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Oleg Gazmanov: "I am the audience "Bacillus" joy"

Before the premiere of the new video, the musician said birth songs

– Oleg how you have the verses?

– Very different. This is the magic of words. For example, "glass, in your eyes, glass", each individually it means little, but their combination gives a different atmosphere and creates air. I love that the person had the opportunity to invent something of their own. And in this song all happened oddly enough. I wrote a very inspirational text: "I'm in love with these sounds, I'm a prisoner of sad harmonies, I'm reckless, my day flows is vague, like a dream. Yesterday is gone, vanished in the last agony, the negation of the former new dawn singed". Came up with a melody from a Symphony orchestra, and I enjoyed those for some time, but something was missing. Music got in the sump and lay, I sometimes came back to her. And then I rhythm and Blues underneath this text did, not too bad, but not that. Once I was in a bad mood, I made the music in a reggae style, just pinned. And I love this easy style, people should smile all the time, listening to her. Inspirational text and reggae — get an explosive combination.

– And the chorus was ready along with the main lyrics of the song?

– No. I stuck to the text of the chorus, which has absolutely nothing to do with it. "Tomorrow, today will be yesterday" is a combination of words, the hooks that are catchy to the listener, they do not need to explain. I have many such examples: "your heart under the gun", "my thoughts are my horses". In these phrases there is a mystery, although they can be written contrary to all laws of the genre. In General, I wrote the absolute anticheat.

And does it bother you?

– You know, sometimes, in the crowd, someone laughs, and his laughter definitely will pick up. Or someone yawn, and then yawn neighbors. I really liked what I did, which means I'm broadcasting from the stage of the "Bacillus" of joy, and her people receive at the concert.

– Reggae is synonymous with summer, the beach, and you come from the shores of the Baltic sea. It has something to do?

– I wouldn't make it stick. There is in reggae style ragga, it's not rap. I wrote it myself and read it, to me it's all close. Kaliningrad is my hometown, I love my place of power when I arrive there, I have a drive going. But I was not there long. After my mom died, one of his relatives and property were gone. So many appearances and concerts that there's just not enough time to get there.

– Music video is this art?

– Of course, art, if it is well done, if not, then it is craft. It all depends on the artist. I invited Director Sergey gray. This clip has cost us dearly because of the abundance of equipment — we even huge yacht was rented to make it.

– You have not removed the clips, why suddenly decided now?

– I liked the plot, which was invented by my wife Mary. Although the text it is also irrelevant. We have a few filming clips about real men, about friendship, about solidarity, about life. I think the video turned out good and he gets in the rotation.

– And you're a hard man, a real macho, as your heroes?

– I believe that I am hard, a real brutal man, I work a lot, so can't afford to slack. Taught sons.

– How to educate these men?

To teach abroad and return home. Rodion first graduated from College in England, and then the Finance Academy in Moscow. Philip fine school in London, and there he entered University, graduated, returned to Russia and went to Moscow state University. I'm a real man, and Mary a real woman, make a good, successful children who delight us.

– How do you deal with stress?

– In the video I struggle with stress, I tell the story. But in real life I'm lucky I get the scene. When I get sick, I try to speak, my adrenaline rush is at this point that I can break all. The germs all die at once. There is a tremendous exchange of energy with the audience. However, over the past six months, I was very tired, had a lot of tours, transfers. Helps the love life, to wife, to children, to dogs.

– And the rest of time?

– In the summer we have been several times in the Crimea, but not long, four or five days. In the beginning of the year my wife and I flew to the Maldives. In the winter he went skiing.

– Are you going to the presentation with the whole family, you are often able to communicate all together?

With us today is not our "ginger", the youngest daughter Mariachi. In General, the presentation was the opportunity to be together, you see, the last time we were together, I think, two years ago. Since then, as Rodion wrote their hits, we stopped to see. He is always busy. The kids love when I cook meat, though I rarely do it, but OK. It is an occasion for family gatherings.


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