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Robert Downey Jr: "being a father is a stunning experience at any age"

Actor — family, children, love of soap operas and dream to play pensioner

It is called the Phoenix, but the Robert Downey Jr. this definition is not very in the heart. He began acting a child in the paintings of father Robert joked that it was a way to save on the babysitter. In six years tried marijuana, and eight have already become addicted. Thirty-five he was nominated for an Oscar, a prison sentence and "wolf ticket" in Hollywood. But Downey managed to not only get back in the cage, and make it triumphant. Today his status as one of the highest paid actors in the world and one of the nicest dads in the world.

In July came "spider-Man. Return home", where we again will see you as Iron man. How was it to work with Tom Holland? Is it true that you were one of those who claimed him to the role?

— Of course! In General, all rests on me! Marvel, the Studio? Do not tell! Without me, they couldn't have done it.

— Iconic American superhero in the new film adaptation plays a British actor. Are you okay with that?

— (Makes funny face, bursting his eyes, faintly shaking his head.) That is awesome! Here it is in the person and not the passport.

— When do you think Tony stark's time to retire?

— Oh, I always ask myself this question. Sometimes I feel like an athlete who has done it all. And I say to myself: dude, it's time to get out of the tracksuit until you screwed up and did not look ridiculous. On the other hand, stark is changing, evolving, so while it is interesting to the public. When we were playing, my head would not come, that I will play in the film based on the superhero comic book at the age of fifty, and look at you! On the other hand, why Schwarzenegger nearly seventy can you be a Terminator, but to me Iron man is not?

— Pictures of Iron man, "Avengers", and now "spider-Man" — the story of Tony stark has drawn to a series. You, by the way, how to treat them?

— Oh-Oh-Oh-Oh, this new artistic language. The latest season of "house of cards" is just brilliant! And how do you "the People vs. O. J. Simpson"? "Mr. Robot" is actually the best thing that ever happened to TV over the last five years. Rami Malek (plays a major role in the series) is the best actor of his generation, we all need to learn from him.

Роберт Дауни-младший: «Быть отцом — это потрясающий опыт в любом возрасте»

In his youth, Downey Junior was a very promising actor, but he was addicted to drugs and given prison crocket from the movie "back to school"

— Are there any other superhero, who would you like to play?

If I could Wake up tomorrow with Chris Hemswort-Tom (Thor in the Marvel universe), that would be cool. Though, because he would not need to stand on a box of apples, to kiss Gwyneth Paltrow.

— First, for many fans of the comic choices you for the role of Iron man did not seem obvious. What attracted you to this character?

Is genre cinema, and many things that stark gets up close and understandable seven years, and not a grown man. But for me Iron man is not just a way to make money. Believe me, I love a good fees. But stark is a special character. He is the inventor, the Creator. And that's what makes it understandable for both men and women, adults and children. There is a phrase, every word of which I subscribe: "In life there is nothing more serious than a child at the game". If I were asked, what is the main pleasure in my life, I would say: "to Engage in meaningless garbage, oblivious to fiddle with something seemingly unimportant". This is the power of stark, his superpowers, and what often pulls me to the surface.

— Than you like him?

— Sense of humor — I write some of their remarks and conversations. Actually in our family since childhood, it was made not to take yourself too seriously. A good joke is always appreciated, so this skill I have brought almost to perfection. Another thing, over the years I realized the fact that you make people smile, doesn't mean they like you.

Роберт Дауни-младший: «Быть отцом — это потрясающий опыт в любом возрасте»

Iron man made Downey popular among vsakih, and among children

One of the reasons for your success is the ability to throw something unexpected in the scene, when does not. This is well thought out the acting technique or a reflection of your "I"?

— You know, forty doubles is boring. So bored. And when the Director again and again yells "action," I'm starting to entertain himself. Yeah, it wasn't in the script, but it works well, sometimes you get really cool things.

— What superpower would you like to have?

— Oh no, this option is not for me, I would have immediately abused their powers.

— Tell the amazing story of the prosthesis for the boy-fan.

