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Olga Ushakova: "Your wedding I came up with myself"

Only details of the wedding of the famous TV presenter

This summer became the presenter Ollicc Ushakova special: she married the man she loved. About my wedding, family and work, she told the website

— Olga, congratulations on your new status. Your wedding and your wedding in Cyprus. Why there?

Because in this place we spent one of their first holidays together. I remember a few years ago around this time we sat at sunset in this wonderful garden, and I flashed the thought: if I had a wedding, I wish she was here. So, when they began to choose the place, these memories surfaced and we have embodied this idea in life.

— The name of your chosen one you keep secret. Why?

— It is about the same mystery as the name of my mom, dad and so on. Just have I, and I chose my job, and, respectively, and publicity. And then there's my friends who do their own thing, live their lives,and no desire flickering on the pages of Newspapers they have. I respect their desire, so the family — separately, work separately. But no one is hiding. And anyway, anyway sometimes we share happy moments of our life.

— Say that your husband is a restaurateur. Than he treats you?

— In our pair I cook and my husband washes dishes and cleans the kitchen after my cooking party. I have every time it happens the same incident. I'm starting to cook three dishes at the same time. For example, dessert, salad and a main. From five minutes of cooking starts out of sync — something to mix, whip, and parallel to the plate is something that requires continuous stirring... In the end I'm spinning around the kitchen like a top, and around me formed a complete chaos. Dinner, thankfully, keeping up on time, piping hot, all fresh. Favorite and satisfied after a delicious meal, in gratitude, makes the cleaning in the kitchen.

Ольга Ушакова: «Свою свадьбу я придумала сама»

The main guests at the wedding were the two daughters Olga and Daria, Kenyatta: materials of press-services

I heard you don't eat meat. Why?

— For ethical reasons. Don't like to delve into this topic, because that's how I feel about meat, doesn't sound very nice. I did not call to refuse him, even the children yet meat eaters, but for me it's absolutely unacceptable product.

— Your ceremony was held on the shores of the Mediterranean sea. The sea is your element?

— I was born by the sea, in the Crimea. Yes, this is my element, a source of energy. If you love the sea, don't inhale the salt air, starting to hurt body and soul.

— Who designed the triumph? You or invited professionals?

The concept I had in mind, as soon as we decided on the place. And to bring it to life, of course, helped by the professionals. Even a small wedding requires a lot of effort and time, which I do not. Organizer we found in Moscow, and she, in turn,has attracted people from completely different places. The result was an international team.

— You have two daughters — Dasha and Ksyusha. As they took your darling?

They became friends from the start. I immediately explained that dad they have one, the best, and the other is not necessary. But now they have another one close loving person, who will support and protect, if necessary. They have fun together. Husband is at all handy with children, and all children, known and unknown, always circling around him.

Ольга Ушакова: «Свою свадьбу я придумала сама»

Work in the program "Good morning" is the rise in the dead of night. But the audience can see. always cheerful and dobrozhelatelnost: materials of press-services

— Tell me about your girls. You once mentioned that Dasha is showing interest in foreign languages...

— Yes, indeed, she teaches languages and she is good at it. At one time she studied Italian, Spanish, and German dictionaries at the same time. This is besides the fact that the English and French studies at school. But now focused on these two languages.

— What interested in is the second daughter, Ksenia?

— Xenia was fond of singing. Spent the holidays with my cousin who loves to sing, and became infected with her passion. By the way, they make a great Duo — all the neighbors at the hotel heard.

Who do you see them in the future? Wish his life to the children?

The fate of everyone. Initially, they were born and grew up in completely different conditions, in another country. Your way they choose themselves. My goal is not to put pressure on them and give a choice, to raise healthy,educated children, to try to prevent childhood injuries and problems did not spoil their life in the future... And everything else they do themselves.

— As you in his childhood, they say, was bad. Is it true that you fought at recess and parents are constantly called to the school?

— I defended myself! Never attack first, but in insult did not give. I was an "eternal rookie", moved over to the Pope-the military every few months. Well, if six months somewhere late. So had to get a grip, sometimes even with fists. Sometimes stand up for someone who doesn't tolerate injustice from childhood. The fight is not a normal thing for me. But sometimes it came, Yes. However, after this I was terribly upset. Otmetelit abuser, went to the locker room to cry.

— Girls like this on you?

They have not had to deal with such problems. They go to school, where there is almost family atmosphere.

— They say that their daughters, you began to take to travel abroad from an early age. He has visited?

— Yes, two months, we started to fly with them. Went often in the same place, where everything is familiar and where is convenient for rest with children. Three years later expanded the geography, began to visit children's parks, museums, have traveled for leisure too. As a result, they have traveled, perhaps all of Western Europe, several times visited the USA from hot countries visited the Emirates. At home they often rest in Karelia, the nature there is unique beauty in the summer — to Sochi, have been in the Crimea. Love Saint-Petersburg.

— Although you admitted once that the main thing for you — the family, however the work you spend a lot of time. And it must be very difficult: sleepless nights, long hours. What is it you like?

That is a challenge. My job is not boring, the task is complicated by, the bar increases. While new technologies make life easier, including presenters (there were teleprompters), our morning shows living people, who are program without the help of technology, only relying on their skills and knowledge. Great texts sometimes it is necessary to formulate on the move, a large amount of information, numbers, content subjects need to keep in mind. At the same time to move from point to point run in heels, to work in any weather, with lightning speed to respond to unexpected changes or incidents... It's the adrenaline that causes addiction. Differently is boring and uninteresting.

Ольга Ушакова: «Свою свадьбу я придумала сама»

Despite the busy schedule, Olga believes that the main thing for her — all the same family. With her girls she spends a lot of premeditate: materials of press-services

— This year you were a straight line with the President of Russia. Worried?

— Of course, the excitement is there, despite the fact that this line is the fifth for me. As it should be. The excitement is a sense of responsibility, it helps to mobilize all the resources and stay in good shape to avoid stupid mistakes. They just tend to happen when you suddenly begin to think you're a professional and you are not afraid of anything. Straight line is the most difficult project on our TV. Experience it is difficult to overestimate. Besides, participating in it, I met colleagues with whom no line is hardly ever met. Everyone who works on the program, and hundreds of people, after starting to feel like a family.

— You generally comfortable in front of the camera, with guests in the Studio?

— Of course, I love visitors. Want them too comfortable. I try to interview at least a little chat with the person to cabinerit contact. During the work in "Good morning" I met with an incredible amount of amazing people: artists, musicians, athletes, doctors, politicians. Some of them were my idols in childhood and adolescence. And each of these meetings makes me appreciate what we have. Look back and think, could I then think that one day I'll sit and just chat with these people!

In June 2015, you and other co-host were awarded TEFI. This was the first time in the history of the program "Good morning". For you is recognition of colleagues is important? What has changed after this event?

— The constantly changing, the program does not cease to grow — is a living organism. And we all put our efforts. Of course, taffy scaleplate reward for effort for the whole team "Good morning". We cannot say that the award is important recognition of the audience. Love those looks, in fact, those for whom we work is the best reward. But professionals can see what's behind the beautiful picture. Our programme is not static sleek live from the stationary Studio. Sat, read, went. With the advent of the mobile Studio endless drive, dynamics, stunning views, live broadcasts, not only in the sense that it's live. But that we with the audience as if we live parallel lives, sometimes we do not know what will happen next.

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