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Ksenia lukianchikova and Ivan Zhvakin: "We didn't need the traditional pattern: flowers–cinema–restaurant"

The artists said in a joint interview that became family

Many the memory is still fresh footage of high-profile TV series "the Red Queen" about the famous Soviet model Regina Zbarskaya, where the main role (and for yourself debut) made student spgati Xenia lukyanchikova, and recently, on the screens of the country came the post-apocalyptic painting "Dance of death", where shines a graduate of Chips Ivan Zhvakin. Today they are a couple, almost the same age and going through a great stage of joint development in the profession and in life.

— Not all clearly remember the moment of their first meeting, but you are an exception. Xenia admitted that, seeing Ivan at the site of the TV series "the Red Queen", so impressed that naturally ruined the frame...

Ksenia: Yes, I like burned, my vision swam, I was confused...

— Despite the fact that looks calm and rational...

Ksenia: It seems so. I look and feel totally different. Deceptive. Many people somehow do not doubt that I'm a bitch, until you start with me to communicate closely. Of course, I'm not an absolute oduvan, but quite open, somewhere romantic, contemplative, tears I close... Yesterday went to the van my dear boy of ten, obviously from an educated family, said Hello, politely asked to take a picture and then thanked him, shook his hand... This touching scene so affected me that I began to cry.

— Yes, you are right the deer Bambi...

Ksenia: Someone calls me a Lama. (Smiles To John.) And in our first meeting, Ivan is very messy looked at me, and I literally caught his breath. I've never experienced. Moreover, continue to work and continue to take physically could not. Had to take a break.

— Ivan, and what emotions you were owned?

Ivan: Any man is essentially a hunter, I naturally became interested in graceful DOE. (Smiles.) Remember how during the break, she sat comfortably wrapped in a warm fur coat, with bright red lipstick on, short Bob... in a word, the purpose I have indicated. I learned that there is great interest on this set.

Ксения Лукьянчикова и Иван Жвакин: «Мы не нуждались в традиционной схеме: цветы–кино–ресторан»

Postapokalipticheskoy in the film "Dance to death" Ivan is one of the main Rolette: materials of press-services

In the evening you went to the whole team to dinner at the café and, as you say, since we were together, beating the honeymoon period...

Ksenia: We all very quickly learned about each other, and then have many hours of conversation deepened into the inner world of a loved one. We didn't need the traditional pattern: flowers-cinema-restaurant.

Ivan: Attitude manifests itself not in it, and in the little things, the intangible things. That's no longer can me to say: "hi! I am very well." (Smiles.)

— Ksenia, Ivan conquered you care?

Xenia: the First time I met the real man I like a stone wall. And it's so comfortable! Yes, I am grateful for the previous experience, I was needed, but before everything relied solely on appearance, and Vanya is the only one who spoke to me about respect. See how he always listens carefully and hears, and he actually care what I think and feel.

Ivan and I in some interview I read that in previous relationships you sought to use...

Ivan: Not exactly. I had a small victory, a minor defeat... through trial and error I moved along this path, trying to understand what a female. To meet with the girls I started much earlier than the rest of the guys in our yard. Somewhere in the thirteen years looking for his peers. And this is a difficult transition to adulthood. In girls, it is hard, and what with the boys going... over you Constantly weigh the desire to win. I called the owner, and I just wanted to be responsible for the next person. A girl I tried to destroy it, did everything that I felt like a rag, and it's awful. So often experienced the frustration and I can not say that all memories of me. But with the red Queen I have all radically changed. (Smiles.) Cost her aptly joke several times, to stevenot me to look at, and I realized that finally stuck. (Smiles.) I've already seen ourselves not just a dramatic actress, but a real Ksenia Lukyanchikova, which initially began treat me like no girl before. I felt one hundred percent affection. And it was mutual. Lapping occurred easily without fighting.

Ксения Лукьянчикова и Иван Жвакин: «Мы не нуждались в традиционной схеме: цветы–кино–ресторан»

Popular series "Red Queen" has caused a stormy public resonantfate: materials of press-services

— The profession you have in common?

Ivan: We are getting ready together if we go to trial.

Ksenia: Are each other's personal coaches. It would seem that I'm interested in his sample? But it was my training too. In the West, because there is such a profession. There almost every artist has its own teacher skill, and it assists throughout his career.

— Ivan, you, as I understand it, it was clear from the beginning — you child engaged in the best theater school in the city, and the first time took just four prestigious theatre Institute...

Ivan: I am always objective in all their undertakings and prepared for the fact that nothing could be obtained. There were situations when I was going to throw the drama school. But apparently, the teachers have noticed I have some abilities, abilities. I was definitely more open compared to peers, and loved to communicate with adults, and on any topic.

— And how the courts of Chelyabinsk, a fight?

