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Andrey Bednyakov gonna be a daddy?

New photos of the wife and colleague of the presenter of the program "heads and tails" Nastya looks Short, like an expectant mother.

Андрей Бедняков станет папой?

Nastya is Short in Miami. Photo:

After the leading trip programs Andrei Poor and Nastya Short decided to get married, the Internet rumors that the bride is pregnant. However, fans ' expectations have not justified. And just the other day the most observant noticed that Short recovered. The social network has already appeared pictures of Nastya showing that she really gained weight. And then in the secular lobby have started talking that the Poor will soon be a daddy.

Nastya was given a picture from Miami, where she went together with his loved ones. Photos Anastasia appears in different angles. But almost all - with closed abdomen. Even in the photo in her swimsuit, her thighs and stomach covered with a pareo. "And in order that this photo was even better, photographer I'll get a palm tree and monkey... Although... you can just palm," he signed Anastasia photo in the sea.

Андрей Бедняков станет папой?

Fans have suggested that Nastya is pregnant Short. Photo:
Fans immediately noticed the change in appearance of the girl, and someone congratulated with pregnancy.

Андрей Бедняков станет папой?

Andrei was Poor in Miami is prepared from happiness to scare all the sharks. Photo:
We will remind that Andrey and Nastya have been acquainted seven years. Offer hands and hearts Short received in 2013, the year in new York. And they married just over a year ago. The wedding took place at the recreation center near Kiev. Rumor has it that to get married they could before, but due to the busy schedule they could not do that.

Ulyana Kalashnikova


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