tsyganova?

Rumors about the novel actors shocked Internet users. They can't believe the father of seven children left the family.

Юлия Снигирь беременна от Евгения Цыганова?

Yuliya Snigir/Yevgeny Tsyganov. photo: Lily Sherlovskaja

When actor Yevgeny Tsyganov broke up with his now bwisha his wife, actress Irina Leonova, many didn't believe it. After all, Tsyganova was at the time six children, and his wife was pregnant with the seventh. Family huddled in a Studio apartment, but with the help of "theatre of Fomenko", where he served as a Tsyganov, recently moved to spacious new apartments. In September Irina gave birth to daughter Faith.

Secular know-all long wondered, for whom Eugene had left the family, after all, the obvious candidates near it were noticed. So the other day, the Internet got pictures of all shocked. The paparazzi managed to capture, as Eugene comes out of the entrance of one of houses, and after a while from this entrance goes Julia Snigir! Moreover, the girl is in an interesting position.

According to rumors, Julia and Eugene were already living together. And not the first month. Julia, on hearings, is on the fifth month of pregnancy.

Ulyana Kalashnikova


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