Ivan: Arranged and football battles, and the battle of the yard to the yard. Theatre school took a lot of time, but the ball I wanted to kick. And the fights we were not cruel. In Chelyabinsk, the people are much kinder and more sincere than in Moscow. This is the Urals! So I was struck by the contrast when I came here. Gradually, of course, he is also forced to acquire a protective shield... I could learn from Zhenovach and Borodin in RATI, Grammatikov and Menchov at VGIK, the Moscow School-Studio of MKHAT. Although Raikin immediately rejected — he's a hard-core workaholic, but I am afraid of fanatics, who for one mistake is ready to be executed. I needed something quieter, so I chose theater school. Schepkin. I was there and I liked the course, and the building, and a cozy patio... And most importantly, it was the two hundredth set in this Imperial school — a symbolic, mystical number.

Ксения Лукьянчикова и Иван Жвакин: «Мы не нуждались в традиционной схеме: цветы–кино–ресторан»

In the work of this couple helps each other, but the rest of the guys too!Photo: personal archive Ksenia Lukianchikova and Ivan Zhvakina

— Xenia, you are Peter, like the Institute for noble maidens was raised: a grandmother, a teacher in etiquette, the mother is a multi — instrumentalist, and because you had a music school, vocal Studio, but you to teenage years saw himself as a dentist for some reason...

Ksenia: I would, as Alexander Rosenbaum, to treat people and sing on stage.

Ivan: I don't know! (Smiles.)

Kseniya: When all the source data, you are talking about a child, I was always his kid among boys. Even now easily agree to a game of basketball or football. Until I began to appear on the primary sexual characteristics, I'd stood at the gate and was a reliable goalkeeper. And still — do not hide it — I prefer dealing with men. With them easier — there is no envy, affectation, from which tired. Do not misunderstand — I am not against women, but when you literally pour a bucket of envy, it is extremely unpleasant. Don't understand the nature of this feeling. I'm confident that my will not leave me, not its not sorry. Why so much bile? But I'm sensitive, and it hurts me. Because friends I only have two, we've been through fire, water, copper pipes and struck me fame they didn't. But many is confused, and they turned on me. Few who are willing to rejoice for the other.

— Why did you graduated from spbgati, not the Gnesin music school, for example?

Ksenia: no doubt, mother, who now, incidentally, works at MOE, I saw it in the music industry. She plays all the instruments and at first when I was three years could not understand the notes, worried. But then I six years, firmly mastered the piano and only on the seventh year turned against him. But the singing I liked, despite the fact that in music school negligent teacher, I was very put cords and had them for a long time to recover olive oil. Setbacks did not bother me: for three years I sang in the children's Opera theatre, Galina Vishnevskaya, four years was engaged in the academic vocal, the four — jazz... Singing with me always, I'll never leave him. I'm a drama actress. Just in Vishnevskaya Opera house, I caught myself with great enthusiasm to go on vocal, and acting training.

Ксения Лукьянчикова и Иван Жвакин: «Мы не нуждались в традиционной схеме: цветы–кино–ресторан»

Couple prefers the right, pitaniello: personal archive Ksenia Lukianchikova and Ivan Zhvakina

— Ksenia, you poems do not accidentally write?

Xenia: I Write. And draw another. Previously, gouache, now in watercolor color painting, and slate pencils — black and white. And plan to go back to pastels. But it's not my daily hobby. I draw when I have something to say. In this case I have no teacher. Only a teenager at summer camp a couple of times I went to the plein air artists, and watched how they work. In addition, grandma's friend, an artist, gave me some advice, something fixed on the canvas steadfastly... In me lives the desire to realize themselves and thus. Undertake and landscapes, and still lifes... I Want to get my hands in to the van well to portray in the portrait. And further, perhaps, to personal exhibitions of it comes. (Smiles.)

Ivan: Kseniya I have a unique. I'm proud of her. (Smiles.)

Ксения Лукьянчикова и Иван Жвакин: «Мы не нуждались в традиционной схеме: цветы–кино–ресторан»

"We talk almost on a mental level. Can mentally send messages to each other"Photo: personal archive Ksenia Lukianchikova and Ivan Zhvakina

— Ivan, do you mom's a vet, and you have been told that they are going to finally get a cat...

Ivan: While living without him. And me and Susie from childhood was animals, so we very responsibly treat them. We are afraid of people who can leave a hungry cat in the apartment and to leave the cottage for the weekend.

Ksenia: we Have another question, how the landlord will accept animals.

— And you haven't bought your own apartment?

Ivan: We have found the best option: remove one-bedroom apartment along with a pair of distant relatives and save on real estate in Moscow, because to take out a mortgage are not collected and do not know of the spell that helps to find your square footage in the city. While there and what to live and what to postpone.

— Oh, you are spenders, then. Well done!

