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Zhanna badoeva: "my Husband is so able to smooth out the situation, that gives me the opportunity to shout"

Жанна Бадоева: «Муж так умеет сглаживать ситуации, что не дает мне возможности покричать» discussed with the presenter roast snake, a tub of beer and a family quarrelZhanna badoeva of those girls who are hard to catch. And this is quite logical, because it runs a programme of travel, and the rest of the film popular in Italy, where for several years she lives with her husband and children. However could seek a personal meeting.Jeanne, once again you Teleputeshestviya, and this time in Russia

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Anastasia Meskova: "Friends say: baby you're damaged goods"

Анастасия Меськова: «Знакомые говорили: с ребенком ты порченый товар»

The star of the show "Sweet Gizeh" happy second marriage. Details — in interviewAn early start invariably increases self-esteem and enhances life and professional prospects. Anastasiya Meskova is the rare occasion when people chase immediately after two hares, caught both. She and the first soloist of the Bolshoi theatre, and actress, and starred in films from a very early age. Plus wife, mother of two sons and socialite, shining on the iconic parties

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Catherine Deneuve: "my Wife never for men to the center of the universe"

She circled the head of Marcello Mastroianni, Roger Vadim, Alain Delon and other Heartbreakers, but married only once — for the photographer David Bailey. Today the actress is 74 years old, but she still sharp tongue and ready for new victories1. About yourselfI act. I'm not one of those who will sit on the sidelines and analyze what is already in the past. I always go forward. If I made a decision to talk me out of it pointless. Although then I might reconsider

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Ryan Reynolds: "After sex, I realized that everything will work out"

Райан Рейнольдс: «После секса я понял, что все получится»

Actor marriage with Blake lively, daughters and change their styleRyan Reynolds already forty-one years, and we still perceive it as a budding young man. Meanwhile, behind him two marriages, both with dazzling beauties blondes: the first — with Scarlett Johansson, and the second with Blake lively, with whom he has two daughters. The same consistency he is famous for and the choice of roles one by one playing of superheroes, not forgetting, however, about the difficult character roles

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Nick Garkalin: "Pasha took on the shoulders of our entire family"

Ника Гаркалина: «Паша взял на плечи всю нашу семью»

Daughter Valery Garkalin — about how her life appeared a real manNick Garkalin and Pavel Akimkin've been together ten years and married seven. Their relationship started in the worst Nicknames for the period: first, seriously ill dad, Valery Garkalin, and then passed away mother. And the support and joy she gave to her young actor, helped to survive. Now their son Timothy for six years. This event was a great happiness and Valery Garkalin

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Svetlana Stepankovsky: "We, Krasnodar, very emotional"

Светлана Степанковская: «Мы, краснодарские, очень душевные и эмоциональные» discussed with the actress, blonde, beauty contests and footballThe actress well remembered for her role as the comical blonde in the TV series "Univer. New Dorm". Then in "Devchonka" was the role in this role, but, to the delight of Svetlana, play girls like her are no longer offered. Although she is sure that sometimes this imposed stereotype extremely useful.— Svetlana, now there is the world Cup

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Alexander Yakin: "Even in school I realized that, except in the theatre, will not arrive"

Александр Якин: «Еще в школе я понял, что, кроме как в театральный, никуда не поступлю»

Star of TV series "Happy together" and "Eighties" — about life after shootingAlexander Yakin started his acting career as a child. Who does not remember Roma Bukin from a serial "are Happy together"... However, for many, Alexander is also associated with the hero of the series "Eighties". And theatre-lovers know him for his roles in different plays. met the actor and discussed the influence of the popular role of his career, football and the bath

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Valeria Burduja: "Always be seen by the actress as she is open to flirting"

Валерия Бурдужа: «Всегда видно по актрисе, насколько она открыта для флирта»

In his twenty-five years, the actress has time and distinguished filmmakers to turn a trick, and to create a family. Details — in interviewShe burst onto the domestic kinnabakken like a comet — fast and bright. Valery Bardugo the audience could see in such popular series as "the Mentalist", "Swing", "Double solid", "Second sight". And this is just the beginning, as a young actress twenty-five years

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Sergey Stepin: "I am optimistic in life. I think there's always a place for humor"

Сергей Степин: «Я по жизни оптимист. Мне кажется, всегда есть место юмору»

Popularity is a capricious lady. To Sergei it came when he was already a Mature person. And the actor himself sees in this situation only advantages: according to his confession, it saved him, but it would zazvezdilsya— In the movie you started with episodes, and woke up famous after the premiere of the series "the chop." What did you feel?— Somehow it all goes in parallel. What did the do — theatre, film and children

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Paul Savinkov: "My kiss jokingly called pensioner"

Павел Савинков: «Мой поцелуй в шутку назвали пенсионерским»

Actor calls his role in the series about the residents of an ordinary street in a residential area the most difficult of his met with Paul Savinkov and discussed "pensioner" kiss in the picture, the actor's family and the humor that saves on set.— Paul, in the second season of "Street" acting was easier than the first?— Yes, because you already know everything about your character, you know, partners don't need to get used to each other, just work in peace, and all

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