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Sofya Kashtanova: "a Proud woman — a single woman"

Actress of the Mexican macho, blind date and belief in the power of the Patriarchy

Sonia Kashtanova — like a rare exotic bird, who flew to us from overseas. In daughter of the screenwriter of Andrei Antonov and actress Alla Chestnut felt a noble to become. It's flowing a lot of blood: among the ancestors were poles, Italians, Germans. They say that people with such a talented set of genes. Sonia sings, dances, paints, and enjoys yoga. The main thing is your calling, as in his time, and her mother, she found acting. It surely is gaining popularity, but fans can admire it on the screen. The heart of our heroine is occupied.

— Sonya, you know that you have decided to study the family tree. Something interesting could find?

— Actually, now is the time when many have begun to take interest in their roots, ancestors, origins. I am no exception. And thank God, my hands were archive of my great-grandfather on my father's side, which was absolutely unique person, Nicholas Ulrich. He was a Russified German, an academician, a scientist, had fifteen foreign languages, seemed to know about everything and not superficially, but studied and was immersed in history, art and science. Seventeen years spent in Stalin's camps. While in Siberia, watched as he invented agricultural machinery furrowing our country. Letters, diaries, and photos pradedov archive, I learned that half of the Tambov province once belonged to my ancestors — noblemen Nikovym. I went to some estate, that was very exciting. When I arrived at the estate of Lydia Snizhkova, the birthplace of my great-grandfather (the local school even study the history of our species), I was greeted like a lady returned... touching beyond belief! And this is my new finding filled me with joy, because when you learn about your ancestors, feel the power of your family, begin to pray about these people, to remember them, to honor. My mom has a story, too, but my mother's family has always been dear to me, I grew up with them. So I'm working on this project — compiling your family tree.

— Tell me, besides you and mother in the family was still an actress?

Professional — just me and my mom. But my grandmother loves so much art! He knows almost all the actors. My mom she named Alla in honor of the beloved it Alla Tarasova. My children played excerpts from the play "guilty Without guilt", and they — my mother and brother — he wept bitter tears of self-pity. (Laughs.) It's funny, but when my mom was in the Moscow art Theater, often dressing room was the dressing room of the legendary Alla Konstantinovna.

— The story of a romantic relationship your mom and Mexican Raymundo is also worthy of cinema. How did you perceive departure to another country?

— When mom told me the news, I was excited. Of course, I was scared but I was comforted by the thought that now would be the handsome type Ricky Martin. I was sure that all the Mexicans are spectacular. (Laughs.) Alas... Raimundo was just not like him, however he was very sincere, warm, caring man with a rich inner world. I'm interested to talk with him on various topics. In addition he is the architect and Builder, he is also a wonderful dive master. It's his religion! He would be able to live under water: there is an absolute harmony and happiness. Raimundo and me in this religion is dedicated, and now, when I'm in Mexico, and constantly immersed in the sea and cenotes (underground lakes). A parallel world! Fantastic!

Софья Каштанова: «Гордая женщина — одинокая женщина»

Dress, galina podzolko; shoes, saint laurent; earrings, Carlo ZiniФото: Alina Golub

You was nine years old. Not sorry to leave the house where you grew up, friends?

— Hmm... no. We cannot be called immigrants in the full sense of the word, we're not leaving forever, and have lived in two countries. So do not feel of nostalgia, of homesickness, was not divorced from his circle of relatives. From Mexico we brought a positive attitude to life and tried to share these treasures with your loved ones and friends. The first weeks in Moscow I have the smile never left his face. (Smiles.) In General, Mexico has become my beloved second home. She opened me so many new things: my horizons expanded, many of the complexes was dissolved because had a chance to chat with all sorts of foreigners who, like us, arrived in this town of Playa Del Carmen. When I got there for the first time, it was a very small settlement, but now is a huge metropolis with a population of half a million people. Mexico opened the world of yoga, Latin dancing to salsa and meringue of his life. (Laughs.) I love to dance. This is the real happiness. And our Caribbean sea — the ultimate dream of human. Oh, how our eternal Moscow weather like in Mexico! Thank God, soon I'll fly there and formed a small vacation. So that jerk for a couple of weeks — pajaritos energy, positive, sun, sea.

