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Sienna Miller: "no man can knock me out of the way"

Сиенна Миллер: «Ни один мужчина не может сбить меня с пути»

The actress does not get tired to prove that her media image aggro is far from realityI heard Sienna Miller is a tough, alcoholic, home-wrecker, home-wrecking, the English version of Paris Hilton. The press diligently created this British actress is the image of the flighty and frivolous blonde who flits through life like a butterfly

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Rinal Mukhametov: "It was wild, crazy love, not love"

Риналь Мухаметов: «Это оказалось дикой, сумасшедшей влюбленностью, не любовью»

The star of the movie "Cool tango" admitted in an interview that immediately found the oneThe rinal Muhametov noticed after the role of D'artagnan in the film by Sergei Zhigunov "the Three Musketeers", where his character charmed everyone with his charming smile. And with "Gravity" by Fyodor Bondarchuk, he burst like a meteor into the ranks of the brightest young actors

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Maria Skornicka: "I find it difficult to make friends"

From a modest Perm Schoolgirls she grew up in the star of the series "Real boys." Popular actress answered questions— What were you in childhood?— Fairly quiet child, homemade. It was hard for me to make friends. But that all changed in high school. I myself remade.— How did you earn your first money and what to spend?— My friend traded in the market artificial sheepskin. With the money I bought the movie "gone with the wind"

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Nikita Panfilov: "acting is the disease that needs support"

Никита Панфилов: «Актерство — это болезнь, которую нужно поддерживать»

He is among the five most popular actors and a list of enviable grooms of Russia. found free now the heart of an artist and why his profession is a drug— Your father was the artistic Director of the Theater, eager for comedians. It happened your first acting experience?Yeah, I started playing in his father's theater the age of five. Role was in the play "Ivan". First impression — stand under the piano, and his father: "are You a straight a? Took. He raised the sword

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Svetlana Permyakova: "it is Always interesting to watch Alenushka, but more fun to be Baba-Yaga"

Светлана Пермякова: «Всегда интересно наблюдать за Аленушкой, но веселее быть Бабой-Ягой»

The star of sense of humor, and joys of late motherhood and family quarrelsAbout these Actresses sometimes say "She's perfect for Comedy". Svetlana Permyakova disagrees with that and continues to make people laugh in sitcoms and on the stage.— Svetlana, you starred in "Intern", are now on TV medical gear. She probably wanted to be a doctor?— No, not wanted. Here's my mother — Yes, thought about it. Said that I really came to the white caps. I understood that it not mine. To play — Yes

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Nikolai Drozdov: "I understand the younger generation, it touches me"

Николай Дроздов: «Я понимаю молодое поколение, оно меня умиляет»

Not long ago nationally beloved broadcaster received congratulations with the 80th anniversary. Thus the Nikolai does not like to remember significant dates. With much more interest, he goes on various trips— Nicholas, you have just visited the children's festival in Crimea. What do you especially remember?— I have a lot of experience. And by the way, I first saw the movie Alye Parusa 1961 inception, where the main role Lanovoy

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Vladimir Tolokonnikov died at the age of 74 years

Владимир Толоконников скончался в возрасте 74-х лет

Balls was his mark, but remember him in this roleHonoured actor of Kazakhstan Vladimir Tolokonnikov has died on 75-m to year of life. In Russia, he remembered, knew and loved mainly as Sharikov from "heart of a Dog" by Vladimir Bortko, although he played a lot in theater, and cinema. But the his star role the Polygraph Polygraphovich not loved, believed that she became a stigma on his career.As they say close, Vladimir Alekseevich, the cause of death was cardiac arrest

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