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Anna Peskova: "it's a Shame to read what I took the man of the family"

Анна Пескова: «Обидно читать, что я увела мужчину из семьи»

In an exclusive interview, the actress first spoke about her husband, Deputy MinisterSpectacular brunette Anna Peskova, familiar to us in the series "Double solid", "pregnancy Test" and "Five minutes of silence", attracts attention on the screen from the first minute. It is not only bright appearance, but in a charming feminine energy. However, towards the youthful dream of becoming an actress, she has made a solid hook. It was the same with personal happiness

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Evgeny Pronin: "Although alien play — the main thing that was interesting"

Евгений Пронин: «Хоть пришельца сыграю — главное, чтобы было интересно» met the actor and discussed the powers of deduction, the journey, dreams and superstitionEvgeny Pronin played a variety of characters in movies and TV series, but his acting collection person with memory loss. Exactly this, he played in the detective series "the Unknown".Eugene, your character Shahin is a born detective. And how you personally developed your powers of deduction?— I have well-developed intuition. I feel people are some situations in life and how to behave

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Lena Lenina about Vasily Stepanov: "In this story, even for me a lot of dark spots"

Лена Ленина о Василии Степанове: «В этой истории даже для меня очень много темных пятен»

Editor tells that hides the star of the film "Inhabited island""Suicide" of actor Vasily Stepanov was one of the most discussed topics. The fate of this beautiful young man has excited many. News that he broke his spine, that he tried to commit suicide, that he was in a psychiatric hospital, has consistently led the ratings for actual news. Writer and editor WomanHit Lena Lenina was one of the few who extended a helping hand to the actor, which had suffered all these terrible things

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Sofya Kashtanova: "the Woman must Shine"

The actress said on her beauty secretsActress Sofya Kashtanova, who played in the TV series "Wolf's heart", "holiday romance", "Kitchen", played the role of Sophia Loren in the movie "the Thaw". And, of course, many fans are interested in, how did Sophia manage to look so good.Three years ago, my diet consists of a dominant position is occupied by vegetables. So I can say that the power I have is quite healthy

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Stas Peha has addressed the problem of social orphanhood

Стас Пьеха занялся проблемой социального сиротства

The singer admitted it is well aware of children from children's homes and tries them to return the parentsStas Pieha long had to prove that he has the right to perform on stage thanks to his talent, not big names mother Ilona Bronevitsky and grandmother Edita. The actor passed the hard test of the "star Factory-4" and was a finalist. So, like anyone else, becoming a member of the jury of the contest "You're Super!", he understands the experience guys

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Nike Borzov: "For my daughter's dad is just funny and fun."

Найк Борзов: «Для моей дочери папа просто смешной и веселый»

Tomorrow, the musician is celebrating 45 years. In honor of the anniversary he said unknown details of his biographyNike, you have a round number...- If the passport, Yes.- How you feel yourself today?- According to my calendar I'll be... how old am I anyway? I'm a 72-year birthday, so I now... nine years.- How calculated?Just by adding up the two numbers. I have a calendar like this. When it will be 46, then pop up zero. Reset everything

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Alexei Morozov: "the Wife brings me tranquility"

Алексей Морозов: «Жена воспитывает во мне спокойствие»

The actor told in an interview about how it changed family lifeAlexei Morozov played the main role in two of the most resonant projects of the past year — in the TV series "Mysterious passion" and the film "28 Panfilov". There are new interesting roles. There was a time when he left the acting profession! Then he moved from his native St. Petersburg to Moscow. Worked for several years in PR, can be said to have made a career... And then decided to go back to work

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Elena Panova: "I always thought I was incompetent"

Елена Панова: «Мне все время казалось, что я неумеха»

The actress spoke about how he achieved initial success in the cinema and met her husband-DirectorElena Panova remembered by the audience from their first appearance on the screen. In the series by Alexander Mitta "the Border. Taiga novel" she played the strongest dramatic role. It was hard to believe she's only twenty-three years! After that there were many other striking works. Love her Directors and colleagues, and the audience. And she is a spectacular woman. But..

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Julia Parshuta: "for myself a clean sheet of paper"

Singer — rage and the things that make her blushJulia Parshuta quickly and honestly answered the questions of our interviews.— What color do you associate yourself? — With white. I blank sheet of paper.— Did you say you had read Schopenhauer, although you didn't read?Even if I read Schopenhauer, afraid to say Yes because I remember bad books.Someday in a fit of rage you hit the dishes, tore Newspapers, throwing objects?— In a fit of rage I'd rather pay

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