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Valeria Gai Germanika was made related to the world of cinema, rock music and ballroom dancing

The outrageousness inherent in the star is not only in creativity but also in your personal life

She is one of the most controversial and talented Directors of the new generation. Each work by Valeria Gai Germanika is a matter of controversy. She has two daughters from different men and says that love doesn't exist, there's only longing for her. However, his amorous adventures, she have pedigree in the world of cinema, rock music and ballroom dancing. About it – in the present investigation.

It is believed that the penchant for outrageous Valerie inherited from her father. Although she tries to convince the audience that did not affect its formation, as left them with the mother too rapidly. Her father is a journalist Igor Dudinka – the person legendary. He invented and created the first Russian tabloid newspaper "Megapolis-Express", becoming the chief ideologue of the Russian "yellow press". And it is known that he married thirteen (!) time.

His tune

Dudinskaya calls himself "the king of Bohemia of the 60's". In those years he lit so that about him composing legends. In a notebook, Igor was attended by not less than five thousand phones in the first beauties of the time. And before the next party he rang at least five: one for the landlord (the dwelling at the time the journalist was not), one for myself and three more – just in case, might come in handy. Despite this, Dudinskaya always called themselves monogamous. Just married as soon as fell in love. He first tied the knot hymen in nineteen years. "We met on the Solovki. I just expelled from the economic faculty of Moscow state University, was hiding from the army, and Natasha with a group of young artists painted the Church. In Moscow we got back together, but of innocence I took her in the capital. So her parents insisted on an immediate wedding." However, this marriage lasted only two years. The reason was persistent adultery Dudinskaya, which he did not hide. The second time he married, and entered the journalism faculty of Moscow state University. With my beloved Svetlana Igor has lived too long, though, and said that they had a mad passion. The subsequent fate of women has developed strange. First, she was put in jail for drugs. Then there was a rumor that she was killed. Igor found out that in fact his ex-wife, like, faked his own death to go under a different name abroad.

Как Валерия Гай Германика породнила мир кинематографа, рок-музыки и бальных танцев

Valeria Gai, Germanotta:

Third wife, Mary, was a girl from high society. And this society he took, which eventually had to divorce. The fourth was a beautiful model Lusa, which sculpted the monument Krupskaya on Sretensky Boulevard. Fifth is the Queen of the Bohemia ruby. Sixth – gray mouse named Olga, "not very beautiful, but that is called "mine." The seventh was Natalia, the mother of Valeria Gai Germanika. And about Dudinskaya tells her bitterly. "Marriage with her – the worst binge of my life. We ordered a moonshine still, and every day we have been home for a feast. Under this deal, she quietly took me to the Registrar. This is the only wedding, which I do not remember." Deciding to divorce, Dudinskaya found out that the wife is pregnant and this can only be done after the birth of the child, the child support payments.

Then had a relationship with the actress, with another Bohemian girl, with a beautiful Yakut... And only in the twelfth marriage with colleague Natalia – Igor finally experienced the joy of fatherhood. Son was born Dudinskaya calls his firstborn. According to him, Valeria Gai Germanicus, who, however, was born much earlier, and also in a legal marriage, he cannot fully consider your child, because never communicated.

It is difficult to say what impact such recognition on the psyche of Valerie, but the fact that men she has relationships are not built, the fact. Today Igor is married for the thirteenth time. His current wife is only three years older than Valerie, as they say, before the wedding has even met the daughter of the elect. Although Dudinskaya a long time did not recognize Valery (he even had to take a DNA test, because he refused to have his paternity), however later on they still found a common language. Itself Germanicus, oddly enough, even grateful biological father: "I'm glad mom and my biological father split up when I was only one year. Because further coexistence would be to him a wild wish. He is the man who is not able to educate the child. It is normal for him. And because of this, his ridicule is not". Over time, they began to make contact, but the closeness never came: "I did not perceive the father as something familiar, don't feel a connection. Here with his stepfather – quite the contrary. He is my near and dear people. He raised me and spent all his life". However, Dudinskaya not only began to communicate with her daughter, but even to attend her premiere. Sometimes this was accompanied by scandal. Thus, the performance of "the coming of the body", where Valery was played by the Director, Dudinskaya came along with her then-boyfriend musician Gleb Samoilov. Men in the play was applied to the alcohol and then began to kiss. Seven years ago the Dudinskaya, pulling his lips to Samoilov, went through all the "yellow" edition.

Как Валерия Гай Германика породнила мир кинематографа, рок-музыки и бальных танцев


The breeder

Valeria grew up a troubled kid. About the Director's career has not dreamed of since childhood, as it is written in some biographies. After high school she graduated from faculty of Zooengineering Timiryazev agricultural Academy, specialty "dog breeder". But before starting his directing career, he worked in the porn industry as an operator. Her mother was aware of how the daughter does for a living, but did not consider it something shameful. "Monroe in his youth had to do with the porn industry, and it did not stop her from becoming a great actress... Because Leroy just shot, she was not involved in this!"

