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Valentina Mazunina: "Cowardice is the unpardonable sin for men"

In the film "Gorko!", "The best day" and other Valentine — brilliant comedic actress. But to the questions she tried to answer seriously

— What were you in childhood?

— As a child I was very modest. Remember, very shy in elementary school, these classes were given to me difficult. I've been used to. But we had a very good school in Vereshchagino, it's near Perm, and a wonderful Director, so we, for example, went to some arbuznik and did not learn the first of September. That's why I went to drama school, although at first did not want.

— How did you earn your first money and what to spend?

The first major earnings I had on the filming of the series "Real boys." When I was given the money, I realized ever so much in the hands not kept. I bought the white jacket is beautiful. I was very happy.

— Do you often listen to jokes about blondes?

— Not often. Even if you don't take offense. I'm a fun loving person and love people with humor who can laugh not only at others but also at yourself.

The best advice that you followed?

— My mother always said, "Val, the first thing to ask yourself and be demanding of others."

— What Goodies are you ready to abandon the diet?

— Homemade meat pies.

— What quality of men you will never accept?

— With cowardice. I think it's the unpardonable sin for men.

— In what clothes you feel irresistible?

Very love to wear different dresses. I used to wear jeans all the time, but now I have very few pants and shorts.

— Is it easy to cheat you?

Yes. I'm a very trusting person, I thank you my friends, just kidding. I then said that during the hurricane in Moscow fell the monument to Pushkin. I seriously wanted to call friends and ask how did this happen?!

— And do you know how to cheat?

— Unfortunately, Yes. But I have such a feature: when I am ashamed, I blush, and it betrays my lie.

— What kind of movies you can revise endlessly?

— "Love and pigeons", "Moscow does not believe in tears", "Titanic", which I watched probably a hundred times. When I first time took to the cinema, my sister whispered, "They're all going to die." And I roared!

— What is the female whim in your performance?

— I am a man of moods. When you Wake up not in spirit, can be capricious because of all the bullshit.

The journey that you remember forever?

Is my trip to the Philippines. I flew back to the other. And when he took the tickets, I realized that it would be hell for me. I do not know English, and to fly with some changes. This flight lasted the day. I thought I was going to die. There was only one phrase: save my life. I think I'm gray-haired arrived.

— You know what's in your handbag?

— I think there's a whole world. But in the bag I have, of course, a mess.

— Happiness is...

— Harmony, a balance. Something I'll probably come, but I want to.

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