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Maria Mironova: "Love does not exist without friendship"

In an interview the actress spoke about changing the attitude, professions and men

Today no one would dispute her achievements in the profession. Maria Mironova believes that hard-working and capable people will always find their place. And talk about failing something, because everything is bought or given away to cronies, calls the approach of the loser nothing can be achieved. She's young, beautiful, a lot of plans, and looking at it, it is impossible to imagine that her son Andrew for twenty-five years, and he is in the Theater. Vakhtangov, continuing an acting dynasty.

— Masha, you said that you now want to enjoy life, be happy, and professional fulfillment you have in the first place...

— Happiness can bring all. Just in my life there were times when the profession was a priority. Not at the expense of the family, of course, but still I walked on the trail race I couldn't catch anything. And, frankly speaking, I ceased to experience the joy of what is happening, because everything turned into a routine. Now I understand that life is short and we need to have fun. And to agree to such amount of work, so it was a joy, not a burden, as communication with people. But we have the same profession unstable, so not everything depends on you. Two years ago I starred in four films and rehearsed in "Lenkom" in the performance of Konstantin Bogomolov's "the Prince", which I had to refuse, because physically it was impossible to combine everything. "Garden ring" Alexey Smirnov is a very interesting work for me, I gladly gave her a lot of time. My character lived for many years in pink glasses with a rich husband. Then everything changed, and she's dealing with major drama. In the "Salyut-7" Klim shypenko I play the wife dzhanibekova. And a lot of joy brought to me the shooting of "Dr. Richter". Now I try to do only what brings pleasure.

But ten years ago you were possessed by a profession...

— Probably, and now I have this obsession remains, just recently I want to develop in other directions.

Мария Миронова: «Любви не существует без дружбы»

Dress, AMEN; Belle Epoque ring, Stephen Webster; bracelet Classic, Mercury; earrings Color, MagicGate: Alina Golub

— You mean the "Artist"Fund?

— In addition to the activities in the Fund "Artist" (which we organized together with like-minded Yevgeny Mironov and Igor Vernik eight years ago and is already out at the regional level, helping our veterans, not only in Moscow and St. Petersburg, and twenty small towns) I tried myself as a producer. I had the experience of organizing concerts, events for the Foundation, and before that producer's experience in the play "Carmen", and I realized that I was this close, that I enjoy the whole process and not just as a performer. We already did the video for "Cinepoetry" Anatoly Bely. And now begins a fairly long history with the movie.

— As for myself, as an actress there is something prepared?

— The funny thing is, now that I think about it. (Laughs.) Motivation to start a project to play the main role, I have not. Production history is much more voluminous than acting. And I like it.

You're a great comedienne, but, in my opinion, it's a bit late for dramatic roles...

— You're right. I do have a glut drama and suffering heroines. There is some fatigue from it. And I really want to change the genre and make a Comedy something else.

— I can offer myself to someone of the Directors or go to the audition after learning about the planned interesting work?

Can. And I already filed such an application Klim shypenko. (Laughs.)

— How do you feel now psychologically in the beginning of the filming or rehearsals with the acquisition of a great experience?

Is, of course, depends on the material. But still a few days of shooting I'm very excited. Despite the experience and the Luggage, all the same each time feel something and experience joy and fear and awe — a lot of it is existence on the brink of a foul. If you don't feel in the boundary condition, taking up a new job, you can quit the profession because we need this energy.

Мария Миронова: «Любви не существует без дружбы»

Dress, VALENTINO; ring Magnipheasant, Stephen Webster; necklace Temptations, ChopardФото: Alina Golub

— What do you over the past year managed to do in the life?

— Compared to last year, this was just a vacation, because in September I was done filming, and then was free, apart from the undertakings in production and activities related to the Fund. So I was able to relax again. I really feel the need for the sea, the sun, because here in Moscow the sun is extremely small. I am makeup — travel.

— And what places you have nourished this year?

This year, the first visit to Japan. Went with a group of friends. They wanted to photograph everything. I would call Japan the land of the colorful-a sanitary procedure. We were at the cherry blossoms. It is divinely beautiful and the smell is impressive! In General in Japan is just unreal paint. And all wear masks, it's their chip in sanitation. I began to love long journeys.

Including koganovskii place. And that has already been visited?

I really like Indian ocean, I have almost all there already circled and dream to go to Australia. There are amazing places in Bali, and their ancient monasteries can not be compared even with Japanese beauty. I really like coral reefs. They are in the Seychelles and the Maldives, these are the blue lagoon. I've always had problems with geography, but now I understand that it is necessary to teach while traveling. And I already know all the capitals, airports, where to go, and where not, where some coves, what is the climate and more. In General, I loved geography. So, let me know. (Laughs.)

— You always called themselves adequate and rational, but it turns out that in his youth, he was desperate, could of sixteen years to take off on a wild vacation at sea with a friend.

