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Semyon Treskunov: "Once I was shot on the set of" Stars

Семен Трескунов: «Однажды меня ранили на съемках» - Звезды - he discussed with the actor directing, the girls and drop in an aquarium with lobstersJuliana Калашникова22 April 2019 16:243320Simon, Treskunova: materials of press-servicesIt would seem, most recently, Semyon Treskunov played in the movie school students, but in the new season of "the Grand," his character already manages a hotel.— Simon, you first play a man whose adult life and adult problems

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Cher: "the Man is not a necessity, but a luxury" - Stars

Шер: «Мужчина не необходимость, но роскошь» - Звезды -

She has more than fifty years, appearing on the stage and not going to stop. Study lessons from the life of the legendary singerOlga Брунова19 APR 2019 17:471160Singer Sherboto: are unique people — Champions for life. All the tasks that they set themselves, are solved, all dreams come true. Cher of those guys. Actress, Director, composer and singer, she has more than fifty (!) years of playing on stage

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Paul Bartak: "Mica was my first selfless love" Stars

Павел Баршак: «Слю была моей первой, беззаветной любовью» - Звезды -

Actor reveals in interview secrets from the pastElena Грибкова19 April 2019 13:01720Paul Bartak.Photo: Irina MakarenkoAn actor with an unpredictable character, and the biography resembles a roller coaster, Pavel Barshak and conversation, makes an ambivalent impression. A boy from a good family with the habits of a domestic pet, which invariably susceptible female. He was twice married, but, he admits, now wants to have a rest "from amplitudes of love and fierce passion

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Rezo Gigineishvili: "the Main thing that saves me now is my children" - Star -

Резо Гигинеишвили: «Главное, что сохраняет меня сейчас, — мои дети» - Звезды -

The Director spoke in an interview about life after her divorce from Nadezhda MikhalkovaInna Локтева17 APR 2019 15:332430Rezo Gigineishvili. Stylist: Dora COSSACK Makeup artist and stylist hair: Daria DZUBA Shirt and pants, all – Bikkembergs; jumper, Eleventy Limited EditionФото: Alina Dove; assistant photographer: Alexander SidorovRezo Gigineishvili was lucky to be born in a good family. Father, David Gigineishvili, a famous physician, who led one of the sanatoriums of Borjomi

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Yulia Shilova: "I don't know what inspired the" Star -

Юлия Шилова: «Я не знаю, что такое вдохновение» - Звезды - met with the writer and discussed the provincial's dream, the Metropolitan mores and escape from realityVitaly Бродзкий16 APR 2019 17:061040Julia Silouette: Shilova writes and produces his detective novels like hotcakes. But all the stories "delicious", and the stories do not end there. And very many — from the life of the writer.Julia, I heard a writer you did not intend to become. Is this true?Never was going, not even dreamed of

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Margarita Suhankina: "I have tried fasting, but do not advise" - the Stars -

Маргарита Суханкина: «Я пробовала голодание, но никому не советую» - Звезды - asked the singer to share their rules of lifeJuliana Калашникова15 April 2019 16:13250Margaret Suhankina: materials of press-servicesRecently Margarita Suhankina celebrated its 55th anniversary. Touring, Studio work, photography, household chores — all this in the daily chart of the singer, however, the enviable form of Margarita gives a reason to talk about a secret.My life is chaotic enough, and "proper nutrition" tailored to him

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Makar Zaporozhye: "I would love a wife, even if she were not an actress" Stars

Макар Запорожский: «Я любил бы жену, даже если бы она не была актрисой» - Звезды - discussed with the star of Hollywood mores, Armenian exotic and acting familyVitaly Бродзкий10 APR 2019 17:50990Makar, Zaporozhskie: materials of press-servicesThe choice of profession for Makar Zaporozhye was a natural: his father played in the movies and on the stage, my mother taught in schepkinskoe school. And while the actor is not complaining, because there are roles, and the opportunity to try himself as a producer, as it was in the movie "I'll be back"

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Jan Tsapnik: "Thank you family for your patience" - Stars -

Ян Цапник: «Спасибо семье за терпение» - Звезды - met one of the most famous distinguishing actors and talked about generosity, the costs of the profession and the perfect mother-in-lawJuliana Калашникова9 April 2019 16:211050Yang Caprichoso: materials of press-services— Yang, TV series "90s. Fun and loud" — about those years, around which now so many passions and nostalgia. How was it for you this time?— The nineties — interesting

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