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Egor Koreshkov: "Falling in love, be a stupid kid, embarrassing unconscious bear"

The actor admitted in an interview that again, not alone

Today Egor Koreshkov is one of the most sought after young actors. His acting biography formed so that it is interesting to the average viewer, and those who is a fan of auteur cinema. Although "Bitter" Jora Gooseberry, where the actor played the groom, won, seems, everyone. According to one of glossy magazines, it is recognized as the most stylish actor of 2017. But this does not prevent him to remain simple, sincere and considerate person. Not an ounce of snobbery. Moreover, he almost always goes to the metro and, according to him, any discomfort does not feel.

— Egor, you lots came awareness?

You never know how to treat this. It's still dumbfounded. If I am asked to take a picture, I always agree, because this is important to people. Just a couple of days ago ran for and suddenly just ran into the man who wouldn't let me through and said, "Can we get a photo?" I don't even understand how he managed to see me. (Laughs.) Of course, on the one hand, it's nice: it means that people are watching film, they like what you're doing, but you immediately get into the field of public attention and cannot be relaxed. And this is the flip side of the coin. Sometimes I think: "Have less to do, because otherwise you go crazy, or act in a way that is imaginative, dignified, saw it, but not massively". (Laughs.)

— You and so many art-house and festival movies. Just at certain moments desired the cap of invisibility.

— Yes, Yes, Yes. Captivating, when you do not know, because you're completely different in life. For example, my company represent: "Egor Koreshkov — actor, starred there, then there is something there." And in response to hear: "come on! I looked it up. Who were you playing?" (Laughs.) And then say: "maybe it's not you."

— Read as you always deeply "kopete" in preparation for the role, for example, to the pianist in the "Metamorfosi"...

— Yes, I always try to find as much literature or to learn something associated with the role, and the script is re-read many times, assort their line. Wonder when faced with actors who come to the site and only know today's scene. But a movie is not in chronological order, which means you must understand why the hero today is what happened before. Otherwise the viewer will start to spit and ask questions: "why is he acting, he is in the last scene loved her, and not notice?" And all because the actor inside was nothing and everything was artificial.

Егор Корешков: «Влюбляясь, становишься глупым ребенком, неловким бессознательным медвежонком»

With colleagues: Alexander PAL and Anna Tsukanova-Cottto: personal archive of Egor Koreshkov

— We're often waiting for something: Dating, travel, meet new movie. And sometimes the more you wait, the less impressions you get. And your expectations of work and personal life is always justified?

Several times my high expectations were not just met, and the film or the situation was much grander and nemyslemye than I could afford to imagine. The most striking impression is the sunset at Grand Canyon. The emotions that overwhelmed me when I saw it live, do not lend themselves to description. I had a feeling that I'm in another universe, so it is a massive and beautiful. Some of the work I've filmed, also lived up to my expectations. So it was with "Bitter", and "Optimistic." I was looking forward to the film "La La Land" because I liked the first film "Obsession." And I left the room shaken — so much to me, it's got because lifted accurately and deeply, despite the easy genre of musical. The film addresses a very important, exciting and pressing things, by the way, the first name of film — "the Dreamers".

— Are you a dreamer?

— Yes, I'm a dreamer. A few years ago I watched the documentary "the Secret". It took me fifteen minutes to be entered. Main idea — we should dream and go directly to it. And it is not important to get a good result is important.

— Your hero from the TV series "the Optimists" — the diplomat. Diplomacy is compromise, game. You tend to it?

— First of all I try to be honest with yourself and then with people. I'm for truth, but sometimes she can be very rude, painful, useless, can only hurt, aggravate the situation, and cheating, on the contrary, will benefit. Therefore at this moment better to include a diplomat. I remember as a child asked my mom when I called home: "Tell me no", but most often she said, "I'm not going to lie," no matter how I begged her. (Laughs.) And I think I got this thing, I have an internal guardian of the truth, and if it happens to invent, something to keep back, I begin to suffer to the extent that calling the person and admit that you were wrong or not quite honest.

Егор Корешков: «Влюбляясь, становишься глупым ребенком, неловким бессознательным медвежонком»

In the film "Without limits" character of Yegor falls in love with a blind devuschek from the movie "Without limits"

— Is there any difference in arguments with a man and a woman?