— No, I've never been particularly rational person. I practical due to the fact that life is forcing you to be responsible. And accordingly, I have to think a head. But not always I have it too it turns out. (Laughs.) Yeah, my friend went to rest in a Host of savages. Parents let us go. And nothing wrong with us there instead, it was a lot of interesting things. I had a lot of easy actions. In life anything can happen, including when you think eight hundred and fifty-six times before doing something.

— With the girlfriend then you went to sea, you're friends still?

— Yes, we are friends since the fifth grade. She tells me a lot about our childhood (laughs), because I have a bad memory, and sometimes instead of memories — "white sheet". So I have something to learn from her. (Laughs.) Although some moments still pop up pictures. Generally my friends are time-tested people. If someone enters my life, then it is a long time, and we communicate sincerely, sharing everything.

Мария Миронова: «Любви не существует без дружбы»

Dress, AMEN; Belle Epoque ring, Stephen Webster; bracelet Classic, Mercury; earrings Color Mercury; sofa, GiorgettiФото: Alina Golub

And you can rest snugly to chat with friends almost around the clock? You seem rather complicated and private man...

— No, I'm quite an affable person. Sometimes one room can share. And generally, I like to relax with friends. On close examination, to me is not difficult. And for the mass consciousness it is. But I'm in any relationship I do not tolerate use. And when something is put on sale, it immediately turns into a story. It is impossible to be sincere with hundreds of thousands of people, this is not true, I don't believe it. In my life there are people with whom I am totally open.

— You seem to have a new girlfriend Xenia — girl your son Andrew. Good thing she came into your life?

— Of course, but this happened five years ago. Our Ksenia, I love her very much.

— You've never been jealous of Andrew to her?

— No, jealousy wasn't even for a second. On the contrary, I'm glad that she came. I think if you found a good man, it is necessary to hold fast to. They've been together. Met when Andrew was still in the first year of another Institute.

— You just realized that she's a good person?

— Yeah, I I realized at first glance. As soon as I saw him walking with her down the street, thought: "this little girl". And Xenia is also a creative person, the artist.

— But for you was a difficult moment of the departure of Andrew?

— Yeah, it was tough. I even had a panic attack (laughs) when I started to think about it. But seriously, I tried to delay this moment. But now I understand that his departure was very correct. Of course, it is always difficult when they go free swimming. I had to get used to it. When he left, I very much felt empty. I was totally a Jewish mother, which you can show in skits. Moreover, in early childhood, this Andrushina didn't notice, and then I have what is called swallowed. (Laughs.)

— Probably because in his early childhood you were very young...

— Yes, probably. He was born a week after I turned eighteen. And ten years I've been a mom to a very friendly and democratic. But as soon as he began slightly to disconnect, steel cases of absence from school, something else, I suddenly "fell". He then told me: "Mom, what is it? Why, when I was a kid, nothing like this has happened, and now all this trash with total control started?" (Laughs.)

Мария Миронова: «Любви не существует без дружбы»

Photo: Alina Golub

— It is true that in his transitional age, you refused to shoot almost ten paintings?

Yes, it's true. But nothing special about it. I realized that at that moment needs son to devote the maximum amount of time, effort and attention. Otherwise, I just could not. But all this is nothing compared to the peace and well-being of your child.

— How often are you now able to see me, mom?

I think it's all right. Recently, Andrew was a birthday, and we went together to the play of Pavel Kaplevich, and Kirill Serebrennikov "Chatsky" in "Helikon-Opera". So of course, we see each other. And with mom too. Periodically meet with friends, go on a visit.

— You're "famous" athlete. Now a lot of time to devote to the sport?

— Periods — Yes. Of course, during the long filming this is unrealistic, and if I have a break in classes for more than two months, I'm starting to feel it physically. Sport brings the energy recharge me and gives vitality. I have a coach, which I have been doing for many years two and a half hours, one hour run around the track.

— The coach does not have to force you?

— No, it only stops me, says no more. (Laughs.)

Almost all the stars of today have moved to a country house or bought villas. And you?

— I recently also became a country resident. Built a house and already have experienced, what is country life which is laziness and relaxation. (Laughs.) And if the stay in the country has been delayed for a few days, then farther away, the less you are drawn to Moscow, you lose tone. This maelstrom. And I understand what you need from him in time to jump out because you still have.

But from the country to get more difficult, working in Moscow...

— I very well know Moscow, so have never used the Navigator. But if there was traffic I wasn't more independent. We can only accept and apologize to the people that are going.

— How you relate to punctuality, and most importantly, optional to people?

— Lack of punctuality, unreliability, for me, a serious diagnosis in humans. I try with these characters, not to communicate and not to enter together in a business relationship with these qualities will not get far.

