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Vitaly KHAYEV: "Now learn a lot from their children"

Виталий Хаев: «Сейчас учусь многому у своих детей»

The actor said about the Chinese fans, bad habits and a trip around the worldSport, yacht, two sons and a lot of filming and performances. In order to catch, you need to be very purposeful person, and Vitaly Haev just that.— Vitaly, your fans enjoyed watching the TV series "How I became Russian". And now you play in the film of the same name, but with a different main character

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Natalia Gulkina: "I continue to receive declarations of love from young boys"

Наталия Гулькина: «Я по-прежнему получаю признания в любви от молодых парней»

The most famous vocalist of the legendary group "Mirage" celebrating its 55th anniversary. And does not hide it. discussed with singer the ideal age, the vocal cords and family joyWomen usually lie about their age, you don't. Why?— Probably because I don't feel this age. I always get the feeling that this is some kind of error because too young I feel in the mood to live superficially

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Victoria Lopyreva: "This child gave us heaven"

Виктория Лопырева: «Этого ребенка нам подарили небеса»

The model, recently became a mom for the first time, said in an interview about beloved, birth of the ocean and new habitsTV presenter and Ambassador of the world championship on football Victoria Lopyreva gave birth to a son. And it happened in the process of how Vick answered the questions of "MK-Boulevard" about how she prepares for motherhood. But the new joyful worries did not prevent a young mother to talk about the beloved man, birth of the ocean and new habits

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Kate Hudson: "If we had a great relationship, I would none of the ex-husbands didn't break up"

Кейт Хадсон: «Если бы у нас были отличные отношения, я бы ни с кем из бывших мужей не рассталась»

The actress said in an interview on the education of children from three different fathersA giggly Kate Hudson is probably the most positive person in the starry Olympus. With a smile, she sees not only their professional highs and lows. And she loves music. Rather, musicians. After relationships with singer Chris Robinson, and Muse frontman Matthew Bellamy, she quickly found a new happiness with producer Danny Fujikawa

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Michael Mukasey and Ekaterina Gamova: "Our romantic period lasted an hour and a half"

Михаил Мукасей и Екатерина Гамова: «Наш романтичный период длился часа полтора»

Seven years later, the famous cameraman still affectionately calls his wife Catechu. Details — in a joint interview the pairOf the famous cinematographer Michael Mukasey's and star volleyball Ekaterina Gamova crossed accidentally, though we can say that it was the hand of fate common in their life were very much like characters in nature. Feel them a single organism, but both are easily and freely breathe, despite the joint seven years

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Anatoly Bely: "Without a healthy share of vanity in our profession is nothing to do"

Анатолий Белый: «Без здоровой доли тщеславия в нашей профессии делать нечего» he discussed with the actor poetry Valentine Day child-rearing practicesFor his career, Anatoly White played dozens of roles in well-known films, TV shows and performances. And recently, the actor was immersed in his poetry. The artist does not forget the family, loved the children and the approaching Day of lovers.— Anatoly, recently advanced the Russians celebrated the New year on the Chinese calendar

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Inna Malikova: "Write that I increased the lips, but this is ridiculous!"

Инна Маликова: «Пишут, что я увеличила губы, но это же смешно!» recorded recipes long youth artistInna Malikova is perfectly implemented as a soloist and producer of "New gems". But to match this forever young genre, she works not only in the Studio or on stage.I've been fasting four times a year — during this period, partly trying to eliminate meat and dairy products. Try to eat less starchy foods, but sometimes in the morning you can afford a sandwich

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Taisia Povaliy "I "dumped" my future husband, when he wanted to meet me"

Таисия Повалий: «Я „отшила“ будущего мужа, когда он хотел со мной познакомиться»

The actress said the secrets of a lasting relationship with her husband, young daughter and a unique pedigree.The singer Taisia Povaliy can be the envy in the best sense of the word. Not long ago, the actress celebrated the 25th anniversary of the relationship with her husband and producer Igor Lihuta. Now she is a caring mother and a wonderful mother-in-law for the darling of his son

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Anna Tikhonova: "After the shooting Bondarchuk shook my father's hand"

Анна Тихонова: «После съемок Бондарчук пожал отцу руку»

Today, Vyacheslav Tikhonov would have marked 91. About the beautiful actor recalls his daughterThe success of Vyacheslav Tikhonov after the release of the series "17 moments of spring" was big. The country is literally trembled at his name. Numerous fans were on duty under the Windows of his Moscow apartment and was very popular. Today it is hard to imagine how great was the glory of the artist

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Dmitry Dyuzhev: "I was interested to spend the night in the bed of Peter the great"

In February, the world premiere of the historical epic "Tobol", filmed on the eponymous novel by Alexei Ivanov. The era of Peter I. the Actor played in the film role of Peter and shared his impressions with— Dmitry, admit it, it was not easy? Still, this role is truly a landmark...Each of the brace for me was like an exam. We need more training in order to play the royals

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