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Vladimir Tolokonnikov died at the age of 74 years

Balls was his mark, but remember him in this role

Honoured actor of Kazakhstan Vladimir Tolokonnikov has died on 75-m to year of life. In Russia, he remembered, knew and loved mainly as Sharikov from "heart of a Dog" by Vladimir Bortko, although he played a lot in theater, and cinema. But the his star role the Polygraph Polygraphovich not loved, believed that she became a stigma on his career.

As they say close, Vladimir Alekseevich, the cause of death was cardiac arrest. The actor is very smoked, suffered from bronchitis, but the doctors did not apply.

Владимир Толоконников скончался в возрасте 74-х лет

"I'm a superstitious person,"Yulia Goncharova

A few years ago, the Almaty State academic Russian drama theatre named after Lermontov was born in Moscow. Brought performances: "the Cherry orchard" by Chekhov, "the Hotel of two worlds" Schmitt, "House" Grishkovets and "the visit of the ladies" dürrenmatt, all of them were busy Tolokonnikov. Then I managed to talk to this wonderful artist. Small excerpts of an interview is better to tell him than the memories of colleagues.

– Vladimir Alekseevich, in the movie you mostly removed by the Russian Directors, in the theater play in Kazakhstan. You people of the world?

– Of course. We are all from the Soviet Union, where no one would look at where you're from. Fraternal peoples helps each other. I remember in the 90s, I was in Belarus, and we have had nothing to eat. So I'm out of condensed milk and canned meat boxes home lucky. Was delicious.

Владимир Толоконников скончался в возрасте 74-х лет

The actor was proud of the role of firs in "the Cherry orchard"Julia Goncharova

From Kazakhstan is leaving many Russian — your potential viewers. Do not ever think of moving?

That's a tricky question... the Outflow of Russian-speaking population from Kazakhstan, of course, affects the public theater, and from villages in the Almaty comes the viewer, who, shall we say, a little familiar with the Russian language. But you can not make everyone in the theatre aesthetes, many come just to laugh, to relax. You never know what I think and want. My son graduated from VGIK, the course Mikhailov, played Myshkin. I watched and cried. The son remained in Moscow, trying to get through here. We simply have no work for artists, it is very difficult with the suggestions and in Russia, spinning wheel, working kinokuniya, opens up great possibilities. And I in Kazakhstan as well. Although, oddly enough, with age, the climatic conditions I have are more suited the Russian.

– You have a ring "Save and protect", are you a believer?

I can't say that I'm Church-going, but for God all come sooner or later. We are all born in the USSR were atheists, but the actors are so close they are dealing with the soul that alone is not enough. This before artists were buried outside the fence of the cemetery, and now look, they all go to Church. My sins are not few. Here to smoke can not quit. But on the set, while waiting, what to do? I was drinking at the time. And drove me for the abuse of alcohol, there was even a stagehand, and then again took. The nature of, say, complex — I for the truth! Can sometimes be sharp and hurt man. Like all artists, I'm a superstitious person.

Владимир Толоконников скончался в возрасте 74-х лет

The actor smoked a lot, and the doctors do not obraschalsya Goncharova

– In spite of the abundance of your role, every second person knows you as Sharikova from "the Dog heart" and "Hottabych" from the same picture. Both characters surreal. Mystical roles brought good luck?

– Yes hell knows. Removing the "heart of a Dog", we didn't have to think through for yourself. There's so much material, that take, but live without hesitation. But after painting, it is so freaking press, what kind of luck I say. One good article, ten bad. Of course, then the picture turned into a bomb. Our task was one, not thinking about mysticism, to convey the story as we left it Bulgakov. By the way, Bortko's the role of the Ball took the dog and I and the dog played, so that there is complete transformation in character. Beads became my brand. In General, I believe in fate. Everyone has his chance in life, its important not to overlook, not to pass by.

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