And friends light you forgive the sins, flaws, or person is automatically eliminated from the inner circle?

— Forgive all. But if I don't accept, don't want people either in friendship or in love, nor in communicating each other tortured. I only this guide, because I believe that all relationships should be fun. If they become painful, starts misunderstanding, resentment, so it's useless for both. I'm running from a showdown. In my opinion, it starts when they're gone.

Мария Миронова: «Любви не существует без дружбы»

Dress, EDEM COUTURE; earrings Color Mercury; bracelet and rings Classic, all – Mercury; sofa, MinottiФото: Alina Golub

But I think the phrase "sort things out" — stamp, and even psychologists say that we should all speak, and not gloss over, forcing the issue into...

— No, it is possible to clarify the situation, but the showdown is different. This means that people are starting to swing right to voice complaints and dissatisfaction, to say hurtful words. When it becomes a system, I distance myself.

— Solitude or loneliness you have?

I have no today, no privacy, no solitude. I just need to be quiet so I could sleep, and at this time nobody touched me. In General, I don't need time when you would have no one to talk to. I come home, and if suddenly it turns out that no one to talk to for fifteen minutes or an hour or two, I communicate with cats (laughs), I have five of them.

— Why so many?

— I had a cat and the cat. She recently gave birth to one kitten, took him Andrew. And then in succession came three more, I overlooked. And nobody takes. So I give the announcement through the magazine, if someone wants a pet, let refers. (Laughs.) Cats are common, but very beautiful. Now hide the cat and the cat in separate rooms — if she has five more, I should be allowed to open a theatre Kuklachev. But I love animals. I have them a good contact, they are all well-mannered, obedient. I know how to get along with them. And cats, to be honest, much more stupid than cats. (Laughs.)

— What household chores you enjoy?

— I love to cook, lately I like it especially like. Already know how much, for example, different meats and chicken. No sweet tooth, so do almost, although can even bake a cake — banana, my mother's recipe. A friend gave me a slow cooker, and at first I was making an effort to cook something, but then gave in. But of course it is nice to do for someone and not for yourself. Besides, the less I eat the better I feel. I have no cult of food, I am very unpretentious and don't like picky people.

— And the healthy lifestyle you're not obsessed?

— No. My healthy lifestyle is sleep, be sure to sport and total restriction of food.

— Total restriction — that sounds horrific...

For me a healthy lifestyle is a ballet way of life.

They eat very little only in the ballet school, and then devours!

— I don't know, but the amount of food eaten at a time, should be counted. You should always keep the same weight. But if you eat a lot, never be able to do it. People who have this problem, know what I'm talking about.

But you have no such problem...

I don't, because all my life people watching it. I was very well. And during the pregnancy gained thirty pounds. You should eat a little. And I've got used became accustomed to a certain mode, and it won't fall out, then that to me is a healthy lifestyle.

Мария Миронова: «Любви не существует без дружбы»

Dress, EDEM COUTURE; shoes, Stuart weitzman; necklace High Jewellery, Garrard; ring Classic, Mercury; chair, table, all – Ceccotti, carpet, Jan KathФото: Alina Golub

— You recently said that doubt is bad, because a man may be a little something to achieve. Are you some projects have involved risk? For example, liked the script, but you didn't know the Director? What do you rely on?

— On intuition. Moreover, in any project there are components of the team: the Director is still the producer, and the operator, and partners. But in the creative process is difficult to predict the result, as in the relationship. How to predict whether they will develop whether spend their lives together or not.

— You mean of the male-female relationship?

— Any. In all that relates to the creative energy, or human relations, it is impossible to make a prediction. And I have not been doing this. Life is beautiful, it is completely unpredictable. No wonder they say: "Want to make God laugh, tell him your plans".

— And in the relations of men and women, reaching more conscious age, the feeling for you is still the primary?

I do not know. It is important to me that it was my man.

— Does not happen that love will Eclipse eyes? Catches like lightning, or like Bulgakov, when "she as the killer jumped out from behind a corner"?

— No, lightning didn't want. (Smiles.) Then the person becomes disabled. But whatever happens in life is experience. Any situation is not accidental. For me there is no errors. I try to make the maximum amount of advantages, to understand what lesson I was given. Love does not exist without friendship. Removal of the brain, in my opinion, when people selfishly want from each other something, argue, suffer, can not be called love. If we are talking about the second half, it should still be a great friend.

— What do you most admire in people and what's important to you in a man that will be there for you?

— As time goes on, the more I realize that there is one very important quality — reliability. If you start a case and is associated with unreliable people, whatever they were beautiful, talented, smart, the boat will float or will sink at the first snag. The same in friendship and in a relationship. So I realize that without this quality does not make sense to press on the gas. (Laughs.) Trustworthiness is a fundamental basis, and have it layered all the talent and sympathy.

interview, Maria Mironova


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