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Natalia Moskvina: "In our army are real men!"

Наталия Москвина: «В нашей армии служат настоящие мужчины!»

Honored artist of Russia, well known in our corps. It happened many times in the "hot spots". In the eve of February 23, the singer congratulated the military and told about his difficult but interesting concert trips— With the army I work more than one year. Participate in events, visits to the garrisons, "hot spots". In their performances in addition to musical numbers I put stories about Russian poets. It always brings genuine attention to the soldiers and officers

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Irina Antonenko: "I often come up to meet, but I chop it in the Bud"

Ирина Антоненко: «Ко мне часто подходят знакомиться, но я это обрубаю на корню» discussed with the artist first to work, shooting with the stars and Dating on the streetIrina Antonenko from childhood wanted to be an actress, but went towards this goal in a roundabout way. Now Irina with zeal of a perfectionist makes a career in film, and young actress a lot.— We all come from childhood. How'd you have it?— Like everybody else — with their UPS and downs. With sad memories and with fun

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Ivan Zhidkov: "When Lily said she was pregnant, I did not hesitate for a minute»

Иван Жидков: «Когда Лиля сказала, что беременна, я не колебался ни минуты»

The actor became a father again. About the new family in an exclusive interviewThe couple's romance, though, probably, very modern history. He saw her photo in the social network. Beauty so intrigued the actor, that he immediately sent her a message, which quickly received a response. Although, as it turned out, Lilia Solovieva has not followed the work of the actor Ivan Zhidkova and learned about his profession only at the meeting. After a month they lived together

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Alexey Uchitel: "My daughter Masha is a future Sharapova»

Алексей Учитель: «Моя дочь Маша — будущая Шарапова»

The Director first talked about their younger children from Yulia PeresildProbably few people in recent time have not heard the name of Alexey Uchitel. Premiere of the acclaimed "Matilda", attempts to "Champions of morality" to ban the film, scandal, and passion... Now all settled down, and the Director could easily talk about their path into the profession, about the relationships that brought him down. And for the first time told not only the sons, but the younger daughters, Maria and Ana

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Vladimir Yaglych: "If you treat everything with humor, the stress can be forgotten»

Владимир Яглыч: «Если ко всему относиться с юмором, о стрессах можно забыть»

To reincarnate in different images of the actor likes more than to talk about themselves. But one of the presentations still got answers to a few questions— According to the sun, you were able to relax. You often does that happen?— No more frequently. The trip — probably the only time of the year when I was able to relax. In the winter it is easier to do, because our work is closely related to autumn and spring-summer season. We don't often shoot nature in winter

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Inna Zhirkova: "Yuri'm sure it's a boy!»

Инна Жиркова: «Юрий уверен, что родится мальчик!»

The other day fans rejoiced not only sports achievements of the player. Yuri and his wife Inna celebrated the tenth anniversary of wedding. Details — in interview— Inna, say a decade of the wedding you and Yuri celebrated very unusual?— Everything happened spontaneously, because we didn't know that Yuri will be the weekend. We celebrated into the night because the next day Yuri had in Saint Petersburg

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Elena-Cristina Swan: "For the truth I can fight can»

Елена-Кристина Лебедь: «За правду я и навалять могу»

The presenter told about women's power, the weakness of scams and garbage as a weaponIn the TV show "Scam in Networks," fragile girl named Elena-Cristina is going through an incredible adventure. Fans sometimes seriously fear for her health, but the presenter does not think to stop.— Probably, many noted your unusual double name. It's real, or a pseudonym?— No, it's on the passport, my real name

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Maxim Averin: "All my work I try to spend on travel»

Максим Аверин: «Все свои заработки я стараюсь тратить на путешествия» met the actor and discussed the doctors in the frame and behind the scenes, a perfect rest and a hearty dinner after six in the eveningOne of the most popular actors in the country oozes charisma and wide smile and non-local tan. It is immediately evident that the new year holidays Maxim spent the way I wanted. And in the new season of the series "Sklifosovsky" actor — such as it wants to see fans. Energetic, ironic and, of course, talented

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Oded Fehr: "I think of myself as a good guy, but look in the mirror and scared"

Одед Фер: «Я думаю о себе как о хорошем парне, но смотрю в зеркало и пугаюсь»

The owner of a demonic appearance, the actor was a sensitive and delicate personOded Fehr is an American actor, whose life is closely connected with Europe and Israel. He became famous for his roles in such cult films as "the Mummy" and "Resident evil." The owner of a demonic appearance, fer plays villains and a mysterious foreign Prince, but may be one of the most sensitive and thin people you will ever meet.— Oded, not so long ago, flew to Moscow

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Fedor Lavrov: "I do not deny nor ex-wives, no girls"

Федор Лавров: «Я не отрекаюсь ни от бывших жен, ни от девушек»

The actor admits that now happily marriedFedor Lavrov was born in the family of the St. Petersburg theatre of actors, but it's not strewn his way with roses and even had me worried when choosing a career. He admits that because of their obsession with work have lost two families, but now, despite the dedication, priorities changed. Having moved from St

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