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Anastasia Volochkova: "I believe that Igor Vdovin will give me $ 3 million" learned from the ballerina details the scandalous situation between the ex-spousesToday, fans of Anastasia Volochkova discuss the situation, which was a ballerina for their credulity. talked with the artist and found out why she decided to talk about this so many years later, after parting with husband Igor Vdovin.— Anastasia, Igor Vdovin you broke up about 10 years ago

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Ilya Bachurin, "Like most men, I'm caught on the same bait — femininity"

Илья Бачурин: «Как и большинство мужчин, я ловлюсь на одну приманку — женственность»

After parting with RAVENOL Kursovoy, the actor was briefly alone Back in the early nineties, when our country is in sight, there was no such thing as "startups", Ilya Bachurin already was. Born with the nature of the entrepreneur, it cannot be at rest, to realize the most daring undertakings. It is clear that such a dynamic secular lions are not alone. The name of this person due to many loud novels

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Elena Hanga: "the Child and television — incompatible things"

Елена Ханга: «Ребенок и телевидение — несопоставимые вещи»

The presenter told us that now is its main life interestElena Hanga made a splash on television when, in 1997, started the program "About it". Then there was "the Domino Principle" and "Russian in Forte Bayar". But lately, the main interest is in Helena with the TV not connected. At least we have the impression after the conversation.— Elena, what relations do you have with TV?Now I have dedicated my life to her daughter. Are committed to trying to make it a world-class tennis player

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Ekaterina Morgunova: "to Bond with her future husband helped me humor"

Екатерина Моргунова: «Сблизиться с будущим мужем мне помог юмор» discussed with the artist the perfect weight, exotic destinations and offer hands and heartsEkaterina Morgunova no drama training, but its vivid television images are consistently impress the audience. Catherine appears very convincing exalted and versatile lady in the show "Once in Russia".— In the show "Once in Russia" - your character very exalted personages. They are somewhat similar to you?— On the contrary. I almost never raise my voice

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The lukeria Ilyashenko: "I can afford to act in a bed scene"

Лукерья Ильяшенко: «Я могу позволить себе сниматься в постельных сценах»

Actress — basic instinct, children and ballet pastThe name of Lukeria Ilyashenko was first performed in 2014 with the release of the series "Sweet life". Now Luz is close, is already one of the most promising and popular Actresses. met with the actress and asked about what is happening in her life.— Lukerya, recently premiered your movie "Dance to death" on TV was the series "the RAID" where you are one of the main roles. Tell me, do you feel like a star?— Honestly, no

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Alexander Child: "I as long as alienate family life"

Александра Ребенок: «Я максимально долго отталкивала от себя семейную жизнь»

The actress was sure that she will never marry a colleague, but now happy is a happy marriage c Alexei VertkovAlexander Child bears a masculine name. The nature of our heroine, too, is not sugar. However, thanks to him, Sasha and achieves goals without losing their individuality and charm. Once she thought that she will never settle down with a colleague. And nevertheless became the wife of another acclaimed talent — actor's Studio theatre arts Alexey Vertkov

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Tatyana Dogileva: "I'm just in Love with talented men"

Life lessons of a famous actress — on profession, age, and, of course, about loveTatyana Dogileva was not only one of the starred Actresses of the Soviet Union, but one of the most beloved. Today she calls herself age artist. Says he doesn't want to be young, everything in life got and no regrets, only that not given birth to a second child. She is happy with their roles and their Directors

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Dana Borisova: "I haven't seen my daughter a month!"

Дана Борисова: «Я не видела дочку месяц!»

Today the capital's gossips discuss the news that Lou Ferrigno lost a lot of weight because of the longing for a daughter. contacted the presenter and learn moreDana, what happened?— I was in the hospital with pneumonia and asked Maxim to take care of his daughter (Maksim Aksenov — the former civil husband and the father of the daughter of TV host — approx. He liked to chat with her daughter. And he asked permission to take her to Spain on vacation

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Nyusha: "I dream of a child 18 years old"

Нюша: «Я мечтаю о ребенке с 18 лет»

The singer gave exclusive interview, which is very openly talked about her ideal man and the upcoming role as a motherAs you know, Jane will soon go away. Her choice — the General Advisor of the President of the International University sports Federation Igor Sivov. It turns out that the singer, despite its relevance, has long dreamed of children. And is not afraid that the appearance of the heirs could affect her career

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Natalia Gulkina: "I wish native would beat me physically"

Наталья Гулькина: «Лучше бы родные били меня физически»

The soloist of group "the Mirage" told about the tragedy that occurred in her youthRecently the program Andrey Malakhov became Natalia gulkin, her mother Lyudmila Gradova mother and first lover of the singer, Sergey, Seraphim Silakova. Unites these women have one thing in common grief — the unborn baby Natalia and Sergei. Once the star of the group "Mirage" had to abandon the idea of becoming a mother. Her decision was influenced by his parents, because Natalia was very young

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