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Anna Tsukanova-Cott, "the Profession chose me" met with the actress and discussed her modesty, pasta and harm of mobile phones

The whole life of Anna Tsukanova-Cott is somehow connected with the movie. She's from an acting family, first came to the set as a child and even her husband met at the casting. In this situation, you can't be surprised as the apartment Anna — part of a film project.

— Anna, you, probably, have already said that you seem like a girl-Tomboy...

— I absolutely unpredictable. Unable in the morning to go out to get bread in the shop and fly to new York. Keep things happen unexpected for me. I don't know where I'll be tonight.

— How to relate to this family?

Okay. Fun them.

In this case, the choice of the acting profession was a deliberate...

—...And here and there, it all happened by chance, therefore, I believe the profession chose me.

— But your parents, the actors themselves, gave his daughter in drama school?

The most exciting thing they gave me there, not because it was theatrical, but because it's closest to our house.

— How did you get to Boris Grachevskogo?

— My mother went to the casting for the Gorky film Studio. In the next room, where they spent casting, there was a "jumble". I asked my mother permission to go there. There in that moment was Boris Yuryevich Grachevskiy, I asked for him in the newsreel, he took me.

Анна Цуканова-Котт: «Профессия выбрала меня сама»

His film career Anna started in the magazine "Yeralash", which left many Russian zvezdama: materials of press-services

— Not afraid and asked for it?

Yes. I've never been so shy.

And as in "Jumble"?

— I liked to be the center of attention, the atmosphere, liked to communicate with adults on equal terms. Liked to be needed, to make the most money.

— What is your relationship with Boris Grachevsky?

— Wonderful, we still talk. A very warm attitude towards each other. Recently, at the festival "Orlyonok" went together.

— Your husband — a famous film Director Alexander Kott. When I first saw her future husband, how did he seem? What comes to mind first?

— Honestly, don't remember. Our story begins much later. When I was preparing to enter the Institute, called him as a senior fellow to consult me what to read and how to behave. Since then, with him and the Council. (Laughs.)

Is it true that you and him are completely different in nature and temperament of people, but still you are together?

Absolutely. I crazy, very energetic. Sasha is calm, melancholic, considered.

— When the husband is a Director, it helps in the profession?

— On joint I the same as all the other actors on set. Nothing super special, due to the fact that I am a wife, during the filming occurs. On the contrary, I'm trying to merge with the group. The team of husband important to every person, starting with the props and ending with the extras. I want everyone to be comfortable.

— The house is still debriefing or everything happens in the workplace?

— Of course, discuss some things.

— Some of the artistic couple say that at home they are an ordinary family, at work — only at work.

— Can't say about us. The situations are different. We can talk at work about work, and can not speak.

— Rumor has it that my husband specifically does not remove you in their movies?

— We have an unwritten rule: the wife in the title role — not very well. We try to avoid it. My main role at other sites, and Sasha shoots the beautiful Actresses that we know and love. Everyone is happy, all fun.

Анна Цуканова-Котт: «Профессия выбрала меня сама»

One of the brightest work of the actress in the TV series "the Eighties"Photo: materials of press-services

— You have a rich filmography, but one of the star roles were Katya Polyakova in the sitcom "the Eighties". What memories from this work?

Director Fyodor Stukov, who himself came out of the "jumble". Probably because of this I got the role. For me it is the role of a real woman. When you shoot a child and then start working adult, the main thing is the transition. Was such a transition in "the Brest fortress", then in the TV series "the Eighties". They showed the viewer that I'm an adult. I'm playing the respective roles. It was important to me.

— When you started your career probably dreamed about a large number of roles...

— I think this is the dream of most artists.

And they don't always understand all the difficulties that will inevitably arise?

— Of course. My profession, in addition to the numerous advantages, there is another side. As a rule, she always accompany processing, night shift, the lack of full output. It should stay as adequate and polite to everyone, because communication with people is the main specificity of the actor. It is impossible to relax and have some fun, because after you watch what you say, how you behave, how to relate to others. Therefore, in terms of behavior and lifestyle need to be very responsible.