It's completely different space. When you argue with a friend, with a friend, it is most likely to appeal to anything. And if you're careful and respectful of your loved one, don't want to overstep my boundaries. But don't want to compromise (laughs), because if SAG always will be. It is important confidence and the ability to feel each other.

— I think you are quite shy person...

— Yes, by nature I am introverted, but because of my profession and life experience of some features are changed, is erased. I became more free. But in General I'm more a listener and a viewer. While I have no problem to join and be the center of attention. I could not imagine such even imagine.

— GITIS feel freer?

Even before when I started acting in College. In the first year, my classmate put "the Glass menagerie" by Williams. I was the main character and narrator. This was a huge step for me, before that I didn't have any idea on the scene, rather dreamed of a career in music. The play was a great success. Our teachers watched and cried. And it was not tears of happiness and emotion because we did something. They are really connected to the story, empathized. That's when I first felt what I can and want to be an actor. And it began an internal struggle with himself, the release of the closed person. (Laughs.)

— And then suddenly you are a child wanted to play drums? Dad was an oboist in the orchestra Pletnev, and my mother is a classical singer.

— Daddy in Fedoseyev's orchestra worked. They both graduated from the Moscow Conservatory. When mom and dad asked me what I would like to play, I started to reflect on the question, that the main thing in music. Came to the conclusion that it is the rhythm. So with confidence I said, "not a shock". I went to music school class of percussion. Played the xylophone. At home I have a portable instrument, only the upper surface, without legs.

— And actually sticks on the drums banging?

— Of course. First was a rubber panel on which I was working off the blow, and over time, there is a small drum. And to be quiet in the house, I laid the top piece of fabric. Then I had my own group "Sarah Jessica Parker", but at that point I ran away from music school.

Егор Корешков: «Влюбляясь, становишься глупым ребенком, неловким бессознательным медвежонком»

As a journalist Janis in the movie "Champions: Faster. Above. More"scene from the movie "Champions: Faster. Above. Stronger"

— Nevertheless you were thinking about music as a profession, and acting still prevailed...

First are generally going to do on the economic. I wanted to earn money and thought what professions can do what strong. And it was math. Economic fit perfectly, however, I never pictured myself in the office. But I did not. Something still kept me from it.

— Did your parents dissuade you from the idea of income on economic, not worried that you want to do because not enough money?

— It moved me, but not them. They just did not intervene. And I tried so hard, worked even as a laborer in a factory. (Laughs.) And the waiter was, and bartender while in College and in the theatre already worked as a solo entertainer and even something played in the theater.

But the students — it is also a time of novels, loves...

— Our teacher of speech at the Institute of culture — tall, stately, handsome woman, told us: "You have to choose: either the theater, or love because they are incompatible". It turns out that as soon as I have more time and soul gave love, I missed something in school and work, and Vice versa, did not go well in love — were all well established on the professional front.

— You graduated from GITIS, and it seems immediately went to work, soon and "Eighties" appeared...

— Immediately, after a year, was invited to "the Eighties". If you look at my filmography, in the beginning you will see some items not quite pretty.

Егор Корешков: «Влюбляясь, становишься глупым ребенком, неловким бессознательным медвежонком»

In the sensational series "Optimists" Egor played diplomatik from the TV series "the Optimists"

— One cool glossy magazine has awarded you the title of "Most stylish actor-2017". You can already walk with a proudly raised head and all who are't dressed to look a little down, but I think you will show no snobbery. Moreover, you mentioned that you go on the subway.

I always ride the subway. (Laughs.) I have no car. And I don't want to have it, although happy to drive when traveling to America or Europe. But to stand in Moscow traffic jams, besides when all is dug, to look for, where to Park, I do not like. Living in the center, in my opinion, to drive a car at all pointless.

— Nevertheless many of your colleagues will go for four hours, to suffer, to be late, but do not come from the nearest subway.