— Oh, Yes, it's very touching. A couple of years ago a friend of mine from Microsoft told me about a boy, Alex Pring, who was seven. Alex was born without hands, but he is an ordinary boy — he learned to ride a bike with a prosthetic. In General, living a very normal life. Well, he's a fan of my hero. And one talented student albert Manero figured out how to make the smart prosthesis for Alex in the form of a hand of Iron man. Typically, these medical devices cost a lot of money, but Manero had found a way to print the case on a 3D printer and to equip the necessary toppings to hand could manage. We met with Alex in Atlanta, where I was honored to present him with a prosthesis and shake her hand Iron man. This, of course, amazing. Because these devices not only make the child's life much easier, they help you feel more confident.

— Let's talk about your own children. You have three of them...

Yes, Indio twenty-four, AXTONE five and Avery is almost three. I even have a photo. Show?

Роберт Дауни-младший: «Быть отцом — это потрясающий опыт в любом возрасте»

For her role in "tropic thunder" actor was nominated for "Oscar"

— Of course, I was counting on it. I know you're interview go with photos and videos of children. By the way, do you want another baby?

Susie said no more children. I'm afraid there is really the last word for her. My sons the difference in eighteen years, so who knows, maybe in ten years or fifteen I could convince the wife for a third child (the mother of the eldest son of Downey actress Deborah Falconer. — Approx. ed.). I hope by that time will appear reproductive technologies that will allow us to implement our plans.

— When the light appeared Exton, you threatened to quit your job and sit with him.

— I did not give up their words! My wife and I both work hard and her work is no less important than mine. And therefore, parental responsibilities we share to be honest. I have, however, not always it turns out as good as hers. Once I promised to put Exton, eventually we both calmed down only three hours a night.

Indio was born when you was not yet thirty. There is a difference in relation to fatherhood then and now, when you're fifty-two years?

The father is a stunning experience at any age. But it's cool that I can focus more on their children. Now I either work or spend time with family. No parties, no hanging out — just dice and game horse.

— I'm sorry to raise this topic. As now the case in the Indio?

— (Last year son, Downey Jr. was arrested for cocaine use and underwent treatment in a rehabilitation clinic — Approx. ed.) Indio is the son of his father and his mother. And child of the information age, you know, they still have time to try before we do. I recognize that this is our family problem. But I also admire the courage of the son, his tenacity in the fight against addiction. I'm really proud of the first-born.

Роберт Дауни-младший: «Быть отцом — это потрясающий опыт в любом возрасте»

"My wife taught me to live in the real world. you have to be an adult. in fact, Susan went to 11-year-old Tomboy, even though the passport he was under forty"Photo:

What it feels like after two boys to be a daddy girl?

— Avery is the sweetest person on the planet Earth! It is just lovely! You know, I'm not going to be a strict father, who controls every step to my daughter. I just want to (makes a very serious face) that I feared and respected. God, of course I won't let her down! She's a treasure and already'et me the ropes.

You, Susan and I work together on almost all of your projects — it acts as a producer. You have no problem to perceive the wife as the boss?

— No. But I feel a dual responsibility. I just can't bring the wife and certainly don't want the producer was displeased with me.

Thanks Susan you completely changed swaying — she agreed to marry you only after you have stopped using drugs and alcohol. Did you get rid of all your bad habits?

— There was a time when I didn't drink, didn't smoke, didn't eat meat. Honestly? It's awful. I'm boring, pathetic, uninteresting chelovecheskoi. Coffee and cigarettes — that's what we "bargained" with Susie. Without caffeine I can't exist. Seriously, I just wouldn't respond now to any questions. But thanks to my wife I have done Pilates studied Eastern philosophy. You knew I was a Jew, a Buddhist? I really like kung fu, this martial art teaches us to discard everything superfluous and focus on what's important. For many years, for me this is one of the main ways to restore emotional balance. Sometimes it hurts, I mean really physically painful, but it works. Actually, the main thing that made my wife taught me to live in the real world, not to flee it at the first opportunity. I had to learn to be an adult. In fact, Susan went to eleven-year-old Tomboy, even though the passport he was under forty.

— Don't miss a good glass of wine?

— Not one second. Sobriety is just cool. It is a realistic understanding of your limitations. Does it have disadvantages? Yes, there can be a feeling that something limits you. In fact, it's just taking your possibilities.