— What projects attract you more than anything in the film?

— I like projects drive. When the actors are cool, and the whole team is the same. Loved shooting in the series "the Student" Oksana Karas. We each scene long rehearsed, and then filmed "gulp". It was a very magic and interesting experience for me.

— You often reject roles?

— Not so long ago, I launched the art project "Eat art", in which with a professional team shooting unusual and videos based on his own recipes. It takes time. And if you along the offer that I was not interested, I refuse. I decided for myself: would rather go free in a short film than for the money, but in something that is not soul.

— Alexander can advise where to play?

Not that I remember. Most often he doesn't even know what I do. As I often don't know what is he working on. Watching the end result as the viewer. In the process of their work we do not talk too much.

— Who today is more like your son Mike?

— Mike similar to both of us. In my opinion, it is good to combine our Sasha features. He is as energetic as me, but very intelligent like my dad.

— Mom and dad in your family as a good and bad COP? Who is harsh?

— We are strict, but kind, trying to do so that he did not feel features. He goes to regular school. Walking in the yard. And no star bonuses are not received.

— Who indulges Misha?

— Grandmother.

— You now put at the head of a family relationship?

— Attention, support. Because the rhythm in which we live, is very active.

I heard that sometimes in the movies Alexander has something from you, even if you're not busy in the picture...

— Not quite. Just one film with Inna Mikhailovna Churikova, when she cooked Breakfast she did everything exactly as I do. Two eyes of eggs and sausage in the form of a smile.

— You once said that the wedding scene in the movie was just terrible. Why?

— It was hard for me to spend the whole day in this long white dress. Legs entangled in the wires. Monstrous hairstyles with varnish, after which my head itches for another ten days. For me it was stress. All the wedding scene is a very tense story. Always.

Анна Цуканова-Котт: «Профессия выбрала меня сама»

Anna, her husband, Director Alexander Kott, and son Michaelkennedy Avramenko

— In the movie you were back in the eighties. At what time you would like to live?

— Probably in the sixties. In America. I just loved the clothes, the relationships between people, belief in a bright future, typical for that time. And most importantly, no mobile phones. Now, when everyone is endlessly looking at the phone, and I am no exception, I'm wildly annoying. The horizon narrows from the people, in my opinion.

Although it is possible to quickly find the answer to any question...

— I think we all turned into the word "Google".

— You can often be seen at film festivals. What attracts you at these events?

Is an opportunity not only to have a good time with friends but also make new useful contacts. Plus view new films. Besides, I'm interested in domestic cinema and love it. To watch movies, to laugh, to walk, to dance.

— Anya, you're from the younger generation of Actresses, and what relationship you have with the older one?

— Very respectful. I did a movie with Mitta in the movie about Malevich and Chagall. For me it was a separate page in life. It is important for me to work with the great. For Mitta I watched, absorbed, listening. It works differently than the young. With the classics it is interesting to stand, as, for example, with Jurassic. Some limitless glow. The desire to learn.

— Have favorite Directors that you would really like to do?

— Todorovski, for example. I love all of his movies. Especially The "Dudes". He is amazing.

— Rumor has it that in addition to work in film you're still into graphic design and she has designed the interior...

We couldn't think of what should be our apartment. And eventually decided, as if we're making a film about our family and we need to figure out what it should be flat. And it was different and interesting.

— What are you proud of?

— Love the kitchen. I thought of it. Quite dark, but very cozy. It inspires me to cook new delicious dishes.

— Have a favorite?

All — time favorite is pasta. I prepare many varieties of pasta. I like to bake the chicken in the sleeve. And my family loves eggs in all forms: scrambled, fried. And with Mike a few are preparing the dessert — chocolate fondant cool.

For you family vacation?

— Family vacation is not impossible. All have very different work schedules. Often combine work and leisure. For example, Sasha was filming in Armenia, and Misha came. Rested a week, while he worked. Try to come to each other for the shooting. At least at least some time to be together.

interview, Anna Tsukanova-Cott


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