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Tatiana Vasilyev stole 20 million

Татьяну Васильеву обокрали на 20 миллионов

The money from the account is removed from the daughter of the famous actress. According to rumors, the intruder fled in an unknown direction. Tatiana Vasilieva. photo: Sergey Ivanov The scandalous history is actively discussed in the secular lobby. According to rumors, the family of the famous actress Tatyana Vasilyeva was robbed in excess of 20 million rubles. And the culprit of this was the daughter of the actress Anastasia the paper deals with

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Gluk'oza had a boob job?

Глюк’ozа увеличила грудь?

The singer once again shocked fans. This time his bust, which caused lively discussions in the Network. Glyuk'oza. Photo: Natalia Chistyakova-Ionova has published a picture taken during her recent publication. To singer - light dress cream color with a satin top, which best highlights the Breasts of the actress. Fans of Natasha concluded that she suddenly grew Breasts

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George Clooney is preparing to become a dad?

Джордж Клуни готовится стать папой?

Child, rumored to appear in star family in the very near future. Amal Alamuddin and George Clooney. Photo: Rex Features/Fotodom.EN. This Sunday, 27 September, George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin celebrate the first anniversary of their wedding. However, the celebrity couple already thinking about celebrating the next date from the date of marriage. According to rumors, the second anniversary of the 54-year-old George and 37-year-old Amal want to meet in the status of the parents

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Orlando bloom meets with sister Kim Kardashian

Орландо Блум встречается с сестрой Ким Кардашьян

According to rumors, the actor affair with Kendall Jenner, younger than him twice. Kendall Jenner/Orlando Bloom. Photo: Rex Features/Fotodom.EN/ They say 38-year-old Orlando bloom has a new passion. And, by force of habit, the actor had an affair with the model. Namely, with 19-year-old Kendall Jenner, the mother is sister to Kim Kardashian.According to rumors, bloom and Jenner approached in July, met on one of the movie premieres

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The soloist of the group SEREBRO pregnant?

Солистка группы SEREBRO беременна?

Such rumors appeared after the publication of Maxim Fadeev in his microblog photo Olga Seryabkina. Fans decided that Olga Seryabkina pregnant. Photo: As you know, producer Maxim Fadeev registered in Instagram recently. But happily exploring the space of social networks and talks about their wards. Today he posted a photo of Olga and Seryabkina. The picture shows the singer sitting in a cafe and, judging by the happy smile, her good mood

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Jennifer aniston pregnant with twins?

Дженнифер Энистон беременна двойней?

The actress is rumored to have invented the names for future babies. Jennifer aniston and Justin Theroux. Photo: Rex Features/Fotodom.EN. Jennifer aniston is again suspected pregnancy. It is reported that now the actress is three months pregnant. And about his interesting position movie star had learned a few days before the wedding with Justin Theroux, which took place in early August

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The Beckham marriage under threat?

Брак Бекхэмов под угрозой?

Fans are concerned, all is well in the star family: recently it became known that Victoria is getting rid of tattoos dedicated to her husband David. David and Victoria Beckhams with children. Photo: While David Beckham continues to regularly decorate your body with tattoos, most of which is devoted to his family, wife and children, Victoria, on the contrary, freed from their bodily decorations. And one of them was a tattoo dedicated to her husband

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Mel Gibson will become a father for the ninth time

Мел Гибсон станет отцом в девятый раз

Friend 59-year-old actor, 24-year-old Rosalind Ross, rumored pregnant. Mel Gibson. Photo: Rex Features/Fotodom.EN. Say, Mel Gibson will soon become a father. Young girlfriend of the star of the films "Braveheart" and "Lethal weapon", 24-year-old Rosalind Ross, rumored pregnant.A source close to Mel and his passions, says that about a month ago Rosie suddenly stopped using alcohol. And although she has not confirmed reports about his interesting position, she also does not refute

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Ekaterina Klimova is waiting for the girl?

Екатерина Климова ждет девочку?

According to rumors, the actress caught in the children's clothing store, where she chose clothes for babies in the section for girls. Ekaterina Klimova. Photo: Rumor has it that Ekaterina Klimova considered Romper, rompers and other baby things, mostly pink. However, the actress is in no hurry to share the photos, which would be obvious that she was in position. The pictures in her microblog star covers the belly bag, jacket

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Alexander Dobrovinsky stole another man's wife

Александр Добровинский увел чужую жену

The famous lawyer, who called the master of the divorce, meets a married woman and is ready to make her happy. WomanHit declassified beloved lawyer. Alexander Dobrovinsky and Jeanne Golubitskaya. photo: Natalia Gubernatorova Alexander Dobrovinsky, a lawyer, a writer, a collector of Antiques and art objects, pet of beaumont and, in particular, of socialites — they cling to it as, by reason of its legal usefulness, and for his personal pleasures and charm

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