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Natalia Gromushkina: "the Acting profession is a pleasure for the rich"

Actress for children, beauty secrets and domestic issues

Natalia Gromushkina starred in dozens of films and TV series, is known for his roles in musicals and theatrical productions. But one of the main she considers the role of the mother: together with his colleague Ilya Obroncow Natalia is raising 12-year-old son of gordius and 4-year-old daughter Iliana. met the actress on the shore of the Azov sea, where it somehow flew one.

— Natalia, it is strange to see you on the coast without a family.

— All working. My son workout. He's serious about football, and now he games, fees. Little grandmas and nanny in the country. And the spouse is removed.

— That is this year so far without a family vacation?

— This should be a separate holiday. Our older son we see you at summer camp on the shores of the Black sea, where he will rest, and I spend meetings, master-classes.

— We know that you are busy and other things. In particular, you can see a play on the legendary Gurk play "Love and pigeons". In addition, you this play and produced. How did this happen?

First I had the idea to make even a musical. But I got a call from the Director-Alexander Gorban said: why would you do a musical setting, I'll play. A week later, Alexander did not, he tragically died. But this last call did not give me rest. I've been thinking who, besides him, could put the show. And in the end the Director is a great actor and Director Vasily Mishchenko. I act as inspirer, producer and one of the compounds play a role of Luda, the eldest daughter, and Raisy rice Zakharovna loved, if such fine artists as Olga Tomycine and Olga Prokofiev too busy in their theatres and on set. I love our artists: Tatiana Orlova, Raisa Ryazanov, Mikhail Zhigalov, roofing Zhuravleva Olesya Zheleznjak. Working with them is a pleasure.

Наталья Громушкина: «Актерская профессия — это удовольствие для богатых»

In addition to the movie and TV series Natalia participates in the theater of life. In the play "Love and pigeons" Gromushkina not only an actress, but also the inspirer of postanowiono: materials of press-services

— Has long been known that the tear is a difficult bread...

— I have my students say that the acting profession is a pleasure for the rich.

But the audience's appreciation difficult with anything to compare. Perhaps after each performance from the audience gifts are?

I will never forget that one gift, however, was handed to me. After the performance comes in the dressing room Olga Prokofiev. Shows that she was given. We just fell. Gave her two packets of mayonnaise! We have was hysterical. I am not going to say comments Olga. But clearly the poor man brought the most precious thing he had. Even if he could give you one Apple, it is still very touching. Because the person so wanted to do something nice!

— Natalia, you mentioned that your son plays football. Tell us what other talents he has?

Well, nejanilini and untalented I do not give birth. This will tell any mother. (Smiles.) The proud twelve years, began puberty. Rude with sarcasm, a good sense of humor. Well, brains work well. Upset, of course, that ranking is badly off. When I asked: "Gordus, show me your diary," he said, "Mom, why do you have negative emotions!"

— A daughter whose: father's or mother's?

— All the children are mine. Docha is definitely a gift. She loves her brother. Although they can fight, swear and so on. I'm surprised: born from two different men, they like each other like parts of one whole, with a difference in eight years. Busechka I already adult — she's four. It seems to be just rocked on the handles, and had grown up. And by the way, too, with a good sense of humor.

— You and your spouse have been together for six years. The fact that you are colleagues, helps in family life?

— Hard to say. I never expected a relationship. Especially, family. But Elijah insisted. I said, well, okay, but under one condition: if you find a common language with my son and if it were possible, to ask the hand and heart will be with him. I don't know what they were saying, but after a few days, the son asked, "Mom, when is the wedding and all that?" I was surprised how quickly men behind my back and done! (Laughs.) Well, the fact that our family will be the second child, the grandmother was said Gordey. I then asked: how did it go? He said, "Okay. Grandmother is still in shock."

Наталья Громушкина: «Актерская профессия — это удовольствие для богатых»

To combine acting and parental responsibilities is not easy. But Natalia with her husband and colleague Ilya Obroncow struggling to devote as much time as possible to son and dokurivat: materials of press-services

— Who helps you to cope with everyday problems?

My mom is just gold. Although we do not always have with her dialogue has been established. But when we ourselves have children, we do not begin to treat their own parents. Iloski very active, temperamental mother. And Gardescu she took as her own. She's always somewhere: in China, then in France, then in Germany. All the time it is somewhere drags for the holidays. And my mom takes care of our cottage. I'm not saying it's a mansion. Modest little island of happiness. Plus we have a nanny who is like family.

— Women like you, probably used to the male compliments. As to the female. Your hair obzavidovatsya possible...

Here we must pay tribute to Elena Obraztsova, my mother, who was as a child with a belt when I wanted to cut it off. And then I realized that it was beautiful and the acting profession, and.

— And your glowing skin is the same advice your mom?

— Of course, I have expensive makeup to the professionals I go. But eventually many years later I found out that there is nothing better than baby cream. It has not spoiled.

— Do actress Gromushkina a hobby, not associated with the profession?

My hobby is cooking. I really get pleasure from it. There is a little sorcery, a little bit of magic in the good sense of the word. (Laughs.) When you for its prepared with love, it becomes tastier.

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