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Nikolai Drozdov: "I understand the younger generation, it touches me"

Not long ago nationally beloved broadcaster received congratulations with the 80th anniversary. Thus the Nikolai does not like to remember significant dates. With much more interest, he goes on various trips

— Nicholas, you have just visited the children's festival in Crimea. What do you especially remember?

— I have a lot of experience. And by the way, I first saw the movie Alye Parusa 1961 inception, where the main role Lanovoy. But Vasily, who was the picture, not offended, when I told him that he had not seen the film. I was in awe of the "Scarlet sails". Vasily told an interesting story about the filming. The whole group went on a ship that participated in the film. And offer Lanovoy Director Ptushko pre-hung scarlet sails on the mast, so when he went to Yalta, it was already burning these sails. People on the waterfront were shocked, the whole Yalta came running to watch.

— You are quite actively spent time here, even danced. What is rest for you?

— Rest is the ability to do exercises, to go in the woods to observe the life of nature, obliging themselves by filming, reporting. Or I like some sports classes — Bicycle, spin bicycles, that's good.

— You ride a bike?

From case to case. A couple of years ago for some reason went in the evening for company. Drove in the dark in the woods, and in low light I got off track, fell, knee smashed, had to do surgery. Now struggling with the effects of this injury. Actually I want to say that at this age, as I have already if you ride a bike, in the open area in the light of day. At my age I don't lead an active lifestyle. You need to adjust.

— Judging by the energy that comes from you, your working life also boils...

I still do "In the animal world." It was such a small, intimate transmission. Had traveled around the world: the Canary Islands today, tomorrow in India, then somewhere in Thailand. Were the producers, even in the post-Soviet era. But now all were produced just in the Studio. Or at least go to the nearest Russian zoo. I'm getting ready to transfer the program to my young correspondent Alex Lupino. He had ten years in our program involved. The boy, young man, got a passport, he was last year for 14 years. I now refer to as his co-host, he is no longer just gives reports, we begin the transfer and close it.

— Many criticize the modern generation. They say that it is not what it used to be, does not want to learn. You can see how the younger generation?

— The problem of fathers and children is always is and will be. And complaining is useless. Right now, for example, in the age of gadgets, young people do not understand how their fathers and grandfathers can't use computers and things. And no need for them to be offended. I understand the younger generation, it touches me. But sad when I see that sitting in the subway a boy with a girl or husband and wife and each rested eyes in your gadget, headphones, giggling. But not because of the conversation with his companion. Something shows one another. And it seems that they communicate. It's a little bit disturbing. No wonder they say that the Internet is a miracle that brings people on different sides of the planet and divides people living under one roof. But it is a future question, I do not presume to judge competently.

Николай Дроздов: «Я понимаю молодое поколение, оно меня умиляет»

"At my age I don't lead an active lifestyle. You need to adjust," - said Nikolai Chistyakov Nikolaevichem

— Nikolay Nikolaevich, and you often see relatives? You are not suggesting, say, enough to work — it's time to relax?

Is only the wife says so. She miss me too much. The rest are not suggesting. That's the case, I see that after the son-in-law sitting in the same computer, my daughter in the other. The grandson of one — third in the gadget, not less steep than those two computers, which they got. And little else, thank God, have not yet mastered it. And he's the one who catches me immediately when I come: "Grandpa, I love you!" I am of course very happy.

— Interest in animals and love of nature was passed on to one of your children or grandchildren?

— The daughters feel something. Hope is a biologist, environmental tourism is engaged, Helen is a veterinarian, engaged in therapy, that is, a healthy lifestyle, treatment, recovery of such modern methods. Well, about the grandchildren too early to tell. One 13 years old, the other 5. The younger talent for drawing, paints a picture one after the other. Senior student at the cadet school named after Sholokhov, where they limit the use of gadgets, and I am glad.

I know you don't love, when you are happy anniversary. Why? 80 years — it's the date which should be noted!..

— I — Homo sapiens, Homo sapiens, you know that this day is no different from the previous one. Then there is a gradual aging, this one can not rejoice. Such date as 16 or 25, can be noted. And then what is good? Of course, we said, had to sit with people at their request at restaurants — one friend. But the special joy I experienced on this occasion. Go day after day, I try to slow down the aging process these of all the methods of a healthy lifestyle. It is well known that vegetarians are better than meat eaters. I don't eat meat. But do not impose vegetarianism. Maybe someone on the kidneys can not be without meat or even some contraindications have. My younger daughter is of healthy nutrition, which, in my opinion, exclude meat. But very carefully and wisely.

— What is your attitude towards bad habits?

— I almost never drink and do not tolerate Smoking. As I said, I am for a healthy lifestyle.

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