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Oded Fehr: "Moscow For me the rain — the gift"

The star of the films "the Mummy", "Resident evil", "Charmed" for the local fans always seemed a big mystery as never was in Russia. And finally, the actor appeared first in Moscow and then in Podolsk, on the set of the movie "the Oracle: the game blindly"

— Oded, interested to know why you agreed to participate in this project?

— To come and see Russia! True! I have a small role, but I came here because I've never been here. I was so looking forward to this trip!

— What are you playing?

— The genre of our film is a political Thriller. Some organization is trying to work against the government. They hire people, train them in special camps, so that they will influence public opinion or even prepared these coups staged provocation. I play Arab mercenary, the last "hot spots". I like the scenario and like the idea that the Russian — not just the bad guys. Because in American movies Russian are always bad. There are also Russians, like the Americans, good and bad. However, I'm in this movie the bad guy. Although I always play in the movies the bad guys. (Laughs.)

One of the most famous films with your participation became "Mummy". Some memories of the shooting still alive?

— At first it was very difficult. In the desert, in principle, to withdraw easy. And I don't understand how all this will work? Since I had to fight with the monsters, but the monsters themselves there, of course, was not. Instead they had stuntmen in special blue costumes.

Одед Фер: «Для меня московские дожди — подарок»

In the new Russian-American film Oded plays quite usual for the role of bad Parnate: materials of press-services

— What have you gained from participation in "the Mummy"?

— It was my first big job. And, of course, I was very happy to receive it. I have had many days of shooting, acting, I have received the money. I liked everything.

— Now your popularity is a help or a hindrance?

Popularity's good. But I have the opportunity to live, travel with my family that I was not allowed passage. It's great knowing that people like my work, I like to communicate with them. And at the same time I have the opportunity to go into town and live your life. For example, here in Moscow when I walked by, recognized me and asked for autographs, but he did it very politely.

— You played a lot of mystical characters. And do you believe in mysticism or superstitions?

— I honestly don't believe in mystical things. Too much effort must be expended to think about this whole topic. Like the one that you can't step on the lines drawn on the sidewalks.

Одед Фер: «Для меня московские дожди — подарок»

Oded Fehr in "Resident evil: Retribution"Photo: still from the film

— However, some Russian artists admit that they are afraid to play roles where they are something bad. You have no such fears, because your character is who just was not even a demon in the TV series "Charmed"?

— I'm not afraid to play any role. I'm an actor, and it's very cool to play in a movie.

— You have already something to see in Moscow?

We wanted to go to Red square but it was raining, so had a little walk around. And went to a Museum that didn't look like a Museum and more like a second hand store. There was a lot of Russian technological inventions, and it looked cool. I think it was the Industrial Museum. Tomorrow we will go back in the Tretyakov gallery. I much heard about it and want to get there.

— And you do not mind that in Moscow a few chilly?

— I, on the contrary, feel comfortable. I have a house in California, it is very hot at this time. For me, the rain in Moscow is a gift because where I live, they are not!

— How do you like Russian food?

— I love her very much. We were in the restaurant, I ate soup, pickles, they were cool, I enjoyed it.

— Where's the dumplings or kebabs in this list? Or are you a vegetarian?

— No, I'm not a vegetarian. Although we try to eat healthy food. But when traveling, I usually try to try everything. For example, when I was in Iceland, then tried half head sheep and even a pickled shark.

— Heard that in Moscow you came with your wife?

— It's true, next time be sure to take the kids. We have three children with them great, but sometimes my wife organize romantic weekend. My mom home with the kids, and my wife can spend time tete-a-tete.

Одед Фер: «Для меня московские дожди — подарок»

The film "the Mummy" was the first major project, which invited Oded. The picture brought the actor international slavette: still from the film

— Your children have passed on your talents? See them as future stars?

I don't know whether they will be future actors, but I can say that my children even more talented than I am. It's not because I'm their dad. They are just such.

— You have a lot of roles where you need to be active: jump, run, etc. You are friends with the sport?

— Of course. I go Hiking, ride bikes, including mountain. I like to swim. Swimming for me is one of the most favorite activities. Generally I do everything, what my son. For example, we play football together.

— Sport is your only hobby?

I love spending time with children. And I also like to build something in the house. For example, I built a few rooms, shower. I can do it all with your hands.


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