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Andrey Malakhov hinted that he will become a father

Андрей Малахов намекнул, что станет отцом

TV presenter has published a photo with an intriguing signature. Natalia shkuleva and Andrey Malakhov. Photo: Today Andrey Malakhov, or rather, the phrase from his Instagram, has become a topic of heated discussion among fans. TV presenter published in the microblog picture in which he embraces with his wife Natalia Kulevoy, lying in bed

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Nikolay Baskov going to get married?

Николай Басков собрался жениться?

In the microblog beloved singer Sofia Kalcheva the photograph appeared, after which the Network rumors about the imminent marriage of young people. Nikolay Baskov and Sofia Kalcheva. Photo: Singer Nikolai Baskov again became one of the most controversial figures in the Internet. Fans stirred the news that Nicholas married! These rumors appeared after the appearance of photographs beloved Baskov Sophie Kalcheva posing in a wedding dress

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Andris Liepa does not pay alimony daughter?

Андрис Лиепа не платит алименты дочери?

Secular gossips whispering that the legendary dancer ceased to financially help his ex-wife and owe a Bank a tidy sum. Andris Liepa. photo: Mikhail Kovalev Legendary dancer Andris Liepa person for participation in secular sidelines. Rumor has it that Liepa refuses to pay child support to his daughter. But still owe the Bank a few million!According to rumors, Liepa not pay child support to the mother of his child. By law he has to pay 25 percent of his income, but he does not

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Demi Moore and Orlando bloom's novel?

У Деми Мур и Орландо Блума роман?

Western media reports that the actors secretly meet. Demi Moore/Orlando Bloom. Photo: AP Images. The unexpected news came to us from overseas. Foreign press vengeance discusses the rumors that demi Moore and Orlando bloom began Dating! The tabloids claim that 52-year-old star has already visited several clandestine meetings with 38-year-old actor allegedly pair almost every evening meal together, so secular chroniclers sure that they are connected not just friendship

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The Lena is not going to have a baby!

У Лены Лениной не будет ребенка!

It turns out that the scandalous story that the star is pregnant with her lover was invented blonde to get a divorce. Lena Lenina. Photo: materials of press-services. Some time ago the secular lobby stirred news: socialite Lena Lenina pregnant. The child's father called boyfriend blonde French billionaire Maxim. However, recently it was found that no child girl no waiting!According to rumors, this story was invented by the Lena so she was able to divorce

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Tina Kandelaki new novel?

У Тины Канделаки новый роман?

Rumors that the famous TV presenter began a new relationship, appeared after it published a photo with unexpected signature. Tina Kandelaki and Basil Brovko. Photo: TV presenter Tina Kandelaki again thrilled the public. Star owner page in Twitter published a photo where she stands in an embrace with a certain man. Fans immediately began to talk about the new novel.Why not speak if Kandelaki even made a very unexpected signature: "the one and Only..

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Malinovskaya made a new plastic surgery breast for a million rubles

Малиновская сделала новую пластическую операцию груди за миллион рублей

TV presenter found a doctor who was able to fix all the mistakes of the previous specialist. However, his services have been on the star in a round sum. Masha Malinovskaya. Photo: TV presenter Maria Malinowska fixed surgeon that did her surgery for breast augmentation. According to rumors, the new breast cost Mary in a million rubles.Briefly mourned the media personality about his damaged chest

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Gosha Kutsenko became ill on the set

Гоше Куценко стало плохо на съемочной площадке

The actor was taken to the hospital. The artist became ill while working in the frame. He was diagnosed with heart problems. Gosha Kutsenko. Photo: The next news is discussed in the margins of cinema and show business. According to rumors, the actor Gosha Kutsenko became ill during filming in the next film. The set was located on the South-West of Moscow. Kutsenko felt bad, so I had to call an ambulance, which arrived pretty quickly

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Denis Matrosov went from wife Maria Kulikova to her colleague

Денис Матросов ушел от жены Марии Куликовой к ее коллеге

According to rumors, the artist who is still not divorced from his wife, already meets with another actress Irina Kalinina. Denis Matrosov/Maria Kulikova. Photo: The personal life of actor Denis Matrosov was discussed on the sidelines. According to rumors, the artist who still had not divorced his wife Maria Kulikova ("Two fates", "Near", "Milkmaid from khatsapetovka"), meets with her colleague Irina Kalinina

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On Basharova opened a criminal case?

На Башарова завели уголовное дело?

It seems that the story of beating the now ex-wife Marat Basharova Catherine Ancharovoj will be continued. According to rumors, the actor still brought a criminal case. Catherine Arkharov and Marat Basharov. Photo: WomanHit wrote about the fact that the victim Catherine Arkharov refused to write a statement to the police about the beating. However, due to the fact that it took serious proportions and became public, the case for Basharova will be opened

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