For the first time, Germanicus became a mother by today's standards quite early. She was only twenty-three when she born her daughter Octavia. About the father of the girl Valery does not tell anyone. Even the daughter forbids us to ask such questions. Only once she admitted that this man she was ten-a very passionate affair. And then the hero of the novel just disappeared from her field of view.

Как Валерия Гай Германика породнила мир кинематографа, рок-музыки и бальных танцев

Gai Germanika is raising two doserate:

The second daughter – Severina – was also born out of wedlock. It happened a year ago, in April 2016. Although the father of the girl Valery officially married. With her partner – dancer Vadim Lyubushkin – she met during the show "Dancing with the stars." And only after the wedding, meticulous journalists have unearthed is not very pleasant facts from personal life of Vadim Lyubushkina. It turns out that he was already married. And his marriage with Anna Mazurenko, was in America, did not have time to terminate. So the documents were registered by the bigamist. (Later Lyubushkin clumsy excuses: he didn't expect that so quickly everything spun, and just could not find his ex-wife.) Valeria herself some time, pretended that the discussions in the press this is not a very good Union, don't apply to her. And then went to the registry office and filed for divorce. And only after that finally explained their actions. "It all started with lies and continued. I asked her to expedite the divorce because I have a feeling that I'm some kind of networking associated with unfamiliar person with whom we are completely strangers to each other," she said then. Her marriage – the only official lasted only six months. The daughter that was born too late, Valeria gave not only an unusual name Severina, but their middle name and surname: V. germanica.

Fatal drama

Probably the most serious relationship that in the end nothing ended, Valerie was associated with the musician of group "Agatha Christie" Gleb Samoilov. They met very unusual. Valerie had a dream that only Samoilov will help her come up with the ending of the series "School". So she without thinking I texted him about the need to meet. And was very surprised that she was no answer. In the meantime, Gleb wondered what is this mysterious Valeria sends him messages: the series "School" he wasn't looking. However, after the call of its Director decided to meet with the flamboyant lady. And... away we go! By the time Gleb has twice managed to get officially married. His first wife – the artist Tatiana Samoilov gave him a son Gleb. Now already twenty-one. A boy born in extreme conditions: in the bathroom sanatorium "Lenin hills", close to the airport "Domodedovo", where at that time lived the whole group "Agatha Christie".

Как Валерия Гай Германика породнила мир кинематографа, рок-музыки и бальных танцев

Gleb Samoilov was married to the designer Anna Avramenko Costavoidance

Second choice Samoilova became a well-known designer Anna Chistova, the daughter of the longtime Director of the group "Agatha Christie" Elena's Fine. Gleb first saw his future wife when she was nine years old. And then, years later, Anna has grown into a real beauty. But their relationship didn't last long. Anna is now married to another man, a party planner, raise children, and about the past life, it seems, does not remember.

Well Hleb after divorce just met Valeriya. After a short time they became literally inseparable. Valeria went with a group of The Matrixx Gleb on all tours. And took on the role of stylist: before the concert did Hleb laying and watching, what clothes he will go on stage. Provided material support, trying to cure a loved one from alcohol addiction, got a tattoo in his honor – a huge heart, entwined with roses. She also took the Matrixx clip, organized the photo shoot for the album. Leroy admitted that for the first time really in love. "To Hleb, I like the feelings experienced. Even thought that love could be that strong. He is my soulmate, my the only one husband!" Apparently, this pair is Gleb were the one who allows himself to love. Beautiful Lera things he took for granted. Admitted that are accustomed to success with women. Even wrote eloquent song "a Hundred vaginas, and I am one", which he dedicated to Germanicus.

Как Валерия Гай Германика породнила мир кинематографа, рок-музыки и бальных танцев

After the break with Valeriya Samoilov designed marriage to journalist Tatiana, Larionovoj: INSTAGRAM.COM/TANIALARIONOVA

After their quarrel Valeria fell in the Institute Sklifosovsky with a diagnosis of "overdose of psychotropic substances". She said that I couldn't sleep after the party, so took some pills. However, the closest people from her environment told what the Director was trying to settle scores with life. Gleb commented on the incident with restraint: "I will Not talk about Lera is neither good nor bad. But when I see my fault in the woman destructive processes occur, from leaving. Don't want to be a murderer. Believe me, suicide enough in my own head and I'm not ready to have a relationship with depressive or unreasonable beloved".

...After parting with Valeriya, he officially married for the third time on the journalist Tatiana Larionova, who came to interview him. The girl was a fan of the group "Agatha Christie". Well, Germanicus is still a lady alone.


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