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Sergey Gorelikov: "Humor from childhood was present in my life."

Host of the show "don't sleep", also known as Serge Gorely from the Comedy club, responded to the questionnaire

— What were you like as a child?

— I remember in the third grade parodied Gorbachev at the request of classmates. It turns out, humor from childhood was present in my life, and I'm already at an early age began to work in this field.

— How did you earn your first money and what to spend?

— Parents taught my brother and me to help them with the housework. For example, we went to dig potatoes, and we were told: "For a bucket of potatoes will get a certain amount of money." What I have earned? On the piracy of audio cassettes. By the way, you don't need the cassette?

— Many men are seriously passionate about cooking. You're in trend?

— I do not know how to cook. Absolutely! Cook the ravioli can: I'm from Siberia. But roasting and steaming — it is not me.

The best advice that you followed?

— If I hear someone's tips, I always adapt them for themselves, and do as you see fit.

— What Goodies are you ready to forget about proper nutrition?

— I've never dieted. Now resting in Georgia and was not afraid to get better! I eat anything and as much as necessary.

— What is the female as you would never accept?

Women, please, turn on the turn signals! And it has turned into kind of a mess on the road. People began to forget why this lever.

— In what clothes you feel like a man anywhere?

— I feel comfortable in simple and comfortable clothes. The jackets I wear it only for events or shooting, but in everyday life I prefer casual style.

— Is it easy to cheat you?

— I will not say that I'm gullible, rather reasonable. In any case, immediately never agree. If this is not the suggestions of friends, of course.

— And do you know how to cheat?

— Do not do it. Though, probably, if you really need, you can try... But inside I'll still feel uncomfortable. Or hear the voice of conscience.

— What kind of movies you can revise endlessly?

— Can often review the "Lethal weapon" with Mel Gibson.

The journey that you remember forever?

Every time we go somewhere with the wife, with us there are interesting events, meetings and new friendships with amazing people. So we all remember forever.

You imagine the best job in the world?

— It should be the same as mine.

— You know what is in the glove compartment of your car?

Yes. Stuff. (Laughs.)

— Happiness is...

— be able to pursue their dreams, dreams, loved ones and, if possible, to someone else.

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