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Natasha Ionova: "Hooliganism is mine"

She broke into the world of pop music under the name Gluk'oza, and for 15 years songs performed by Natasha enjoying great success. asked the singer to answer the questions of our questionnaire

— What were you in childhood?

Very rowdy. The same remain. Now it is more informed decisions. However hooliganism is mine.

— How did you earn your first money and what to spend?

— I starred in "Jumble". So when we received the first royalties have been shocked everyone, including my parents. I have enough money to buy a cake for her family well and some of the household needs to cover.

— Do you often listen to jokes about blondes?

— I think this is an atavism. Even if I hear nothing offensive do not.

The best advice that you followed?

Is advice from Maxim Fadeev. Famous quote: "Dogs bark — the caravan goes".

— What Goodies are you ready to abandon the diet?

Never dieted. If you want ice cream or candy I eat.

— What quality of men you will never accept?

— Probably cowardice and some kind of moral avarice. These are not often resolved at some important, courageous things, which distinguish a real man.

— In what clothes you feel irresistible?

Often feel beautiful in some trivial basic things. All depends on my mood. Sometimes, whatever you were wearing look like a million dollars.

— Is it easy to cheat you?

To deceive me is very simple. And I, sometimes, allow themselves to be deceived, even if they know the person is lying. Just to be able to identify it in the future.

— And do you know how to cheat?

I don't know how to cheat, because immediately present themselves. Start stupid giggle. Easier to tell the truth.

— What kind of movies you can revise endlessly?

— "Pretty woman". Remember, recently saw again by chance while waiting for a friend in the cabin. And didn't leave until the credits.

— What is the female whim in your performance?

— I do not allow myself to act up. But sometimes, if you do not do some sort of compliment, perhaps, to hint.

The journey that you remember forever?

Cuba. This was my first trip abroad. I thought this is Paradise: an abundance of food, fruit... But we messed something up with my friend and eventually came to some village, where we wanted to eat. But to go out was impossible, because the Shuttle bus that drove into civilization, I went every day. And there was no money to especially align. For me it was a tough and memorable challenge.

— How do you imagine the best job in the world?

— What I do, and have the best job in the world. I am constantly thinking: will I get paid for it good money?

— You know what's in your handbag?

— Of course, you know. First aid kit, toiletries, cosmetics, which may be necessary before applying makeup. All styling. For small repair service if something breaks down or breaks. There is a notebook, and headphones, and iPad, and all chargers, and even mosquito repellent.

— Happiness is...

Life. The here and now.

interview, Natalia Chistyakova-Ionova, Glyuk'oza, a quiz


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