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Ilya Lennikov and Aglaia Tarasova back together?

Илья Глинников и Аглая Тарасова снова вместе?

Not so long ago on the sidelines discussing the breakup of the stars of the series "Interns", but now has a reason to talk about the fact that young people made up. Aglaia Tarasova and Ilya Lennikov. Photo: At the end of last year, there were rumors that the 21-year-old daughter Ksenia Rappoport Aglaia Tarasova, who plays the niece of Dr. Kupitman in the TV series "Interns", and 30-year-old Ilya Lennikov (Gleb Romanenko) broke up

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Husband Jasmine was arrested for 30 days

Мужа Жасмин арестовали на 30 суток

Singer's husband, businessman Ilan Shor was placed under house arrest as part of an investigation upon withdrawal from the country large sums of money. Singer Jasmine with her husband Ilan shore. Photo: Moldovan businessman Ilan Shor, who four years ago married the singer Jasmine, arrested. According to Russian news agencies, the consequence suspects through the company's entrepreneur have been bred to offshore funds in the amount of approximately EUR 1 billion

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Stesha Malikova first showed your boyfriend?

Стеша Маликова впервые показала своего бойфренда?

On the page of the girl in the social network appeared the photo in an embrace with a certain Timothy Murovanym. Members here have assumed that young people see a romantic relationship. Stefania Malikova. Photo: The daughter of Dmitry Malikov Stesha never talked about his personal life. On may holidays the girl published a picture of his friend. Fans are sure that this guy Malikova

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Vera Brezhnev engaged?

Вера Брежнева помолвлена?

The singer showed the photo with the ring on the ring finger. Vera Brezhnev. Photo: Personal life of Vera Brezhneva again the center of attention: fans of the singer assured that their favorite preparing for the wedding. The reason for these rumors was the recent photo Brezhneva, published in Instagram. In the photo, the singer is pictured with ring on the ring finger of the right hand, which is very similar to engagement — the jewel is decorated with a large diamond

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Valery Garkalin in the fight knocked out tooth

Валерию Гаркалину в драке выбили зуб

The famous actor was brutally beaten this morning. In the attack he has a broken tooth and a broken nose. Valery Garkalin. photo: Vladimir Chistyakov Police are still trying to find out the circumstances of the incident. According to the latest information, Valery Garkalin there was a conflict with an unknown man near the house, located on Tverskaya street. According to rumors, the first "stuck" to the artist of an unknown inhabitant of this house

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Vitaly Gogunsky divorced from his second wife

Виталий Гогунский развелся со второй женой

According to rumors, the main reason for the parting of the star "Varsity" with his wife Anna became the shooting schedule, which did not allow the actor to spend enough time with the family. Vitaly Gogunsky with his second wife Anna. Photo: In addition, the couple was a noticeable difference in age. Wife Gogunsky at the time of divorce was 22 years old, and Vitali is 36 years old. The separation between the ex-spouses was peaceful

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Mikhalkov Konchalovsky and ask for money for food

Михалков и Кончаловский просят деньги на еду

According to rumors, the Directors want to access a national network of fast food and even supposedly wrote a letter to the President asking him to support their initiative. Andrei Konchalovsky and Nikita Mikhalkov. photo: Natalia Gubernatorova Nikita Mikhalkov with his brother Andrei Konchalovsky decided to change the culture of public power in the country. According to rumors, the Directors intend to open a national chain of fast food, which should overshadow foreign enterprises

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Gerard Depardieu sold their Russian apartment and moved to live in Belgium

Жерар Депардье продал свои российские квартиры и переехал жить в Бельгию

In the Network appeared the information that the actor, recently received Russian citizenship, fled the country. Gérard Depardieu. photo: Gennady Avramenko Famous actor Gerard Depardieu is no longer a property owner in Russia. Rumors on the Internet, Depardieu sold all the apartments in our country... and went to Belgium!Domestic media say that the first who distributed this information, was the writer Viktor Shenderovich, on the page in Facebook there was a record that Gerard left Russia

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Lolita the IBA is threatened!

Лолите Милявской угрожают!

Lolita still can't agree with the management company of the house in which she lives. And recently, according to rumors, the singer began to receive threats. Lolita. photo: Lily Karlowska When, in his time, Alexander Zarubin gave his beloved wife lolita the Palladium apartments with an area of 420 square meters, she had no idea what challenges she'll face. The luxury house, the view from the Windows on the Moscow river, two-story apartment

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Nastya Zadorozhnaya married?

Настя Задорожная вышла замуж?

The artist has posted on his page on the social network picture in a wedding dress! And it said that today is a good day for a wedding! Nastya Zadorozhnaya and Sergei Slavnov. Photo: Today in Instagram Nastya Zadorozhnaya picture appeared in a wedding gown. Moreover, the artist did not just show a pretty picture, but also commented on it: "#bride #groom#dacrydioides#usenetbinaries".It is easy to guess that this phrase had a bombshell

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