— That is you are a kid who grew up in a warm, kind atmosphere, without knowing the hard school framework. You have learned independently at home, and went to Moscow to take exams. But what you had in acting school, where he taught the authorities?

— Why? And hard school framework has been in my life: still learning I've done in Moscow, and at the age of fifteen he entered the School-Studio of MKHAT. Here there was hard, many did not. I had learned in the course such talented guys, just real virtuosos! And I have the sketches was a complete ambush. I remember once I was trying to portray a wave — not guessed by any one person. (Laughs.) And the first independent passage was a scene from "Lady Macbeth", where I thin childish voice squeaked: "Spot! Out damned spot!" — of course, to the General Homeric laughter. And fencing is a complete disaster! In short, synthetic artist, I was not, as many of my favorite fellow students. But the main problem was that I lacked experience. I really was grown under the sun child, and the loss of his father at the time was the most serious blow to me. The actor suffering for the profession is needed. The richer life experience, the more interesting it is to watch him.

— Then there must be unrequited love.

— I had in life and serious feelings and relationships that I couldn't save. Not everything depends on us. But these are the gems in the box of the actor. Such a cruel profession — all tested emotions serve us as material for the realization. Even the terrible, tragic events are working on this wheel. When my daddy died, I was close to madness. Saved me horse riding. Mom bought me a horse, and the days I spent in the stables. Practiced show jumping. Apparently, at that moment my guardian angel took this form. It will undoubtedly come in handy in the profession. At the right moment old experienced emotions emerge from somewhere in the subconscious and helping to make roles. Experience is the greatest wealth.

Софья Каштанова: «Гордая женщина — одинокая женщина»

Dress, Yanina couture; earrings, KojewerlyФото: Alina Golub

— Mom at the moment supported?

— Of course! Actually we are close friends, but I can't be with her relaxed acting in the plane, are clamped internally. Shy, I guess. So I kept her close to him as adviser. She spent a lot of time at the Institute, watched all of our passages, I helped someone from classmates, all experienced and all supported. In fact, graduated from the School-Studio of the Moscow art theatre once again, this time with us. But to me she's the creative Union did not work out... maybe.

— Why did not work?

I do not know. I guess I was afraid of condemnation or criticism of her. Still mom for me, the credibility it gives his opinion about my work, and I listen to it. But to rehearse together I'm not ready. (Laughs.)

But she is proud of your success?

— Yes, mother, and grandmother. I am very glad that I managed somehow to please them. Not so long ago on the First channel was the series "Wolf sun", in which I played a Polish noblewoman Irene, who fell in love with the Cheka, the Bolshevik. I really value this role. To appear in the historical picture, especially from a Director like Sergey Ginzburg, incredibly interesting. I have and most have Polish roots and I was lucky enough to work on the site with stunning Polish actress Eva Shikulska.

And the security officer was played by Gela Meskhi, which you, by the way, studied together...

He was a year younger. We made friends on the project. It is good!

— Do I have to feel sympathy to the partner with whom you have a love line?

Different there are times. In world cinema, many such stories when the actors hated each other, but nevertheless, these paintings became a masterpiece. So that strong negative emotions can give a positive result. (Smiles.) For me, it's not particularly pleasant to communicate with a person which you something annoying. But "art requires sacrifice", and the Director does not argue, he knows better... In principle, we should strive to be such people in your life as much as possible. It is my position to go to others with an open heart and love. By the way, someone sees this as hypocrisy and artificiality. But I really like this — I'm comfortable in a state of good.

Софья Каштанова: «Гордая женщина — одинокая женщина»

Dress Alla coutureФото: Alina Golub

— But you're probably faced with betrayal, deceit?

— Yes, of course. My close friend, we grew up together, and acted very ugly to me. And it was painful, unpleasant and bitter. And most importantly, I could not understand — for what?! But her act did not harden me, and I remained open to the people who come into my life. Rejoice in their success, like and trust them. So, for some reason my friend had to do what she did, but that's her story...

