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Angelina Jolie on the verge of death?

Анджелина Джоли на грани смерти?

The actress is rumored to be suffering anorexia and already weighs less than forty pounds. Angelina Jolie. Photo: Rex Features/Fotodom.EN. Last Sunday, August 23, Angelina Jolie and brad pitt celebrated the first anniversary of their wedding. But, according to rumors, the celebration was marred by poor condition of the actress. They even say that spouse and children movie stars fear that Angie could die

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Rose Sabitova spent on his daughter's wedding 15 million?

Роза Сябитова потратила на свадьбу дочери 15 миллионов?

Part of the money for a celebration TeleSAFE and her daughter won the popular quiz. And save got to host the ceremony. The master of ceremonies was the star herself. Rose Sabitova with his daughter Xenia. Photo: In the Internet appeared the information about how was the wedding of his daughter Rose Sabitova Xenia

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Father of Jeanne Friske avoids contact with Dmitry Shepelev?

Отец Жанны Фриске избегает общения с Дмитрием Шепелевым?

A new conflict presenter with his father-in-law arose due to the fact that Kopylov, according to rumors, do not give regularly to see his grandson. Dmitry Shepelev. photo: Lily Karlowska Rumor has it that the father of Jeanne Friske still have not managed to establish contact with Dmitry Shepelev. Fans believe that the young man hardly gives Vladimir Kopylov to see his grandson. Also they say that because of the behaviour of Dmitry very worried relatives of Joan

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What awaits Chadova Ditkovskite and in the case of divorce?

Что ждет Чадова и Дитковските в случае развода?

On the Internet continue to discuss the parting of the famous acting couple. The most curious trying to figure out how to divide the couple acquired property. Alexei Chadov and Agniya Ditkovskite. photo: Natalia Medincine A few weeks ago secular lobby was shocked with the news that he had parted Andrey Chadov and Agniya Ditkovskite is one of the most beautiful and, as it seemed at the time, strong pairs of domestic show business

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Kristina Romanova baby Doronin?

Кристина Романова родит ребенка Доронину?

According to rumors, the 21-year-old model is preparing for her wedding with Russian oligarch whose pregnant. The scandal became fresh girls photo, posted on Instagram. Kristina Romanova. Photo: It seems that very soon, the 52-year-old billionaire Vladislav Doronin for the second time will be a father and husband. According to rumors, his current fiancee, 21-year-old model Kristina Romanova, pregnant

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Rihanna seduces Lewis Hamilton

Рианна соблазняет Льюиса Хэмилтона

According to rumors, the singer fell in love with the rider, and their romance is rapidly gaining momentum. Rihanna. Photo: Over the weekend Rihanna and Lewis Hamilton were spotted together again. For the last two weeks this is the third time pop star and world champion in races "the Formula-1" rest on the same parties. So the rumors about the affair singer and racer continues to gain momentum

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Sergey Zverev is thinking about divorce

Сергей Зверев задумался о разводе

In a press there were rumors that the son of the stylist is not living with his wife, whom he married less than six months ago. Sergei Zverev. Photo: Last weekend there was information that the son of star stylist Sergei Zverev Jr. lives with his wife and getting a divorce. It is worth Recalling that at the end of March Sergei married Mary Bikeway, an 18-year resident of the town, rumored to be working as a waitress

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Tennis player Nadezhda Guskova guy stole the actress "Uni"?

Теннисистка Надежда Гуськова увела парня у актрисы «Универа»?

There were rumors that Nastasia Samburski broke up with her fiance, football player Anatoly Tarasenko. According to one version, a pair of turned into a love triangle. Nadezhda Guskova and Anatoly Tarasenko. Photo: Novel 28-year-old Nastassja Samburski and 23-year-old Anatoly Tarasenko lasted more than half a year. The case even went to the wedding, but all of a sudden the couple broke up

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The former nanny Affleck and garner spoke

Бывшая няня Аффлека и Гарнер заговорила

Prior to that, Christine Ouzounian preferred to keep silent. Ben Affleck and Jennifer garner with kids. Photo: Rex Features/Fotodom.EN. For the second week in the media rumors that Ben Affleck, not yet had time to divorce Jennifer garner, has an affair with a former nanny of his children, 28-year-old Christine Ouzounian. The paparazzi managed to take some pictures on which the film is imprinted with a girl after his still legal wife fired her

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Ben Affleck pays the babysitter for his silence?

Бен Аффлек платит няне за молчание?

It seems that the artist managed to take Christine Ouzounian. U.S. media reports that the Director took care of all the expenses of the girl who looked after his children. Ben Affleck. Photo: Rex Features/Fotodom.EN. The upcoming divorce Ben Affleck and Jennifer garner continues to attract the attention of the public. While celebrity couple prepares documents for termination of his ten-year marriage to foreign media emerge new details of the personal life of the actors

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