— I feel subway is quite comfortable. Some of my friends also say that it is better to drive, even longer with traffic, but in comfort, with good music. I don't want to wasted so much time. Besides, my profession is to observe people. The subway, the street, including those located far from the center, is the best place for this. Yesterday, for example, I was in the area of Izmailovo Park, went to the cafe and realized that it was a completely different world, not the one in the center. The feeling went abroad or to another city. It helps to look at themselves and their surroundings. Many filmmakers write scripts or make films about human things, from the point of view of his circle. And this is not true.

— Almost all of your colleagues say that in life not playing. Though sometimes great artists for business use or unwittingly gamble a little. Have you seen this?

— Everything is relative. Sometimes I communicate with colleagues, and I want to say: "Stop, stop, you're not on the scene or turn the camera Off!" But I don't know all the pitfalls, why is this happening, sometimes it's subconscious fears to stop, to be uninteresting. Many actors always want to fill the space. Sometimes I say something to play. But where is the line between human openness and acting in life?

Егор Корешков: «Влюбляясь, становишься глупым ребенком, неловким бессознательным медвежонком»

"Sometimes, in the beginning of love, for me rolled the waves of romanticism and excessive sentimentality"Photo: personal archive of Egor Koreshkov

— Have you ever noticed a trail from the hero after a long shoot or rehearsal?

— Yes, for example, in the movie "Metamorfosi", my character was a tick. And I have it associated with the work and with the authors — Sergei Taramaev Any Lvova, when I met them after a time, there was a relapse, and slightly began to twitch his eyes. Reflex worked. A very important thought once said Svetlana Zemlyakova, my teacher for speech, not that we, the actors brought something to their characters, and the heroes settle in us. And when I heard it, then really looked around at his classmates and realized the whole problem of distribution — one gets the role of a happy man, and the other depressed, and he begins to identify himself with the character, bring it into your life and spread this energy. It happens, the actor sticks to what he came up with about yourself, and it goes from movie to movie. And sometimes, on the contrary, people, putting on new characters, I myself can't understand. Me a very important value, so try to pause between jobs.

You just turned thirty-one years, a a click on the figure of thirty was?

In twenty years you're running headlong, and on the road I want to grab this and that, all stuffed in the pockets and to run, run even farther without looking back. And so up to thirty years. (Laughs.) Someone runs faster, someone slower, someone who understands that he did not have fled there. Can't say that for me, thirty years is a milestone, but now I can walk, even to pause, to look back, running if someone is behind me and ahead, shake your feet and go on, but more consciously, realizing that she had picked up in their pockets on the way.

Егор Корешков: «Влюбляясь, становишься глупым ребенком, неловким бессознательным медвежонком»

In August, Egor Koreshkov and Yuliya Hlynina no longer hide your romanengo Avramenko

— Say: "Twenty years of mind and never will be, thirty years — no family and never will be..."

I know the saying, "If you had not married before twenty-five, then before."

And what do you have already?

Is a question of a specific person. Either you have it or not. My heart has not free, man is, feel free to make that claim. But it happened not so long ago.

And you are ready to take decisive steps?

— When there is exactly what you want him to have everything: a stamp in the passport, and the child and family, and giving, and travel. You want your life to commit.

— And you amorous?

— Yes, I'm insane in the good (smiles), but this rarely happens. I don't believe those who say: "I'm such a playboy", and it is in this month fell through a month again, then another and another. In my opinion, this man is simply not in control of himself at all, he's fickle consciousness. I have with age, there are internal rules, framework, idea of what a girl should be. So it's even harder to find one that fits these parameters. Although I specifically was not looking for anyone, I was lucky.

— Favorite person should share your interests even at the consumer level?

— But what else is going to overlap. Or need to be touched by a person with other interests, but this will not last long. You will be astonished, astonished, and then I thought: "Lord, you do not alter! And why do I need all this?"

— Are you romantic?

— Sometimes I roll the waves of romanticism and excessive sentimentality, such that even myself is not myself. (Laughs.) But most often this is the beginning of love, when strong emotions suddenly fell on you and like a dusty bag hit on the head to some loss of consciousness. You become a stupid kid, awkward bear.

— Not yet grown a protective shell?

— I can't say that I grew a shell and I can't see, can't hear. No, on the contrary, if it is, then quite transparent. I think I have a protective aura. Inside it I go absolutely free. But you can't be open and honest all the time, eat differently. You have to be strong, and you should feel the strength.


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