Ksenia: I used less anxiety about money. The café was able to pay for the entire group of friends, though a girl. (Smiles.) I was not at all sorry. And I'm not fond to do, and lately I realized that especially in the duty to give is not worth it, if you are not ready with this amount to say goodbye at all. In General, I was never wasteful, but, honestly, this economy has taught me Vanya. Now I can be very stingy. I hope in five years we will become owners of their apartments.

Ivan: Four years of Dorm in terms of handling finances is a great school. Of course, mom tried to help, I was deported with his modest salary of a doctor, but in any case, since I'm used to strictly control your budget. "Costing money" — not just empty words. Know that delay is not difficult, especially if the lion's share of income put into the account, that is whence to take back anymore. (Smiles.)

Xenia: Well, the minimum spend on food is really high quality, because a balanced diet has a direct impact on the appearance, on a gym membership, for cosmetics, for clothes, though we're both punks (smiles), the outputs somewhere.

Ivan: Personally I appearance without fanaticism are. I know many actors who are constantly falling on massages, manicure-pedicure, facial cleansing. For me this is extreme. Similar metrosexualism is not close to me. I'd rather be Hemingway in a sweater. It's a shame when people you appreciate on clothes, but I don't care what I'm wearing.

Ksenia: just watch him in this matter. (Smiles.)

Ксения Лукьянчикова и Иван Жвакин: «Мы не нуждались в традиционной схеме: цветы–кино–ресторан»

Ivan indifferent to clothes, but looks stylish. Because watching him Ksenia!Photo: personal archive Ksenia Lukianchikova and Ivan Zhvakina

— Doing life together?

Xenia: I can't say that constantly stand at the stove. Often we eat out. But my signature dish — soup and stews.

Ivan: I may not mind to cook something, but we live near the center, and close to home we have some liquor stores, there are no normal shops, where you could buy bread, vegetables, fruit. And in principle I'm not a gourmet. More like the tin man in the movie, which opened the belly and laid out the food and were operated on. I see food as a necessary petrol, and it is not clear how to savor it, to share in the delicious and very. But the gasoline needs to be world class, no soda, chips, fast food and other artificial ingredients. By the way, I think sleep is a waste of time. In me a great desire for activity. (Smiles.)

Ksenia: And I a terrible sweet tooth. Harmful pastries and cakes can absorb enormous amounts. But under the influence of Vani reconsider its position regarding desserts and instead eat apples or a piece of meat.

Ivan: At the forefront of a healthy lifestyle, I was drawn to the plants. I bought the pots, placed them on the window sill, and now they grow organic greens for salads and tomatoes. I don't trust the producers, even the farms, so that all to do with your hands.

— Not jealous of each other? In the acting field because a lot of temptations.

Ivan: When you are just yourself in something to invest, cultivate your garden, don't easily part with it?! And I know the consequences of certain actions.

Ksenia: For me everything is obvious: when you have people, you breathe and can't imagine my life without it, no every second of the passions does not go with it to any comparison. They do not arise a priori.

— You previously admitted to journalists that for five hours to talk on the phone with each other. Now the same?

Ivan: For the time that we are together, communication channel has become much stronger, and we talk almost on a mental level. Can mentally send messages to each other. Remember, it is suggested to make the heroine of uma Thurman to John Travolta in "pulp fiction"?

Ksenia: Repeatedly caught myself on the fact that literally read thoughts each other or get a phone call, barely thinking about the person.

Ксения Лукьянчикова и Иван Жвакин: «Мы не нуждались в традиционной схеме: цветы–кино–ресторан»

Photo: personal archive Ksenia Lukianchikova and Ivan Zhvakina

— Obviously you're a fan of Quentin Tarantino...

Xenia: He's a God of cinema. I think my film Academy. Of course, a lot of movies I had seen and acquaintance with him, but once more leaned on the literature, and Vanya showed me an American film classics of the late twentieth century. If before I watched the picture, focusing on the actors, the van started to learn the filmography of the Directors.

— In the tastes together?

Ksenia: mostly. The only Vanya annoying when the clock is ticking, and I don't care. (Smiles.) And I love to sleep, and Ivan, even if not necessary, jumps up before.

Ivan: And we hate the gifts according to the calendar, public holidays — preferred generosity to the call of the soul.

— What do you surprise each other?

Ivan: Stability — we are always together. Love. Every morning I kiss Ksenia from head to toe.

You're close to ideal. Haven't you ever swear?

Ivan: clarify the relationship — not about us. We already agreed on everything. Our mom phoned, chatted, found a common language. It will be bad if we jinxed it, but I want to wipe the whole world's nose and prove that happiness does not to you the parents were married and then you puffed as you can. The stamp in the passport does not hold in the family and does not protect against disagreements. Noisy wedding celebration is not the culmination, but rather a sort of violent protrusion of his private life publicly.


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