— You're so easy to discuss this period of life, when you were taking drugs, sitting in prison. So you managed to get past that?

— Maybe the fact that I don't want to "play" the card. I'm not interested in that kind of role model, Hollywood Phoenix rising from the ashes. All that is for me really important — family and work. So I belong to that part of his life is very practical — my store always has a funny story from that time with me is never boring at parties studios. For example, you can screw in a conversation with the hottest screenwriter in the business that the prison guard very aggressively offered me his script about unicorns.

Today's Downey and that was twenty years ago — they are two different people. How do you feel when you look at your old interviews?

— E-e-E. Well, I think that at least my style has changed for the better. And skin. Definitely, wrinkles look better on me than acne.

— Yes, you look just fine. Then a girly question. Do you have beauty secrets?

— I have a secret million dollar. Record, then I say thank you. If you have had a long training flight — in short, you squeezed like a lemon, you will need magnesium flakes and baking soda. Running a bath, thumps back half a kilo of baking soda and half of the cereal and soak for fifteen minutes. We magnesium and soda in bulk for a team buy.

— What do you think would say you are young, find yourself a respectable millionaire, leading a healthy lifestyle?

— Yes, Yes, Yes, I was cocky boy. You know, in our world everything is tied to wealth. So, the first thing I probably would have said, "Hey, man, we have an office!" And then: "What? Iron man? Minor superhero?!"

— Speaking of the material... I Heard you had a collection of stones and crystals.

— Oh, well, I wouldn't call it that. I am a person who likes... to start a collection. But I quickly lose interest in them. I love vintage cars. But I can't say that collect them. And the stones I usually carry in my pockets. I like to think that it is something like small batteries. Not something that I'm passionate about new age philosophy, I just like to keep something that you can touch. For example, some time I collected all sorts of things related to "Iron man." But I am constantly at parties where crowds of children, so all of these items somehow quickly vanished into thin air.

— They say that when you worked on "the First avenger. Confrontation", you moved your furniture to Atlanta, where did you get the picture.

— I? I didn't lift a finger! I'm not that extravagant guy to spend money on such strange things. All made the film! When you always be on the road, I want to settle down humanly. Suzy brought cats, children. And cats generally prefer chairs that they used to. The animals need somewhere to sleep, you know.

Роберт Дауни-младший: «Быть отцом — это потрясающий опыт в любом возрасте»

Actor home a real zoo: two horses – One Sock and Little D., goats tiger and memo, alpacas Miss brown, Madre, and dandy, and Fuzzy. And cats Monty and Artphoto:

Yeah, I heard you have a zoo.

— I have two horses — One Sock and Little D., goats tiger and memo, alpacas Miss brown, Madre, and dandy, and Fuzzy. And, most importantly, cats Monty and Dart.

— And the horses you gave actor Jamie Foxx?

Yeah, I have something like a farm, a ranch in California. And Jamie be coming to the party in honor of my sorokapyatiletnyaya: "I don't understand why you have no horses, and — damn! — now you have it!" I was terrified of horses! Funny. In General, I don't prance, no. Not to say that they are right languishing without a rider. They seem to feel pretty happy. Actually, I love them — in their own way. I love that they are fed, that they do not participate in the Rodeo and enjoy the nature and freedom.

— Why do you have alpacas?

— No idea. Not to say that they went directly to the people. Only Fuzzy friendly.

— Do you have the titles of the highest-paid actor and one of the greatest actors of his generation. If you had to choose one, which would you prefer?

— None of them. Listen, well, they're both... Well, seriously? No, you can imagine al Pacino or De Niro, seriously discussing something like this? The idea that there is some competition, ranking, numbers of which we, the actors, check on Mondays, weird. I don't even know the if I paid. I can only say that I pay more taxes than anyone I know.

— What is the most coolest in celebrity status?

— (Very long pause, Robert pretends that he is seriously considering the answer.) The ability to get the best table in the restaurant at any time.

What is the most strange?

— When you're walking down the street and see a huge Billboard and you're the size of a half-house. And this really is something abnormal.

— You as the actor was able to portray so many different characters. Is there anything else that you would like to try, what kind of role you dream?

— Pensioner. A wealthy pensioner. Because in order to retire, it must be earned.


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