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Nikita Tarasov: "I'm not one of those who on his wedding day will call all secular journalists" talked to the actor about the mishaps of his profession, a perfect Breakfast and on the attitude to family life

For the star of the series "Kitchen" this summer has been very full. Nikita is a movie where he played Tsar Nicholas I, and so the actor can be seen at various festivals. found the artist on the shore of the Azov sea.

— You arrived at the resort, but imagine the film with his participation. How often do you manage to combine work and leisure?

— Most often happens. My father is a touring musician. So in our family blood to work where you can relax. And Vice versa: to relax, where the jobs are. The concept of "rest for the rest" we had just last summer. My dream came true: I moved the parents to the place where he visited more than once, in Provence, South of France. And happily gave a tour of his native land pastry chef Louis... the Next dream is to go together to Venice. After all, it is the cradle of all creative people in the world. There wakes up the inspiration. So it was that his age of Christ, 33 years old, I met on the set in Venice. On the island of San Michele, the tomb of Joseph Brodsky. In the past year, taking part in the feature film "Icaria", we had a great time in Malta. But then again a trip with the family at sea is complicated by the fact that the parents live close to Jurmala. You Wake up and fifteen minutes later on the coast. And there is also good. One big happiness.

Apparently, Moscow is a city where you only come to work?

— In Moscow I'm almost twenty years. It is difficult to imagine that somewhere in another city so I would be able to realize themselves. In Moscow, I am, of course, most of the time. If you imagine the human body, Moscow for me is the brain, Petersburg soul, Provence — stomach, Venice — eyes and ears, Riga and legs, simply because my roots are there. Haven't found, are in search of. (Laughs.)

— Look here you — and I see that, despite the love for marine recreation, you are very white-skinned man. Doctors do not forbid to sunbathe?..

Doctors do not prohibit. I love to sunbathe, but not always because of work. I swear, when you find yourself under the scorching sun, inside hear a stern voice some Director: "This is LaMontagne. Get off the beach!" I'm sure this happens to many actors. It would be strange if in one scene of the film, which was shot prior to your trip to the sea, you will be bright, and in a second of screen time suddenly covered with a bronze tan. Mount is impossible. So do not relax.

Никита Тарасов: «Я не из тех, кто на свою свадьбу позовет всех светских журналистов»

The role of French pastry in the series "Kitchen" did Nikita Tarasov is not only a popular actor but also helped him to learn gotwithout: materials of press-services

— What projects are you currently working on?

— At the finish line filming the movie "Draft". The work is the painting "Abigail". I also hope that soon will be able to see his audience on the theatrical stage. At the theatre the response to your work get instantly. In the movie, usually a year. (Laughs.) In General, the acting profession gives you the opportunity to get to amazing places. Recently was lucky enough to play in a Big Gatchina Palace. The joy was in the fact that there is in full swing restoration. You can see the "before" and "after". Perhaps, having come there as a tourist, I would not have seen everything. And when the Palace is the location for the filming of the movie, why not go ahead and absorb the magic of transformation pompous giant... But the most memorable event was probably the filming of "representative Day". We filmed in Vorontsov Palace, at the foot of AI-Petri. Once after a day's work Keeper of the Museum invited us, actors, to tea in his office. "Sit down on that couch," she said. To which I replied: "He two hundred years!" The caretaker insisted: "Sit down!" We sat down and she said, "Well, it is precisely on this couch sat Aleksandr Sergeevich Pushkin".

— Not all know that at the time of your profession could be music...

One of the main tales of our family: I was a year old, the mom in the stroller they brought in the legendary concert hall "Dzintari" concert BAND "Eolika", which my dad used to play. I first saw him on stage. The musicians came out in stylish suits, bell-bottom pants, issued first sound... And it's made me such a strong impression that, sorry, little Nikita could not resist. Diapers did not yet exist, so my mom had to take me away. Six years, I went with dad on stage. The concert was sold out. And I felt that everyone was looking at me, so I tried to play my little guitar, I bought my parents in "Children's world". Since then, music has always been there for me, but it's more of a hobby.

— And if I have free time, how they prefer to dispose of?

— The last time I got caught up in the suburban estates. Serednikovo, Marfino, Abramtsevo, Arkhangelskoe, in the end. In some kind of special magic. In night clubs is not pulling. I am inspired by architecture. A miracle when the walls of brick and boards there is a wonderful feeling. When the nose one can perceive the air of bygone eras. It's like watch a good movie.

— I can assume that after the "Food" you have a new passion for cooking...

— Sin not to do it, because we are five years stood shoulder to shoulder on the set with professional chefs. They taught us a lot. Today at any restaurant in any city I feel at home. I know where the workpiece where the fridge, where spices where a warehouse... I love to cook and eat seafood in any form. Even prepared salads, meat can put out. And a separate article is Breakfast. Oatmeal not everyone sees clearly. But if you add ice cream and cinnamon, a familiar dish becomes more attractive. Love cheesecakes with raisins! Or scrambled eggs with salmon, avocado and cheese... Breakfast for me is the most important. Because dinner a movie sometimes "current". That is — when I can.

Никита Тарасов: «Я не из тех, кто на свою свадьбу позовет всех светских журналистов»

Despite the stereotype that in the movie business to make friends, after filming the movie "Battle for Sevastopol" Nikita fun to interact with Julia, Peresylali: materials of press-services

— They say in the movie business it is difficult to make friends. You communicate with someone from colleagues?

Of course, I do. Whence such stereotypes? Who else will understand you better as not colleagues? Work spills over into friendship. Better yet, when friendship is born creative child. It is difficult to find the people in the movie that would not live their work. This is akin to a healthy fanaticism. For example, in moments of laziness to me in your mind comes the image of Julia Peresild. They say, "I still have time, and you don't't sit down!". The fact is that, having received from Julia an invitation to play in the play "Stihotvorenie" I saw firsthand what a huge burden it responsibly carries on his shoulders. In addition to filming and performances in repertory theatres, she does charity work for many years. This example is contagious!

— You are called eligible bachelor. Do you think that will last?

— No, not for long. Such titles are not looking. All the will of God. Actually I'm an introvert and a sociopath. And this is not the most enviable character trait.

And all can not help but ask the question: busy is your heart?

— Occupied. Very busy. Seriously you say. That's just my personal space to remain personal. I'm not one of those people who on your wedding party will get all the secular journalists. I think it is important not to stick out that part of life which is not related to public activities. But hiding is not hiding. Those concerned than I am today, had Breakfast in what manor were walking — you are welcome to my social accounts on the Internet. In his personal life as important harmony.

interview, Nikita Tarasov


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