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Why Semyon Treskunov refused acting education

Pet Fyodor Bondarchuk told about a secret family tradition

The young actor Semyon Treskunov ( "Ghost", "Good boy"), whose popularity is steadily gaining momentum, rarely tells reporters about his life. However, to him once: 17-year-old young man all day on set. Recently, however, he found time to go to a long-awaited vacation, and shared with WomanHit details.tu

- Simon, the summer is slowly ending. What it has become for you?

- Quite intense, because until mid-July we continued shooting the film "Ivanov-Ivanov." Then for a short period of leave for vacation. We have a family tradition every summer we get to Noumea. There is a lovely hotel, I'm there on vacation in early childhood. But recently had to reduce these visits, for example, in the past two years because they turned out to be super-stressful and busy filming. This summer I was at sea for only 5 days. And of course I spent time at my favorite water slides. I love the water and all that goes with it. Before I was not able to ride them, because it is not passed on growth. Now finally I already allowed. Fortunately, the rides there were no injuries.

- Water slides — it was the only thing you remember during the trip?

- But most of it was nothing special because I'm a big fan of spending time in the sun. One day I, of course, spent time on the slides, but mostly just sunbathing.

- Looking at your harmony, and not to say that Semyon Treskunov loves to spend time palieva on a sun lounger...

- Well, I participated in various entertainment competitions. Funny, I always won ( laughs).

- And how did you feel surrounded by a large number of others, because your popularity is growing every year?

- I masked. Sometimes you learn, but most of the rest is easy. Masked simple: cap, glasses.

Почему Семен Трескунов отказался от актерского образования

Semyon Treskunov having a good time out on vacation in Геленджике

- Simon, but in September, you, like most high school graduates will go to study again?

- I decided to work a year, did not go to College. I have not fully decided on where to go, don't want to jinx it. It is a matter of luck, and I'm just afraid to scare her off. But I from anybody do not hide that this is not acting training. I'm going to study on directing.

Fedor Bondarchuk, Semyon Treskunov


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