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Ретро проститутки Хабаровска

Natalia Vlasova: "I dreamed that I was house at Pugacheva. Six years later, the dream came true"

Наталия Власова: «Мне приснилось, что я была дома у Пугачевой. Через шесть лет сон сбылся»

The author of the song "I fall at your feet" said why she disappeared from the screensThe song "I'm yours" singer Natalia Vlasova few years ago rattled almost from each iron. The artist felt very comfortable in show business and even been the guest of the Diva. However, in recent years the Vlasov became less likely to appear on secular parties and on TV. As it turned out, that she had a reason. One of them: Vlasov became a mother.— Natalia, you're a mom with experience

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Ivan Zhvakin: "Marriage will only add red tape"

Иван Жвакин: «Брак добавит только бумажной волокиты»

The actor said about marriage, romantic holiday and a subwayThe role of a young hockey player Alexander Kostrova glorified actor Ivan Zhvakina all over the country and provided him an army of fans. However, unfortunately thousands of girls and Ivan for more than a year meets with actress Xenia Lukyanchikova, and the couple are very serious plans.— After the release of the series "Junior" for many people, you are now tightly linked with hockey

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Olga Prokofiev: "Men lack a bit of courage to approach me"

Ольга Прокофьева: «Мужчинам не хватает чуть-чуть смелости, чтобы подойти ко мне»

The actress says why he wants to marry againOlga Prokofiev, even twelve years after the release of the TV series "My fair nanny", I remember her legendary Jeanne Arkadevna. And Olga with pleasure signing autographs on her behalf. However, the popularity of this image does not interfere with the actress to move forward. Not so long ago, she again tried his hand as a TV presenter, and still pleases those fans who go to the theatre and cinema

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Nikita Panfilov: "Actors as athletes: if you cease to practice, then swim away fat and lose their shape"

Никита Панфилов: «Актеры — как спортсмены: если перестают тренироваться, то заплывают жиром и теряют форму»

The actor is sure that you need to constantly set new goalsRecently completed the series "Dog", in which the main role was played by Nikita Panfilov. The actor has many fans, and he likes women, and as a negative hero, as a positive. met with Nikita on the eve of the Eighth of March and discussed the actor's fate, the servants of the law and festive bouquets.— Nikita, in the TV series "the Dog," you played a COP. Know that once you have enrolled in the school of police..

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Alena Sviridova: "it annoys Me when moms start jumping around their son, and then complain that men are extinct"

Алена Свиридова: «Меня раздражает, когда мамочки начинают скакать вокруг своих сыночков, а потом жалуются, что мужчины перевелись»

The singer told how her son-cadetThe youngest son of Alena Sviridova is thirteen, and way of life that leads Gregory, not very similar to the one that lead the children of famous people. Alena gave his son to a military school and yet he had no regrets about his decision. met with the singer and asked her what it's like to raise a son cadet.— Alena, why in the cadets?— Sometimes the parents sell the children of their dreams. I've wanted to go to a military school

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Anna Begunova and Sergey Lavygin: "If a child is a deal breaker, that's too bad"

Анна Бегунова и Сергей Лавыгин: «Если ребенок мешает отношениям, это очень плохо»

Actors, not so long ago have become parents, shared the secret of family happiness in a joint interviewAnna Begunova and Sergey Lavygin — funny and touching couple. Their on-screen Duo in the Kitchen, are caused good-natured laughter, after all, resourceful Senya, now the chef of the restaurant, afraid to disobey small and fragile wife Marina. But their real family is different. Their relationship is light, airy and very-very earthy

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Jan Tsapnik, "My mother-in-law Aug noble lady"

Ян Цапник: «Моя теща Августа — святая женщина»

The actor admits in an interview that she loves her family, but rarely see domesticJan Tsapnik is hot right now. He admitted that enters the bosom of her family about twenty days for the whole cast of the season. But despite this, the man he is very homely. Loves to sit on the kitchen couch and watch old movies, loves hanging out with his wife and daughter, over a Cup of tea chatting with the mother, who lives with them. The family had strong, and wife, one that rarely happens with actors

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