In the movie series "Police with the ruble in Beskudnikovo" on TNT, you play a priestess of love Christine — the girl incredibly sensitive and kind. Any transformations will happen to your character in the new series?

— Oh, enormous! She has everything changes. There will be only one — her inner insecurity. Unfortunately, Christine still doesn't believe that she can love, she deserves it. Such doubts, by the way, is inherent in many people.

— The whole plot is a Comedy parody. The love line is also exaggerated?

— No, I think the love line was very real. A lot of stories in real life. She loves a policeman Grisha, and he perceives her as a friend, and sometimes even exploited. But Christina is a real person. It can't be called a bright representative of his profession. On the contrary, its other valuable qualities: kindness, ability to love, devotion and sacrifice. What she's doing, is a complicating factor impeding her personal happiness. Probably, the roots of the problem lie in her unhappy childhood. I think my character was some early resentment, a situation that allowed her to believe that it is not important. She goes on with her life — ready to attack for the sake of someone else.

— You are ready to allow financial dependence on men?

— Yes, I believe that a man should take responsibility for his woman. And do not be afraid of this dependence. My grandmother told me that you should be proud. "If he stands on one side of the street, go the other. That he did not think that you are chasing him". Why? Why be so proud? Proud woman — a single woman. A fact of life. A man has to seek his beloved, must show that he can be her wall of support — including financial, that her life was protected with him. "Oh, she just wants my money!" — typically, men say the poor or greedy. If he can't take responsibility for a woman, then he will not be able to provide your children.

— And in your life men, that said, I have nothing to give?


And you separated from them?

— They have nothing to give, not because they have financial difficulties, but because they are insufficiently motivated. Accept and love me, they say, the way I am. They just don't want to strain until the thunder clap. And when he breaks out, too late to be. This kind of immaturity, childishness. And I want to say: "Well, you're a man or what?!" A woman should not be an extension of his mother. Anyway, I don't want! No, I'm for Patriarchy, the head of the family — man.

Софья Каштанова: «Гордая женщина — одинокая женщина»

Dress Alla coutureФото: Alina Golub

In Mexico this way?

— In different ways. By the way, if to speak about Mexico, the word "macho" means something quite different from what we imagine. Macho is a man who drinks, walks, beats his wife and does not work, of course. So "you're a real macho!" — not a compliment. But mostly the Mexicans are Catholic, not in words. Divorces there, the case is exceptional. Hold on to the last... Good men out of my skin out, but in the house everything is in order.

— How you consider, what your feminine weapons?

— I know how to listen and hear, to understand the problems and try to understand them. In General, I am very caring and attentive. I think it's not a weapon at all. (Smiles.) The girls bitch with this case is better. (Laughs.)

— You have women's ideal?

— Probably, it's Sophia Loren (I played it in the "Thaw"). She's gorgeous and as an actress and as a woman. She's charming power, I want her to stay, to bathe in this stream. Imagine how I feel close to men! Sophie has had a fantastic career, with a family, had children, though uneasy her paid. And she's so beautiful! So Yes, I can say, it is for me ideal.

— Giving an interview about the series "Wolf sun", you said that you are also ready to protect your beloved in front of family, in the face of public opinion. There was such situation in your life?

— No, I was speaking in General, not in relation to their situation. But I think that when people live together, they're a couple, then, needs to present a United front to support each other. Who else can you count not your soulmate? Find your man is a big problem and a great gift, and not everyone is this lucky, but must be sought.

— How do you feel about civil marriage?

— For me, family is where people are not afraid to take responsibility for each other, neither publicly, nor to God.

— For you it is unacceptable to have a child out of wedlock?

— Neither of which can not renounce, as much as will happen. But it would be better, of course, a child growing up in the family.

— I think you are a very intelligent person and know how to control their emotions.

Yeah, I don't want to put yourself in danger, including from the psychological side. Saving myself from a relationship that can destroy me. If I know I'm bad, painful and not comfortable, simply leave.

— You are the leader in the relationship?

— No, I am good artist, I do not want anyone bossing, saddle and something to prove. I have a friend, she is constantly quarreling with her boyfriend. And it is very frustrating. They say: "why are you upset? Including Italian and scream in pleasure". (Laughs.) By the way, I think many men just like to fight. Throw out the emotions, "let off steam", and then all is well. I do not know, the conflict with the loved person leads to the fact that I'm emotionally closed, depressed. For me always more important than the conversation. Of course, this sounds boring, throw some dishes much more fun. (Laughs.) But I do not exactly feel better.

— You said you are not married. But the young man you have?

— Yes, there is.

— Your history of meeting was as romantic as my mom?

... Here the connecting link became my closest friend, designer Alexander Serov. My future with a young man she met through common friends. And for some reason immediately decided that we like each other. Asked him: "Married? Do you have children? You got a girl?" And received to all three questions is a negative response, said that he needs to meet with me, showed my photo. At the moment I don't need a relationship I wasn't looking. So a friend said we're just seeing a movie. This young man also came there. And the process has become irreversible. (Laughs.)

Usually blind dates don't end well.

— Yes, but fortunately, I didn't know that going on a date. It is then revealed the intrigue.

— What attracted you to a man?

— Probably just his male qualities. Educated, caring, courteous, a real gentleman. With him I felt like a real Princess, is looked after, taken care of.

— He is also from creative industries?

— No, so my world for him is something new. At the time of our acquaintance he didn't know who I am, and now watching the film. Some still cannot find, I told him not helping me. It's his job. (Laughs.) We discuss: did the role to go further, how to develop.

— Jealous of your growing popularity?

— One of the most popular yet, but is jealous of everything else. (Laughs.) It is difficult to accept some aspects of my profession. For example, when he sees how I play love on the screen.

— You in Russia found a jealous Mexican guy?

— Yes, it appears so. But seriously, jealousy is inherent in all people, regardless of geography.

Софья Каштанова: «Гордая женщина — одинокая женщина»

Dress, Yanina couture; earrings, Ko jewelry; ring, carlo ziniФото: Alina Golub

But it does not set you any limits? For example, in the erotic scenes to shoot, candid photo shoots in men's magazines not to.

— Trying to keep. Of course, the instinctive manifestation of male possessiveness and sometimes breaks, but he understands that I should be perceived not only as his girlfriend but also as an actress. I value my profession and I don't want to part with it. At the moment, we're fine. What will happen next, time will tell.

— How do you spend time together?

— The guests go to the theatre, exhibitions, go on nature outside the city. We have a friendly family and we are happy to communicate with parents. But due to the fact that both work a lot, sometimes just nicer to stay home alone.

— How is your life?

In everyday life I'm quite comfortable. I love it when clean, I like to cook, to receive guests. A woman should support a cosiness in the house. Of course, if I'm shooting late, I'm not ready to come home at night to cook soup. All within reasonable limits. I have an AU pair.

Do you have any favorite household chores that help to relieve the brain?

— No, I'd better go to the gym. Last time, I don't do yoga, which has long been my hobby. Discovered gym. I love that I see results and feel fit. Yoga gave peace and relaxation, but now there was a need for activity. Going to Mexico will go back to yoga, there is an ideal situation for this.

— What's your passion? You write the picture, even had an exhibition.

— Not yet time for this. In that moment, when I started to paint, I was in another state, had no shots, and my creative energy has found an outlet in painting. Now I went back to the vocals that gives me enormous pleasure. It is very important to try and not be afraid to develop their talents and abilities. Once I was sure that fail to even a fence to paint. (Laughs.) But the tried — and succeeded. Then I somewhere decided that I didn't know how to write. Why, is unclear. My dad was a writer. Tried — wrote the script. No matter what while he never went there — I discovered this door. The main thing — not to crush yourself with fears or complexes. And easy to work with. And succeed. Our opportunity is Grand, if you wish, we can do anything! I believe in it.

interview, Sofya Kashtanova


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